Simple Sunday

Well, it has been a good week overall.

We are very fortunate that someone is going to lend us an RV so we can park at the Kiwanis house after B is released from the hospital. We are very grateful as it is a beautiful RV.  So at least that part of everything is set up. Plus it keeps us out of a hotel and that is great.

We will need to buy a few things as we don’t want to impact the owner’s stuff too much. We’re thinking our own sheets and some outside lawn chairs.

B’s CT scan was all good except for some more bladder stuff but he went and had a urine test and that was all good so who knows what that is. So all the tests are good.

We meet the transplant doctor this week to finalize everything. I think I’ll go to the coop first and then we can meet the doctor.

Our weather has been beautiful and continues to be so.


May is really one of the loveliest months here in Northern California.

We’re out early again today for B to get platelets. I went to the gym and now I’m at Flour Garden writing this and drinking a coffee. When we get home I’m planning on starting the kitchen zone and do a few things maybe not all the kitchen zone. It’s also sheet day.

I finished reading the Madame chic books( the first 2) and I enjoyed them. I don’t think they’re for everyone and some people probably wouldn’t like them at all. I liked the inside look at Paris and the culture. I’ve been trying to find them at the used bookstore for about 5 years with no luck so I finally bought them off amazon.

Next Sunday is Mother’s day which I always get breakfast made. But we’re also going to celebrate our son’s graduation from CSU Sacramento and our daughters birthday since B will be in the hospital for both. We’re giving Z money and S will get a new Kindle that she wanted.

Dinner is street tacos since it’s Cinco de Mayo!! Plus some guacamole.



Simple Sunday

We ended up in Chico Around 5:30 on Friday. There were quite a few delays on 299 due to massive mud and rock slides. Half a hill came down in one section and we were stopped for 45 minutes. So we got in later than we planned.  WE were going to go to the Sierra Nevada Brewery restaurant but I looked up the menu and we decided not to go there.  So we went into downtown to a Mexican place we knew and the whole downtown was berserk because of Cinco de mayo. The wait would be 2 hours so we quickly left. My introvert self was having a mild panic attack. Then we went to a place near the hotel and it was okay to start and then went downhill quickly. They were packed but we got our order in and then service just dropped off. They just had too many people in there. Plus there were screaming children. But the chile Relleno was decent enough but we finally had to go the counter for our check.  Then we escaped. Back at the hotel things spiraled down as this was supposed to be a spa king room. (We didn’t ask for that), but after the TV was off we could hear this very loud and constant noise like a compressor. By this time it was after 9 so we weren’t going to try and switch rooms. Maybe we should have. The Marriot Hotel of Chico needs some help. Even though B’s job pays for the hotels, this was an expensive room ( think Friday night). So first off the compressor noise that didn’t stop, our window view was a cement wall, the room smelled of mildew( probably the spa)  and then the bed needed practically a ladder to get into it. So neither on of us slept very well, to say the least. I wake up at 5 and think ok, I’ll take a shower and that’ll feel good. I start the water, no hot is coming out…..wait….wait ….get very mad….wait then it starts to come out. WTF. This is supposed to be a top notch hotel.

I left a very nasty note on the comments form and we left, went to Starbucks after we did our walk, and then hit the road home. Too bad, but the rest of the trip and the hotel in Eureka, the Best Western was fabulous.

Everything at home was good. Chickens, dogs, cats, birds, house looked good. I made us some scrambled eggs and then did a few chores and took a long nap.

Today I’m going to the gym, and then pick up a few things at the store. I might use the Lodge tonight but I’ll wait and see.

I wrote a couple of book reviews for Netgalley and I should be getting another book this week. It’s a fun way to read newer stuff.

But there’s no place like home!!