December blues

This is a hard time of year for me, in November 2003 I fractured my t10 . I didn’t know it then but I did. I had just bought an estate sale of life magazines right after thanksgiving . It was 40 boxes of life. Somehow I thought that was the beginning of my life with life magazines but really it lead to my diagnosis of multiple myeloma . The weekend after I moved all the boxes, I felt a twinge in my back
The next morning I got up out of bed and collapsed. It kept on.. I went to the doctor, but saw a nurse practitioner Instead, she said It was a sprain. Ha, I persevered  and finally it must have started healing on its own.  Except it was cancer that caused the fractured. But December is a hard month for me, because I remember the pain, and I couldn’t do much for the holidays . It was a sad depressing time but worst was still to come.

 In the spring I finally wanted some physical  therapy, and the X-rays showed a compression fracture. No one questioned why… So I did nothing…..

The following spring I decided to see a back doctor about kypoplasty , and I had an MRI , it was the worst day of my life.
The nurse said to come to his office at 5 pm on that Friday,,   So then Barclay and I went and he was the worst doctor I’d ever had. He blurted out, you have bone cancer. I was shocked and even more shocked. My life crumbled into a heap.
What was he talking about.
So in the end after the second worst moment if my life , a bone biopsy, I which I thought what is this guy doing with a hammer pounding into my back…. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma .

The rest is history, radiation for the plasmacytoma , chemo, stem cell transplant . 

But it all started in November /December. Of 2003.
So that’s 9 years ago. But I know is been there way before that…