February , update on January no / low spend.


So, its February. It’s clear and cold out. That’s around 29 this am when went walking but should get into the 50’s.

We ended up with 15 no spend days ,so that was very good. It really helped us see our spending habits, of often running down to the market for a few things and ending up with a lot more.

My zero balance is kinda a disaster, with only $500 left. Not good , but we did have extra bills, car tags, $100, my son lost his cell phone, $200, property taxes almost $1000. So those came from the zero balance and sinking funds.

I am still savings the extra $200 in another savings, and Santa fund is $50 every two weeks. So good on that front. Plus I added to the $5 savings and 52 week challenge which I’m ahead on. So I think it’s kinda a draw. Save, spend !

February I’d like to have 15 no spend days, and nothing too extra. I need to get propane and that’s going to at least $300.

I had a good oncologist appointment, and the great news is my m protein went to .36   That is very good news for me. I’m on my 7 month of revlimid . I guess I’m not really going off anytime soon or ever really. Until I switch to something else. It’s okay, it’s life with myeloma. I’m so lucky I tolerate it well and it seems to be be helping. I did start back on curcumin and added those mushrooms( a dried combination called Matrix) I do think it’s doing something.

Walking is at day 247, so I’ve passed the 8 month mark of walking every day!

off to work and then tonight ,as a family were going to see the Irish rovers!  I hardly ever go out at night and never concerts as I don’t like crowds, but this is small and should be fun.