Not feeling great

I’ve felt off all day. My cheek area above where my teeth were pulled is bothering me. But it could just be sinus and when the barometric pressure changes I always get a headache. Plus, it feels like some pressure under my eye( cheek bone area).

We are in for rain here, and snow in the mountains. That maybe why I’m feeling this. Otherwise, I’ll call the dentist and have an xray done. I’ll see how I am tomorrow. I was fine yesterday so…..
I didn’t go to bookclub cause I just didn’t feel up to it. I have to work tomorrow so well’ll see how that goes.

Not much new here. B is in south Lake Tahoe so, he’ll be home tomorrow.

I’ll probabably only walk 2 rounds tomorrow and call it at that.

Monday stuff, and enough of the KonMari method!!!!

It’s windy here, but clear and chilly! It’s suppose to be only a high of 60, but that north wind is cold.
We should be getting a bunch of seeds from Territorial seeds this week. My daughter does an amazing job gardening.

So all the rage on all the decluttering and frugal blogs is KonMari’s “the life changing magic of tidying up”. It’s a great little book and well organized. Her methods are definitely a little different but I especially like her “spark of joy” in keeping what you own. But, I think if you were new to decluttering Flylady or other methods maybe more informative. She goes by catagories as opposed to rooms. I prefer to go room by room or with flylady it’s zones. I think it’s what works for you. But I’ve decluttered all of my house and it’s so easy to clean and straighten up. I still have hot spots but I work on them. Also, her folding method wouldn’t work for my clothes as I don’t use a dresser. I use cloth baskets( martha Stewart ) to keep my clothes in and they are too deep to fold and show up as she suggests. I don’t have a lot of clothes and most stuff I hang on hangers.
It’s a fun book to read and I love the japanese flair.

This is a nice slow week for me, no blood tests, just work and whatever.

I’m still debating the Breville pizza maker… I’m making pizza tonight in the oven so, I’ll determine how that is. The pizza steel I bought does work great.
But the thing with the pizza maker, it heats up to 660, and the oven is not on, so in summer that’s a big plus. So if we spent money on 4 round table pizza trips at $40 a pop, it pays for the Breville. I’ll keep thinking about it this week.

I also need new walking shoes so that’s got to be considered.


So, I’m really happy with all my tests results except my kappa free light chains. They came back still high in the 788 range. So high normal is 19..hummm
I just can’t get my head around is this a problem waiting to happen. Has it been this way for the last year and we didn’t know since it was a year ago it was tested. At that time it came back @68 . I can’t remember the exact number but in that range.
BUT, with no anemia, no new lesions, urine normal( no protein) IGG normal. WTF does it mean ?? Maybe it’s… Well, of course we know it’s myeloma but what are we waiting for. I have 2 cycles of revlimid to use. This is because I got sent the prescription early. So, I’ll do that cycle in March. And then maybe I should tell my doctor, should we do the Velcade. Now I’m not jumping because it’s a weekly shot and I haven’t had it so, I’d have to take off from work till I know how I am with it.
OR do nothing for now. GEEZ….. I’m not a doctor. Im just guessing at this stuff.

I guess I’m waiting to see him in March and ask. I know I’ll be laid off from the best little job I’ve ever had sometime this year so wait…

I really don’t like ambiguity so… I guess I’ll have to just be ok with it till we get some sort of definitive answer.


So I decided to emessage my doctor.
He was kind enough to respond promptly. Basically, he said I am producing light chains as one of the antibodies. But because I have no evidence of myeloma activity, all he can say is I’m producing the light chains.
So, I think I understand better and feel ok about it. I wish I wasn’t but that’s not the way it is. But the great news is as he said, there is no evidence of myeloma advancing.

Beautiful weather

It is so beautiful here in Northern California. we have been around 70 degrees. Sorry east coast people. Of course we need the rain, but in th meanwhile it’s great.

We have ordered a bunch of seeds from Territorial seeds and they should be here soon. My daughter is really the gardener these days. But I love to use what she is growing.
We have parsley, cilantro, and chives ready to use.
Our flowering cherry tree is in bloom and the lilacs have buds. Our chickens are laying lots of eggs and I’m selling our surplus. They are so beautiful and I’m only charging $3.00 a real deal for free range eggs.

Did the bathroom zone sunday and B put up our new towel rack. It’s holding hand towels and wash cloths. It’s a nice fix, and was only $20 on Amazon. My daughter gifted me an amazon card so I have enough to buy an ebook , I think!

I’m reading Book of Life, the 3rd in the trilogy. It’s a little wordy but I like it better than the second. My ebook from the library expired so, I ll have to see about putting it back on.
I’m back on rev and DEX. My dex was 12 and quite manageable, although I did get the red face for a few hours.

I’m off to the library today and an extra shift tomorrow. I’m thinking since it’s only a matter of time before I’m gone I’ll do extra shifts when I can. I want to save up for an air Mac book. So…..
I’m making anothe pizza for dinner only because I’ve got the dough in the fridge.
I asked a blogger I read, about the Breville pizza maker and she and her husband love it so. On my quest for the perfect pizza I may splurge. I’ll check with my husband first. It’s not too big and I can keep it under our stainless steel counter island.
It’s on sale for $150 and free shipping. Would you buy it?

Well, it’s off for the day.

On our morning walk!!!

On our morning walk!!!

Good news from the doctor!!!

Well, all in all, the tests he says everything looks good.
My 24 hour urine is normal,my IGG is normal, my xrays show lyric lesions(as would be expected of a myeloma patient) but none are new or showing critical, and the biopsy shows 6.8 plasma cells which is pretty low. It shows minimal myeloma cells and MILDLY
Excessive kappa cells. So I’m thrilled.
No change of treatment, I’ll start revlimid tomorrow and DEX on Sunday. I asked for dex to go down to 12 mg, just so it might help with the dex stuff.

I sorta got the feeling he wanted to stop everything and see what happens but I told him I’ve got 2 bottles of rev, and I might as well go thru two more cycles, see what my numbers are then.

Im pretty happy about it and I see a champagne bottle in my future somewhere.

On another note, I decluttered another couple of things so hence the quote at the top.
I’m too tired to go today but I will soon.

Rainy Sunday

So, my hip has felt fine, and I’ve still walked every morning. I’m maybe just a little stiff and I’m being careful bending. I’m hoping to get the biopsy reports at least by Thursday when I see the doctor. This will tell us how many plasma cells are in there. Then we need a plan. I’m not sure which way we’ll go, I think I’m going to wait and see what he says.

It’s been a rainy weekend in California. But, wind was predicted but so far not bad. I like the rain, not the wind. B and I went to grocery outlet, then bel air shopping.

I’m making broccoli cheddar soup for dinner. Not too much Flylady stuff today. But tomorrow is the kitchen zone. I need to make
Menus for the week, and use what’s in the freezer.

Today was day 621 walking in the JKWP( just keep walking project)!

BMB or for those of you who don’t have cancer… The details…

So, it started off ok. Got to the hospital on time, checked in on time and then it was APITA, or pain in the ass. Waiting , waiting. My 10 o’clock time came and went . On top
Of it no water, no food, God, no coffee… The worst was the nurses, although nice seemed very confused. They kept saying we need the protocols for a bone marrow biopsy … I’m not sure what they needed if they’ve done this a zillion times. I was not happy an let them know. I felt Mercy San Juan in Sacramento was a joke. Very Untogether. So, two plus hours later.. But when I got in to the ct room with the radiologist doing the procedure it was fine. They use a new tool that’s like a drill. I went under, it was done and now I’m just a little sore. It’ll take 3-5 days to find out how many plasma cells are in the marrow. It’s probably a little barbaric to get drilled in your hip, but whatca gonna do.

The first thing I made my husband do is stop at Starbucks for coffee !

Hopefully it’ll be ok, I’m planning to go to work tomorrow, not really do any lifting but I can check patrons out.
I see how I wake up.


Well, I finally caught something from either the library or someone brought germs in the house. I’m sniffly and sinusey. Not terrible but still … I’m taking lemon water, sinus stuff and some Chinese herbs. Otherwise I’ll let it run its course. No fever so, I’m ok there. With my BMB on Friday im hoping I’ll be better. I don’t think getting my hip drilled will make a lot of difference to my sinuses but I’d prefer if I’m not too under the weather. Speaking of weather the same day ( Friday) were in for rain and wind. Oh joy that will help my stress levels. 😬

Well, it’s pay day, and I’m off to get cash for groceries and fill up my van. I saw gas at 2.07 yesterday so that’ll help. I need some groceries but my head feels 10 times bigger than it is so I’ll wait.

Imbolc 🌟 Or groundhogs day!

today is Imbolc in the Celtic year or first day of spring. It’s the cross quarter. I have often felt the shift even if it’s raining or snowing. Somehow the light is different and when it’s nice out I can actually feel it in the air. Here in California, it’s easier probably than back east but I think those sensitive to the earth will feel something. Sunrise is now 7:10 and sunset 5:26 , so definitely there’s more light.
Our weather is very nice but we expecting rain toward the end of the week. we really need it but I just don’t want big windy storms.

I decluttered a bin of Life magazines. I’m going to take then to the library and see if I can sell them for the friends. There’s still more to do, but one bin is a lot.

This week the Flylady zone is the entry way and dining room. Since we don’t have a dining room, just our table and chairs as part of our front room , it’s pretty easy. The entry is always a problem because it’s not really an entry way per se. On side of this enclosed porch is our covered pantry , the other is where my husband has his desk. I do have a nice piece of Heywood wakefield to look at when you walk in. I keep seasonal things on it.
I’m wondering how hard would it be to dig a foundation under this porch so it would pass code and could be included in our house when we sell. If not it’s probably a tear down. It’s very cute with nice windows, but I’m sure it would be problematic in a sale. We will sell as is, but in California that still means disclosure.
Oh well, we’ll worry about that in the future.