I’m planning on ordering his book called “Wabi-Sabi”.  I have a great affinity for all things Japanese( hence my daughter’s name’ Sachiko” or’ Sachi’ for short. I also feel a deep connection to all things Wabi-Sabi. It’s sort of the essence of simplicity and beauty. Nothing too shiny. Worn and used is best. Think of old barn wood. Beautiful and yet useful. We have an old funky barn and though it is definitely funky it is Wabi-Sabi.  The wood is aged and greyish. There is only a dirt floor except where B has added some concrete along the foundation. The barn was probably built right around the time of this house so 1950. It’s been useful since the house is small, most of our storage is out in the barn. B used it for all his samples when he was doing sales work.  We’ve since given all that to the food bank. At one time it housed my 40 bins of Life magazines I was selling on eBay. Now there are 4 small bins with the ones I’d like to keep( Kennedy assassination, Kent State, Martin Luther King assassination, The moonwalk, Some Beatles, and lots of others. I actually never had the very first issue of Life that was in 1937 or 1936 can’t remember. It’s fairly iconic.



Maybe someday I’ll buy one off eBay.

Anyway, back to Wabi-Sabi, I like the blend of midcentury furniture that has a beautiful line and the Scandinavian look( mostly for the clean lines).  Most of my Heywood Wakefield is from the 1950s and has a wonderful Wabi-sabi feel and look.

Well, anyway, the quote resonates.

Think about it. How would you pare down without losing the poetry?

Still walking…….

Sunday started week 11, of walking some everyday. I think the “just walk” has really worked for me. and i am now doing 2 miles. I like challenges and actually need them. It’s more like mini goals. I like to set them almost every day. I think this started when I first was  on chemo. I had a list of one thing I needed to do. I felt good if I did that one thing. So, then a while later I discovered Flylady. Her program opened up a whole new way of cleaning house. Her motto is ” 15 minutes at a time” . I realized I could do a lot in 15 minutes. Try it some time with a timer and you’ll be surprised. So I started doing her zones and it was wonderful and I could do it. Her lists gave me focus. So this is my 4 th year doing Flylady and it still works. 

Flylady also started me on the path to decluttering.  I started with just stuff and now I’m trying to embrace minimalism. I’ve gotten rid of tons of stuff and I I think when you start looking at your space this way ,you start seeing the possibilities. I don’t think there was way to much stuff, it’s just it was too much for our space.  Back in our old hippie days, B and I really wanted the wabi Sabi look and a Japanese clutter free space. That didn’t really happen,but interestingly enough minimalism and mid century looks very similar.

  • so, maybe a full circle. But back to lists…. 
  • Walk
  • work
  • wait for revlimid to be delivered
  • Finish organizing the bathroom drawers( the bathroom is this weeks zone.)
  • Put up new shower curtains

So, I’m a list person, and I like having a notebook to write them in. I use mostly Martha Stewart  notebooks and in the aqua blue which is my favorite.