Simple Sunday

It’s the end of October. Wow.. I’m sure November is going to go by quickly and  then it’s the Christmas season. I didn’t really hit my Santa fund goal of $1000 but close enough. This is going to a minimalist Christmas for sure. There are no big purchases just stuff we need really. Costco has a Cuisinart food processor on sale for $30 off so I’m going to do that for me. My son, I’m getting Bose headphones. After flying, I’d say one of the things that made it tolerable was using headphones. His are not noise canceling but they did cut the sound by 50%.  So these Bose are noise cancelling. My husband can borrow them when he flys next which will be to Southern Cal in December. Other than that a few journals, pens, and an Easton press book for each.


imageIt was interesting to go thru the bedroom while painting and there was zero that I wanted to get rid of.  That doesn’t include the closet which now is holding stuff till I finish the painting.

last night I made breaded tofu and chicken from a recipe in one of my favorite books ever The Kitchen counter cookbook. It’s baked and the tofu came out as good as southern fried tofu.  Try it.

Tonight I’m going to do a curry with tofu ,potatoes,carrots and whatever else jumps in the pot.

Saturday Stuff

I’m in the middle of painting the bedroom. B will do the ceiling as I can’t use a roller like that. Even doing one wall yesterday affected my L1. It might have been moving stuff though that inflamed it. Today, I’ll do another wall and 1/2 of another. I’m going with Simply White by Benjamin Moore. I’m not sure how I’ll like it but I plan to use some color in Pictures and maybe some new throw pillows. I use the pillows to plump up and put behind e for reading, so quite necessary.  This is a north room so colors have been challenging. We’ve had a soft peach, and a blue-gray. I also plan on using a gray as the trim and I’m going to get  Ikea velvet gray curtains.  There’s not really a lot to take out of this room . It’s small and has our bed, my side table I need for all my pills, a Heywood dresser and that’s it. h, there’s a bin holder with 6 bins ( Martha Stuart).



The painting is going well. One more wall then the trim.

I try and post more later.

falling trees

I didn’t IMG_0197.jpgget to see the first one go but I did video the second, but WordPress doesn’t let me put the video on for some reason.


It was pretty impressive going down. They used lots of ropes to guide it and then their large truck to  pull the tree. both down on the ground but not bucked up, so hubby has a lot of work ahead of him. He has a fairly new chainsaw, but I think I see a bigger one in his future.  Let’s hope we don’t need another tree down for a while although I think we’d better start a tree fund.

Rainy here today.

Went to Costco, then to our coffee lunch, then home.

I bought paint for the bedroom and will start tomorrow.  It’s so nice to do normal things and feel normal. Yeah!!!


Back into the rhythm…

Well, it did take a day or so to get over the time differences. But it’s great to be home and baking bread and walking in the dark….

Everything was good here, My daughter and son kept things going smoothly.  Bonnie, the border collie with the seizures, seems to be doing good on her medicine. she is a sweet dog , so I hope this resolves it.

Today is another huge stress day as the tree cutters are coming to take the 2 giant trees down. They are going to drop them with the use of ropes to direct them. I’m anxious about it but I’m going to go to town for a bit so I hope at least one is done by the time I’m back. B has to go work the Sact co op , so he’s gone. IMG_0197.jpgWell, they know what they’re doing so that’s that. But it’s going to be a big pile of tree.

I’ll be glad when October is over, and the election.  🙂

Naples, Florida

img_0228This is the gulf side of Florida. Quite the vacation destination. I guess Naples is a very wealthy area.  It seems so when you look around but certainly at the Ritz Carlton. It’s very nice and very posh, and very very expensive. Gee, I sound like Trump..very , very ,very …. oh well.

We’ve been walking along the beach, plus sitting out on the beach.  The food has been excellent but ridiculously priced. But since there’s nowhere else to eat unless you go out of the Ritz,  it’s what you do.  The really fun thing is the salt water lap pool. Years ago when we use to swim laps it was great. I loved it. But then the pool we belonged to closed down so now the only pool near us is part of a club which is quite expensive.  I’m going to look into the couples rate since I’d love to start swimming again. We’ll see. An extra $100 month isn’t in the budget yet.  Maybe next year.

Today is the last day and there’s an offsite dinner. I’m not sure I’m going to attend as I’m starting to feel a little maxed out and tired. We leave the hotel tomorrow fairly early 5:45 am so… I won’t mind just hanging out in the room and looking out at the beach.  This must have cost a fortune for the company but it’s a way of them saying thank you to these very talented people who are the best in the company.

I’m pretty proud of B for getting this award and us being able to have a free vacation, a very posh vacation.  I’m sure I’m ging to be quite tired when I get home and it’ll take a few days to readjust. But I’m ready to go home.

On a whole other note, one of my daughters’ rescue border collies, just started having seizures. It happened last week and I thought maybe it was her back that went out but my daughter said no it was a seizure.  She took Bonnie to the vet and did an x-ray and nothing showed up so she’ll start anti-seizure medicine. It’s very odd that it’s only been 5 months since they were adopted and now this. Of course, she is 10 years old, but it just seems odd that this would start now. Hopefully the medicine will work and she can still live a normal life span. I’m sad about it but my daughter is great wit these things so she’ll handle it.

Well, off to walk.

simple Sunday

It is a rainy weekend. It’s fairly warm though so that’s nice for the dogs as they are on the sunporch. Closed in but not heated. They’ve done really well at night crated. No accidents. As I mentioned my office space ( which was my daughters’ room) is where the crates are. They take up a fair amount of space but at least they’re warm at night and it’s only going to get colder.  We did move the treadmill out of the office space to the sun porch so… ugh lots of things.

The zone this week is the bedroom, so pretty easy. I’ll wash the inside windows, change sheets( that’s weekly anyway) and then tidy the closet.

I’m only packing my Eagle creek backpack I’ve had forever. It’s probably 20 years old and still is in great shape. I’ve got most everything in except for a few t-shirts. I figure I’m trying to be a minimalist with all areas of my life so this is it. No luggage. I’m bringing my mac air book but not iPad. So I should be set.

WE did end up having pizza on Friday but it was Round table. B went out at lunch and got an x large with a good coupon. $23. So that was lunch and dinner and 1 piece for lunch the next day. So fairly frugal.

Today I’m working on menus for the rest of the month. Tonight is broccoli cheddar quiche. I was going to do soup but I have a pie crust in the refrigerator I need to use. Although I need to check the date on it as it’s been in there a while.



Updates ,Just Keep Walking Project(JKWP) and more

In the JKWP, we are at day 136 in the fourth year.  We walk every day in the rain(today), snow (hopefully not soon), and in the dark (today) and in the light (summer). Next week when we travel to Florida we will walk intentionally even if it’s not the very first thing. We need to leave for the airport quite early so our walk will be later. If you’re just starting out walking, I’d say the best thing is to lace up your shoes first thing and then go. That’s what I do. I get out of bed put on my sweats and lace up my North Face walking shoes. Then I ‘m ready to go. I go out early as it suits my personality. I’m now and have always been an early morning person. I’ve upped my distance too and that’s nice. Mostly since I’m off Dex. Dex just makes things harder with its ups and downs.  So get out there and walk.

Next update: my sister and her 3 daughters are safely back in Connecticut. It was a short visit but they had fun. Everyone avoided talk of politics and religion. I think no one wanted controversy. That’s all good.  Family is family and since we do have differences, it’s best to be tolerant. As an atheist, it would be easy to go on and on about things. But , we each have our own journey to take and that’s that.

Next…. today , finally we get to sign our refi.  We had to pay the annual house insurance and property tax since they were due within 60 days she said. So that was a hit. And we still need to pay a small OOP amount. Not happy about that but it’s a done deal and finally over for now.  My plan is to try and do another refi in2- 3 years and try and get the interest rate lower. But for now,it’s ok.

My doctor appointment went well and he said I didn’t need to see him for 2 months. Wow!!! But I still want labs every 4-5 weeks just to keep up. So I’m still hoping for 6 months but we’ll see. But anyway great for me.

Then we went to the brand new Sacramento Food Coop and wow, it is impressive.  I’m not a member but I just might become one since the bulk foods were amazing. So. fun!!! Plus, I’m trying to work towards zero waste ( in a small way) and this would be a great option for bulk every thing.

Then we went to J Jill in the Galleria. Now remember I hardly ever shop and really don’t ever go to the mall, but I needed something for the evening attire event in Florida. I found a nice black overshirt and I got a black dress off eBay. So I should be set, plus honestly, I don’t care and at night black is black and I’m sure no one is really going to be looking at me.

So, that’s it I think. It’s raining and suppose to get worse today. But we’re snug with a fire going. OMG, it might not be Friday night pizza.  I don’t have any mozzarella so it might be burgers as I got some yummy rolls at the coop yesterday.

imagePart of my vintage Halloween collection.

one of the last things I collect and love.

Beautiful fall weather…

But it’s going to change by Friday  when we’re in for rain and cooler temperatures. Right now our days have been in the low 80’s and high 70’s. By Saturday, it’s going to be in the high 50’s. Very cool. And even snow in the higher elevations. But today is lovely.

My sister and family are going to Nevada City today. I’m going to drive and then we’ll walk around this charming Sierra foothill town. I think we’ll do lunch at a place I’ve wanted to try called Three Forks. It’s a bakery /restaurant. There’s also the Nevada City winery and we’ll pop in there. Then  home and we’re all going out to dinner tonight.

Tomorrow they leave, and I go to get my flu shot. Thursday I see my doctor. B is taking me as my brother is still using my van ( week 4).  He says it’s burning oil and I said it hadn’t been but you’re driving it over 80 miles a day for the last 4 weeks. If it is, then I may just go ahead and sell it.  I don’t really want to put any money into it.  But I only have driven it maybe 20 miles a week, to go to town so this is quite different.  Hopefully , it’s only because he’s using it so much but I guess we’ll see. It does have 150,000 mileson it so we’ve gotten our moneys worth.

On another note, the refi is on and we should be able to finish up very soon. Yes!!!! What a long drawn out process. But the bottom line is for now this will make a big difference in the payment. Of course, I wish we didn’t have a mortgage as we go into retirement but , it is what it is.



simple Sunday​

Well, my sister and the 3 daughters got here a little late due to a plane issue but it went fine and they are nice young woman. All well educated. She must be proud. She is still pursuing getting the info on the lung transplant due to the interstitial lung disease. I’m sure it will be difficult to decide.  today we’re going to Naggiar Winery for lunch. We went there last year and it was quite nice. Then we’ll come back here and visit. I always lay down @ 3 ( for my back) so I’ll do that and they can visit with my brother.

I have dinner all prepped: butternut squash soup , a large chopped salad with lots of veggies, and mini sandwiches just as an extra.

On another note, we should be finally getting the last underwriting approval for the harp loan this week. I’m hoping Tuesday we can e-sign and then have the mobile notary here by Friday. There’s a 3 day waiting period, so hopefully, all done by the time we’re heading to Florida. Since we will be able to skip a payment that should help with the budget.

Speaking of the budget, it still seems to be getting giggled a lot. We have our fixed expenses and then there’s the irregular ones and that ‘s what throws me. I just need to with them down and plan better. In November we have house insurance (annual bill) and then December property taxes. So 2 big bills to deal with.  I’d still like to get one month ahead like YNAB suggests, but it just hasn’t happened. maybe with the one month grace period with the house payment will help that.

Well, off to tidy things .