SPEP test result

It’s up a tiny bit .4

this is from .3 so the question is do something by adding dex back in or go another month. I think I’d go for adding it back in maybe at 12 mg. he’ll probably say wait another month. But I know how my body works and waiting for it to go to .5 will mean it’ll take longer to get it back down to .2


I wrote a blog yesterday and then deleted it. Why? Well, I kinda felt it was a downer and a little like crying over spilt milk. Yes, in our youth we lived a simple life and still do. Lots of blogs I read( that make lots of money), are all about cooking simply, eating simply, baking , etc etc. With the WWW. All this is available instantly for people to read. Sometimes I feel why didn’t we have this then but that wasn’t the case. Not  30 years ago…. So, I just want to let that go and write about my life now. Living with myeloma, trying to be a minimalist, living simply and frugally. So that’s what I’ll do. I walk everyday and watch the day begin, live that day as best I can and then get up and do it all over again. I’m fortunate that with my myeloma I’m not symptomatic right now except my red and white blood counts are low.

I’m off to the library for an iPad training( really?). I mean all I use is an iPad. I guess it’s a way to waste some money. Then I’m going to drop off a load to good will or Salvation Army. I sorta hate to give to goodwill as they are profit and SA isn’t. But there drop off is so easy. Then home and bookclub at  4.

Lab results and foot issues

So, my white blood count and red blood count are low.

humm, not good. But not dangerously low but my neutrophils are back down to 1200. Well, I have another couple of weeks off so that should help bring them back up.

The foot is arthritis, I guess.  I’ll see a podiatrist sometime in the future. Maybe a cortisone shot.My son had his consultation with the oral surgeon. He should have his wisdom teeth out in the next month.

I should get my  SPEP test back in the next day or two . I love the online results. No stress talking to someone.

Gezz, I hate all this doctor stuff but what are you gonna do.?

Library book sale and other ramblings

We did well at our little bake and book sale. I think we made over $500 in book sales. And the raffle tickets brought in another $200, I think.

so for one day and limited books, I think it was a great success.

I’m  off for my monthly labs and then see my GP about this neuropathy. If it’s something else or more I’ll call my other doctor and check with him. I should know by Friday if my m protein has gone up or not being off dex. It’s a hard trade off since it’s really nice not having to worry about dex Sunday and Monday.

We’ll see.

Tragic day in Auburn, California

It’s a very sad day for us in the foothills. A sheriffs deputy was shot and killed by some nut. Also, a Sacramento deputy was killed. This is such a tragedy. We live less than 10 minutes from Auburn, and it’s always been our little town to shop, bank etc. to have some nut drive up from Sacramento after killing a deputy there and terrorizing the whole south of town is unheard of. The schools were on lock down and the roads blocked. They did capture him, he wasn’t killed. My heart goes out to this deputy’s family and all the placer county deputy’s that put there life on the line. Such a tragedy.

We have our bake and book sale today at the library. It’s suppose to rain, but doesn’t look it right now.

I hope we get a lot of sales. I made chocolate chip cookies and I’m bringing the extra loaf if artisan bread.  I figure maybe some wants to buy homemade bread. I’ll put $2.00 on it.


Thursday stuff

Well, I’m kinda slow on the uptake. I think my foot problem is peripheral neuropathy. It seems to make sense since the bunion thing doesn’t really add up. But, I haven’t had any neuropathy so I’m not too sure if this is what it feels like. But it’s all started after I stopped dex, which I’m guessing was keeping this in check? Maybe,? I don’t know. But I’ll see my regular GP, who isn’t really all with the program of MM. But hopefully at least I can rule out something. Anyway, one day it’s ok, the next it’s really hurting and numbish( is that a word)?

today I’m off to do a little training at the library on the iPad. Kinda silly since that’s all I use. But, hey I’ll get paid. Then off to pick up some prescriptions and a few things from the store.

I might go to target but not sure yet.

We have almost decided to not get the oak down, because of the cost factor, and we are still losing some pines down the hill. We are not sure how many more are going to get bark beetle. So I think we’d better wait.

its cloudy today and rain is expected this weekend.

Just keeping on!

It’s Tuesday. So it’s my work day. Tuesday is usually our busy day. We’ll see. It rained last night and it’s nice this morning. It’s a very pretty fall. We’ve lost at least one more tree to bark beetles, so I think that’s 5. Not sure what we will do. I just hope that’s it, but it looks like I see the top of one more starting. We still have the date for November for the big oak and one pine. It’s a lot of money to do but I think it’ll be worth it. These down the hill will just have to wait.

I started some crock pot pintos for dinner and I’ll make chicken enchiladas after the tortillas thaw out later. I’ll make enough to freeze at least one dinners worth. Last week I did 20 stuffed potatoes and 12 bean burritos. It makes sense to make what we eat and not stuff that’s just extra. When I started batch cooking, I made all sorts of recipes from the freezer cookbook. But some weren’t really to our liking. So, live and learn.

So far still feeling pretty good except my ball of my foot, which I’m guessing is a bunion or arthritis ? I’m going to get a referral to a podiatrist but that may take time. Tonight’s my last revlimid for this cycle and then it’s wait for blood test and doctor appt.

Other than that nothing too much going on. That’s nice really.

Book reviews

First of all, I’m a huge reader of all kinds of things. Fiction, non fiction, etc.

So with all the hoopla about Outlander, I thought I’d re- read it. Now I know why I promptly forgot it. Ok , the first half is pretty good when she goes thru the Stonehenge type rocks from 1945 to Scotland in the 1600 or 1700. Can’t remember. Then after she marries Jamie, well it’s downhill with sex. Jamie this way, Jamie that way, Jamie beating her up( at least her backside). Frankly, I got pretty bored about makeup sex and so on. So , then when I finished , I realized why it didn’t impress me. Maybe it’s just me but that and Fifty Shades of Grey just doesn’t do it for me.

So, the I reread, A Discovery of Witches, and WOW, I remembered why it is such a great book. All the way to the end. Time travel, vampires and yes, sex, but not overdone. So it’s a great read and she’s a very fine writer.

Okay, Costco today and winco so I’m tired. But my daughter helped and that’s a good thing.

My foot joint has been really hurting since I went off dex. I guess it’s an osteoarthritis thing or a bunion or gout. I have no idea, but it hurts and is somewhat numb. I’m assuming the dex, an anti inflammatory , was keeping this at bay. Why does it always have to be something. Pisses me off. Oh well, I’ll have to decide, see my GP or just live with this pain. ;(


We are having a nice rain here in Northern California . It is much needed. Of course, I was out walking in that rain and got pretty soaked. I’m off to work this day only 2 hours. B is in Texas at a big meeting. So, I’m going to shop Costco tomorrow and probably Winco too. Not sure I’ll add in trader Joes. We need a lot of non food items and that adds up quick.

overall, I’ve felt pretty good. I need to call my revlimid in today and order propane. I’m not sure how my blood work will come out. I guess I’ll know in a week or so.