Relaxing Sunday


Well, my sister left this morning for Connecticut . Overall, I’d say it was a good visit and I have to remember she flew out, and spent quite a it extra in dining out. I guess the biggest thing is our house is just really to small for guests staying a week plus. 

Today is day 165 walking. It’s very cool walking in the predawn. I should hit 6 months by december 1 or so. 

This week dinners will be VERY simple. I’m tired of cooking every night

Sunday: freezer casserole, manacotti

Monday: lentil soup

Tuesday: freezer enchiladas and frozen beans

Wednesday: tofu/ chicken Chinese something

Thursday: organic burgers and fries

Friday: homemade pizza

Saturday: soup ?


so, a good week, but I’m tired from it all, so I’m going to take it easy.


Tree day!

Well, it’s an exciting day around here. We are getting the first very large tee(ponderosa pine) taken down. Plus ,a very large oak branch that sits over the driveway where my daughter parks her vw. We won’t be here to see the action with a crane and crew as I’m heading down to Sacramento to the oncology office . I see the doctor and get zometa. So well be gone for all of the morning. Zometa,an IV, takes about an hour. But it’s getting in there, getting started etc, that can take a while. So I’m planning we’ll be home by 1pm. I am very excited, well not about the IV, but the tree!

Yesterday was also busy. we went to trader joes, and Winco.  I haven’t separated out food and non food, but it wasn’t too bad of a shop and I got a ton of things.

last night we had a yummy broccoli cheddar soup with cheese toast.  Tonight is spaghetti with a meat sauce, and marinara for the non meat eaters, salad and maybe I’ll pick up some garlic bread, or make it at least. 

We are both up early so I can  get my walk in before the crew shows up and we need to leave by 8am to get to Sacramento.

A time for reflection

We lost one of our myeloma heroes this week,Judy M. She was an amazing and inspiring person. She tried so many drugs, but she had high risk myeloma and in the end nothing was working.  I enjoyed her blogs and she will be missed. I send thoughts of peace to her family who were there for her the whole time at the end.

It is a reality check when someone you’ve been following for a while dies. Last year we lost a number of myeloma cyber space friends. It is  a tough wake up call. I feel very lucky to be still here and doing well. It’s not always easy but heck, what’s the alternative. So RIP, Judy….

on other notes, B is putting in our new window today. Should be good. And I’m going to start painting  the window trim. Since tomorrow is a dex day , I’m good till around 1 pm then I crash for a few hours and then @ 4 I start to pick back up.

menu for the week is:

saturday : vegie dogs/ hot dogs, beans , maybe salad

Sunday: chicken with mushrooms and wine, (coq au vin)

Monday: birthday pick?????

Tuesday: spaghetti and meat sauce/ marinara for the vegies

Wednesday: frittata  of some sort

Thursday: broccoli cheddar soup in bread bowls

Friday: tacos


Pickles and menus

Yesterday, we made some bread and butter pickles. These are from our garden. S is a great gardener. She has plants all over. we bought those cool vintage style ball jars. Love that color.Image

Home blessing day is done( Flylady Mondays !)

im heading out to staples to get some binders for the picture reorganizing. I hope they have the slips. On line it said online only. I have coupons to use so hopefully it won’t cost me anything.I’m  faxing off my LLS insurance stuff. I’ll get the reimbursement in a month or so. Sometimes it’s sooner. It’ll help as I’m behind on my 52 week savings. I’m doing great with my $5 challenge. If you’re interested, it’s just when ever you have $5 bill you save it  and not spend it . I’m up to $200. It’s fun and easy.

Menus for the week:

  • Sunday: roast chicken, potatoes, grilled tofu , and delicious broccoli from the garden
  • monday : chicken tacos or chicken salad, not sure yet!
  • Tuesday:pasta night
  • Wednesday: Cobb salad
  • Thursday: spinach lasagna
  • Friday: pizza or Tacos
  • Saturday: Sammies of some sort.

Sunday night chit chat w/ out Carla

Finished a “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” , I loved this as a kid and still love it as an adult.

now I’m reading Evanovich’s  new book” Big Girl Panties” , not impressed.

Listening to our chickens

Looking forward to getting my oncology appt over with.

Grateful to be doing all the decluttering and getting rid off stuff while I still feel good.

Sunday night chit chat with Carla!

  • imageReading:reread “The Samurai’s Garden” this is  a beautifully written and poetic book. I’m also rereading “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith, this book shaped my childhood tremendously. First,I was born in the Bronx, this about Brooklyn , we were very poor. White trash poor, polish immigrants. Lots of similarities. I felt like I was Francie.
  • unfortunately, when I wrote a book report in 10 th grade on this book , and used the tree of heaven as a simile for hope, that it grew in the worst conditions, etc, my English teacher gave me a D because he thought I didn’t get the whole part about Johnny’s alcoholism. Really, I knew all too well,as the author was describing MY father. But I chose to write about hope and reading and the library. I remember being crushed by that remark. Fortunately, it did not stop me from hoping or reading!
  • Listening to , just the sounds of the night ,as it is still so hot, we are sitting outside at 10 pm.
  • Watching: we finished Season 1 of the sopranos, for the second time. Such a great show. James Gandolfini was brilliant
  • Cooking/Baking: used my new Williams Sonoma pans, made 2 loaves of bread. One was a cheese olive loaf. It is gone already. The. I made organic strawberry jam.image
  • Happy you accomplished this week, Walked everyday and decluttered more old school artwork.
  • Looking forward to next week: it’s the 4 of July, onto doing much. I’m going to paint an armoire. I’ll try and post pictures .
  • Thankful for today: for my wonderful children and husband.
  • Bonus Question – What was your very first *real* job? Well, I did a lot of babysitting. But at 16, I got a job as a receptionist.

Menu for the week:

Sunday: Greek pasta salad

monday: chicken burgers, tofu burgers, potatoe salad

Tuesday: grilled chicken, salad

Wednesday: Caprese salad. And pasta with lemon,garlic olive oil

Thursday, fourth of Jullyy : BBQ ribs from the freezer, maybe potato salad or cole slaw

Friday: pizza or tacos

Satuday: Saturday night Sammie’s , not yet decided.

B is back to work today, if I can post the tree he cut I will.image

Staycation, not camping vacation!

Well, it’s off. We decided not to battle the rain. It’s unseasonal wet storm, due in tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday . Since that’s most of our camping days, we opted out. I’m okay with it, I really don’t want to be huddled in our tent trailer with pouring down rain. We lose our camping fees, but that’s the way it goes.

so our menu for the week will be our camping menu:

  • Sunday, spaghetti , garlic bread, salad
  • monday, burgers with fixings 
  • tuesday, pulled pork, tofu on rolls salad 
  • wednesday, grilled chicken/tofu potatoes of some sort
  • thursday, enchiladas ,beans
  • Friday,  out for dinner or tacos
  • Saturday, sandwiches of some sort

Have any of you backed out of camping, if you knew it was going to be awful weather?


Weekend to do and menu for the week

  1. Make menu.
  2. work on our very slim budget for next week, with the dreaded SL finally figured out, it is going to hurt, a lot:(
  3. go to staples( I have coupons)
  4. walk
  5. do some Flylady stuff.
  6. grocery store, I saw a couple of BOGO . I’m trying to really work these things.
  7. vacuum
  8. Make two freezer meals.

Menu for week

Saturday: meatloaf, baked potatoes, salad, veggie burger .

sunday : steak , salad, tofu.

Monday:grilled chicken, salad, black bean burger.

Tuesday: pasta of some sort

Wednesday: birthday girls choice

Thursday: ?

Friday : tacos


Hopefully next week will even out financially. It’s been tough, I’m hoping with B’s bonus in June we will catching up.