Feeding the geese

imageWe started bringing some cracked corn for the geese this winter. It seemed a nice thing to do. There are 12 domestic geese, lots of little ones and the migratory Canadian geese.

But it’s been fun to see them wait for us in the morning. Except this morning there was a jogger, a very grumpy jogger who yelled at me “did I feed the geese”, yes, well he says “they almost bit me as I went by” i said yeah they have babies go around them. He then used a number of explicatives saying he was going to grab one of the geese and smash it to the ground. Oh… Okay, nice… So his point was feed the geese away from the path. Okay, but you just need to go around them anytime they’re on the path because the mother geese will hiss and probably bite if you are too close.

Well, tomorrow I will feed the geese away from the path. Geez, talk about a nasty encounter.

Well, that’s the talk from the walk this morning!

Chore day!

I’m off today so I’m going to get some chores done, I hope.

First, I need to mKe pizza dough for Friday night.

Then finish ironing and cutting the curtain in my daughters space.

Then I need to go to town to pick up prescriptions and a few items at Target( yeah we’ll see how that goes),then back home to do a few more things. I read on line about cleaning stove grills with ammonia so I might try that.

I’m more than half way or close on taking pomalyst. Overall I feel pretty good. Actually I’m feeling better in some ways. I hope the FKL go down. That would be exciting.

We are have spectacular 80 degree weather , very nice. I think I’ll BBQ tonight. Probably burgers. My son wanted bison burger so I guess I’ll try that… Hummm may be a tofu burger for me.:)

my new walking shoes showed up and I put the orthopedics inserts in. The shoes are a little stiff so I only did 2 rounds.

I’m still working on a financial plan to set aside money for B’s motorcycle. We’ll see how far I get. I can be focused when I need to be but first we need to pay those medical co pays.

Budgeting and life

We’ve had so many medical copays that have been somewhat unexpected. Now we owe another $500 on my sons wisdom teeth. Thought since we had paid the copay in December we were good. But the insurance only paid so much. Then after I’d seen the foot doctor she wanted me to order the orthopedic inserts. So they came in at a tune of $350. So lots of things like that. For us ,it’s hard to have anything extra as we generally only have what we need. Fortunately, we finally maxing out our 401 but even that might be too little ,too late. But I’m hopeful.

Plus, having myeloma and a limited life expectancy makes it difficult too. How do you decide to use money for ,let’s say a vacation, or whatever, if you know in retirement you’ll need every penny. Then on the other hand if I’m not around what difference does it make.

One of our oldest  (time wise)survivor of myeloma ( 20+) just died. It’s very upsetting as most of didn’t know he was even unwell. I’m 10 years out. What does that say to me. I don’t know really. I’d love to buy that motorcycle for my husband today, but should we use that money when we really don’t have a lot. Or is life too short to not too. I really don’t know. I guess it’s just one foot in front of the other.

On another note , Aprils been ok , food wise we did good, still around 700 and that includes non food.(cat food, TP, wine, etc)

household was way up because of spring. Get us in Home Depot and its a candy store. We have bought quite a few plants to try and put in a drought resistant garden. Gas, is normal. B got a bonus so that has helped a lot with getting things caught up.

Well, I’m off to the library, my daughters off to work( she now drives an hour to get there), my son is off to college for the day, and B is heading up the state to work.

I’ll get home later and finish some chores. we’ve washed my daughters cotton drapes but they need ironing. I did one set yesterday, and they came out ok. Since its a cotton it was hard to get all the wrinkles out.

Also, she has a lot of lettuce and peas I want to pick so their not wasted.

Sunday simplicity

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

Henry David Thoreau
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/h/henrydavid108393.html#RUMZOIsd0kxuPhoG.99

Thoreau has been a big influence in our lives. We have always tried to live with many of his thoughts. As Quakers in the 1970’s we definetly lived according to those queries. So a nice quote my husband sent me the other day.

Today is dex day, but we’re still going to Costco early. He’ll drive as I don’t drive on dex day. My judgement is just off. I have a pretty big list of stuff some expensive like Zantac, face cream etc. I may want to go over to Whole Foods too for a few things. Mostly bread. I haven’t been making bread lately so since I love good bread I may go there.

Then flylady zone is the living room and entry. Our front room is also where our table is so its all one. Not much to do except dust and vacumm. I could declutter a few DVDs like mad men that no one is ever going to watch again but that’s about it.

On a completely different stream of thought , 2 bloggers I follow have had, I’m assuming, some negative comments and have closed their blogs. It’s by invitation only. I’m not sure but since I do read both I kinda got the jist of what it was about but I’m saddened that this has to happen. I don’t get enou gh traffic to get much in the way of comments so I’m not sure how I’d react. But some stuff said was pretty unnecessary.

I’d like to hear anyone’s comments on this as it bothers me. Maybe people just get tired of the negativity.

,Once in a while I’ll post a comment that says something against what the person is saying, but only in a nice way. For instance, I like the blog Ourfreakingbudget.com. She was writing about how you can shop Whole Foods with out spending your whole pay check. And supporting trying to buy organic as much as possible.

so this person comments , that organic is not regulated and has pesticides, is essentially bad for the environment, and that GMOs are kinda a hoax. I almost fell over. So I did comment that this person really needed to get the facts. Organic is highly regulated and cannot use pesticides, and whoa.. Gmos by Monsanto is a very very scarey thing. We’ve been doing the organic thing since 1970 so I think I do know something about it. My husband also works for the largest natural food distributor in the organic or and is a spokesperson against GMOs.

So I hope I didn’t offend anyone but I truly was shocked someone thought these thing. What do they feed their kids????

Now, I admit I don’t always do organic and I do once in a while get an In and Out Burger. But most everything is organic or natural.

Well, maybe this is a dex driven post, so I’ll quit.

But, I’m saddened people have to close their blogs that I enjoy over some weirdness.

Wednesday stuff

Well, I made it thru the dex craziness. Sunday was hyper mode. But I did get a lot done. Sunday night was tough though, my face was really red and I didn’t sleep most of the night and that was even with 2 Ativan. But Monday was better,and I did some cooking and decluttering.

Today, I’m off to drop things at goodwill and I’m going to stop in the SPCA book store.

Im also trying a new recipe for a pork roast on the bbq. Not sure how this will come out but pizza can be our back up.(ha, ha).

Most everything house wise is done and I need to maybe do one load of laundry. Plus, I want to do some budgeting and see how the numbers were so far in the month. Food is probably over budget, but we will see. Also, we always spend more in spring on gardening stuff. This year we’ve rotolilled the surrounding yards and now it’s a dust bowl, so we’re trying to do drought resistant plants. Water is a big issue here in California.

We have lettuce and peas in the garden so we’re having nice salads.

Simple Sunday

We didn’t get up as early as I like but it’s Sunday so it’s okay. We are closing the gap on the JKWP to the 2 year mark. Today is 690, ,so 10 days to 700 and then where on our way to 2 years OF WALKING EVERY FREAKING DAY NO MATTER WHAT. Although there have been a few very short walks still it’s a walk.

So I’ve done the bathroom wipe down, the bedroom zone and I’m going to dust. With the windows open the dust / pollen is really coming in. Then a vacuum .

I need to go get my prescriptions and just a few groceries.

Then if I haven’t fallen in a heap, I may paint the one window sill that still needs it.  Or I may go out to the barn and look for stuff to get rid of. ( this is probably a little too hopeful)!!!

Saturday stuff

We’re home and had a great drive. Not a lot of traffic thru San jose ,so that was nice. We made good time at 3 1/2 hours. We had seen a number of great small hardbody rvs that we’re going to check out. That should be fun.

i started the pomalyst last night. We shall see how it goes and tonight is 20 mg of dex. That I’m not looking forward to. For those who don’t live in Myelomaville, pomalyst is the next generation of  Revlimid. So it’s a more refined drug to attack the myeloma cells. It also was just approved a few years ago. These drugs are extraordinarily expensive.mif you didn’t have insurance, well let’s just say that would be bad. One month supply ( 21 days) runs $10,200. Not kidding. So I have high hopes it will bring my light chains down .

Im off to the library to work and glad to be back. With my GI issues , I’m not going to bring lunch just maybe an apple. See how that goes.

i also still need to paint the shelves in the kitchen with the semi gloss, but I’d probably do that tomorrow.