A rainy May day.

Unusual to have a rain in May like this but it’s quite nice as it’s watering the lawn and all the plants.

I’ve just stayed inside working on starting another leaven for a few loaves of Tartine bread and tidying up.

I tried making Peter Reinhart’s bread the other day, and it was a flop. It had a quite good taste but was too hard and didn’t brown up nicely. The main difference between the two is the dutch oven. With Tartine, you make the starter(leaven) and then lots of other steps, but the final dough is baked in the dutch oven not, just straight on the steel.

So I’m back to Tartines recipe which always looks beautiful.


I’m caught up on laundry and mopped the kitchen floor.

My son finished his final for the semester and he and B are headed down to Las Vegas to see Elton John’s last performance on that piano.  This is his birthday present. The tickets were not cheap:(

But they should have a fun time of it as there are lots of museums to visit and LV has nice weather usually.

Tomorrow, I’ll hit the gym and then I have a number of errands to run like getting bird seed, a few groceries, Home Depot for some garden soil and who knows what else.

Dinner is double stuffed potatoes from the freezer and some breaded cod fillets. Maybe a salad if I’m inspired.

Another adventure for my son!

imagewell, he’s off again on another trip starting today. If you remember the last one didn’t work out very well with him totaling his Prius. So this time he’s off to Las Vegas with 2 young ladies. At least he’ll have help driving with one of them. The other doesn’t have her license. Now , these are just friends, not girl friends. He’s going to see Elton John in concert. That part should be cool, but.  This,is a warning … If you so much as get a ticket or? The car will be taken away remember it’s still in our name. Anyway, as long as he’s safe, that’s all that really matters. I’ll keep you updated. He’s then driving to the Grand Canyon ,which is another 5 hours. He actually got a camping spot so that’s good. Then we reserved him a night in Bakersfield as I will not allow him to drive the 15 hours home straight.

I will be worried but hopefully this goes well. He’s a very responsible young man so hopefully it goes well.

im still not feeling great, this whole bladder infection has thrown me for a loop. I’m going to drop off a urine sample today but I still feel off. Not sure what that’s about. I such a worry wart, but then again I have cancer so I guess I’m not worrying for nothing. 😟

I was going to go get the paint today but not sure if I feel like it. But I’d like to have so we can do some painting this weekend. I might go to the bookstore( used). Then I thought maybe I’d pick up a take and bake pizza for my daughter and me since it’ll be just the 2 of us.

I did most of my tidying yesterday and laundry, so pretty caught up

Here’s my new shelves and catherine holm display…