Going forward

My xrays didn’t show any new lyric lesions as far as he could tell. He still needed to compare them with 2012. But so far that’s promising. My low back seems to be arthritis,although he didn’t sy that for sure.
My 24 hour urine came back normal. I’m a little weirded out about that in a good way. Like why aren’t any proteins showing up. I was surprised. An then I’m IGG test was also normal. So I’m pretty happy. I have the BMB next Friday at the hospital under conscious sedation. It’s going to cost a copay. But I’m willing to do it. I feel I should ask him for another SPEP test , but honestly I’m pretty tested out. But we will need to know where we are with it if im going to start revlimid again. So I guess I’ll emssage him next week.

I’m making a pizza for dinner and then watch more Downton abbey.
It’s pretty nice out. Around 68 or so.
I’m hoping to do a pre run of our taxes this week end. In turbo.caster, it looks like we are going to owe @900. But that’s only with the preliminary stuff in. If so we need to add another exemption to the w4.

Still waiting

Waiting for 2 test result. They must be in so I’ll have to call tomorrow. I’m not good at waiting. Of course, I think the worst. Who knows maybe it’s so bad he doesn’t want to call me. Ok, a bit of an exaggeration. Tomorrow I meet with the radiology guy about the BMB that. I’ll have with conscious sedation. I’m hoping monday. But I don’t know how busy they are. Or maybe people are lining up around the block to get a bone,marrow biopsy. Come in it’s fun, painful.and easy. Ok, enough.

Work is going very oddly. I knew this was going to be a year of changes, all around but this is crazy. So, they’ve let go 2 more extra help. They are decommissioning the branch library in the town I live in. My branch in Applegate is fine since the county owns the building. But, it’s only a matter of time before I’m gone too. Since I didn’t apply for the clerk position, I’ll just be out. It’s a real shame how little they value us. It’s all about what’s good for the permenant staff, and to cover their rear ends. So they closing the main branches Monday, and shutting down another, laying off extra help, but they want to hire permenant partime, so they don’t get their asses sued. Hello, what about me and some others? I’ve been there almost eight years.

Ok, my mood is not good, so it’s grilled cheese for dinner and wine or wine and grilled cheese. Who knows maybe I’ll skip the grilled cheese and just watch Downton
Abbey for hours…..


Well, it’s always hard when you have myeloma to wait for the inevitable change of stable to something’s happening. It’s been a hard start of the year. First, all my dental stuff( read prior posts) and then that my kappa light chains are quite high.

The dental extractions seem to be healing pretty good, and we will keep an eye on whether this progresses to a problem of osteonecrosis or not. So far so good. Yeah!

But, since I’m going to be restaged, it’s lots of tests. an easy, 24 hour urine test, a full body exray, but the inevitable BMB. Dreaded, but necessary. I haven’t been feeling great and have had some serious back pain so maybe it’s all in good time.

I really dislike having a lot of appointments though, but I guess that’s what’s in store. After the tests are done and I meet with my doctor in February, we will know what my next treatment plan will be. If it’s weekly Velcade I’m going to have to think thru whether I can keep working. It’s a tough call but will have to be evaluated.

None of this is fun, but having an incurable blood cancer isn’t fun either really.
I suppose not going in all the time an just taking(ha, ha, just taking ) revlimid and DEX gives the illusion of its all ok. But, sooner or later it changes.
I’m not sure what’s in store, but I’m going to keep living my minimalist life style, decluttering even more , and living life to the fullest.

On a great decluttering note…my husband took a leather couch we had stored in the barn, to the street corner to give away for free. Yeah, I love you B!!!!!

So, next week, 2 appointments and a blood test and then a scheduled BMB probably the following week. So it is.

On a happy note, we had a nice fire in our little fire pit outside tonight since our weather is great. Tomorrow is suppose to be very nice too.
I can feel the light changing and even though it’s still winter, here in California the robins are out and the lilac buds are starting.
We are getting lots of chicken eggs even the beautiful green eggs.

My husband took my 16 year van to be smogged today, and when it passed he texted me, passed Smaug…. So I’m naming my van Smaug … It’s still going strong:)πŸ˜―βœ¨πŸ’«

Monday musings!!

It’s an exciting day….. It’s day 600 of walking every single day, rain, shine, light dark, snow, ice, whatever. …..
We did it now , I guess it’s on to day 700. Or 650. Not sur how we’ll look at the days.
I copied the simplify from another blogger. I do have to say since I’ve decluttered and removed so much stuff, house cleaning is pretty easy. I also actually got out to the barn and picked 1/2 bag of Life magazines to take to the library to sell for the friends. I’m going to get more today.

It’s martin Luther king day, and it’s always a good time to reflect on what amazing accomplishments were made by this man and many in the early sixties. I am still in awe all these years later.

I’m in the bedroom zone and it’s a super easy zone. Wash windows, change sheets( we do this every Monday), tidy desk, and closet! That’s it. I’ve been thinking about an ikea bed frame with storage under neath. I do have 2 flat bins under the bed now , but I think the frames hold more. I’ll have to check it out.


Well, it’s over. The dental surgery under sedation was a snap. Of course, I’m still swollen and look a bit like a chipmunk. But still overall im feeling good. Now it’s a waiting game to see if infection moves in. I think ( well hope) that’s not going to happen. But who knows , right?

So here’s the latest. Saw Dr L yesterday and we talked about my kappa light chains way high. Normal high range is 19, I’m at 788 so pretty high. My monoclonal protein is still at .4 so that’s good, but the light chain test is more sensitive so it does mean myeloma cells are wandering around. So the plan, get a full body xray, 24 hr urine ( protein ) test and the dreaded BMB. This time though I said “I want it under sedation”
I’ve had enough suffering. It doesn’t mean I won’t be sore in my hip but at least I won’t be freaked while it’s happening.

After that, I’m sure we will start Velcade. Velcade is a subqutaneous shot once a week. I’m not too thrilled about driving to sacramento for that once a week , so I may have to say can we do this closer. I’m sure they want to keep it all with Mercy, but I’m the one driving. So…. We’ll see.

Even though I’m still somewhat swollen I’m going in to fill in 2 hours this afternoon.i don’t know why I said yes. They’re not doing me any favors and with the other branch closing, not sure how much she will need me. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the huge news, that the MeadowVista branch is closing.,it’s a very big deal. But, that means she’ll be over at my branch all the time . Plus, they’re wanting to phase out pages so I guess my time is coming. I’d like to make it till August that’ll be 9 years.
But I will not put up with being under valued. ( which really I am already, but not overtly.)

So, lots of stuff going on. Oh, one thing is, I’m off revlimid and DEX till we know more, so that’s kinda cool. Sort of , if my numbers don’t go up.

When it rains, it pours or something like that!

I’m waiting to get oral surgery on Wednesday. Or should I say trying not to freak out or obsess about my jaw falling apart. The root canal from last week is still hurting so I assuming something he did didn’t go right. Since the tooth is coming out oh, well.
Then on Sunday while doing my Flylady zone I felt my back really tweak. Like pain. It’s on the left side low. I’ve been having some pain there , not L1 but more on the hip side, so obviously something went off. I was ok in the morning then by afternoon I couldn’t hardly get up from a sitting position. Not good. So I was freaking about that. I took Advil, and was going to call the doctor Monday morning , but it felt a little better. I only walked half a mile. But still counts in JKWP. So it’s a little better today too,but I will tell Dr. L on Thursday. Geez, can I get a break. I’m sure I’m going to prettying sore after two teeth come out and then see my doctor on Thursday just doesn’t sound like a fun week.

So, I’ll fill after the surgery.😿😟

Root canal , or the horrible story of how it all went wrong!

So, bad news to share. I had the first root canal Monday , and thought all was good. He said well, your regular dentist should be able to do a post and then a crown. Ok , that sounded good. Then today. I go in for part one of the second root canal. After and hour and a half. He says” no this won’t work, you need to have this tooth pulled”. Ok, I’m kinda shocked. Then why were we doing this.? So he says the fracture is too deep to save the tooth. And we might as well pull the one we did Monday. So, I’m still in shock like really? What about oestonecrocis of the jaw. Well, downstairs is the oral surgeon so down I go, ( in shock) and they say , well we have a cancellation this afternoon for a consult. So, I take it. So, if you looked at the X-rays, why didn’t you figure this out before. This has cost us , OP $1400.
So, I like this guy he know is stuff, but still this is extraction, can you say ONJ)???
He’s nice and I’m scheduled for Wednesday, and we’re out another $1000. So why did the endodonist do the root canal Monday? If on Friday he’s saying, it’s better just to pull the tooth.? I’m at a loss.
Anyone, have 2 teeth pulled and did not get
ONJ. I hope there’s someone out there with a happy ending.

Sorry to be such a downer, but really, this has been the worst week I can remember in a long time. Then I need to see my doctor on Thursday . So , will I make it after oral surgery pulling 2 teeth under anesthesia? S**** if I know.

Can you say Worst Phlebotomist ever!

I just hadmy monthly labs, and wow, I just had the worst Phlebotomist ever. He looked kinda outa of it and then he’s tapping my arm. Really I never have a problem, what’s up. So he gets and I know immediately he’s done a Lousy job. How? Well, your arm hurts right away and when I took the tape off there’s a blood bubble. That’s not suppose to have. G*~~~~€€€€ d*****! That’s all I have to say.
Well not really I will ask not to have him if I see him next month in the lab.
Also, it looked like my dr ordered kappa Lamba serum , which I don’t usually have so that’ll be interesting.
My tooth started bothering me some last night so tomorrow when I go for the first half of number 2 , I’ll have him check it. Is it an infection, who knows. Seems kinda odd to start 3 days later.

So, it is so nice here, almost 70 yesterday. Today it’s less but still nice. I need to load a few more thrift store things and then I’m ready to go to the S.A. I think I’ll avoid goodwill.

As lots of other bloggers have said, thinking about the new year. I’m going to be selfish and say it’s about me. I want to do what I want to do. Not sure what that is exactly. But it’s not all these very lofty words like, gratitude( which I have every single spray), kindness, ( which I hope i display), etc, etc. I just want to be here for moi. I’ve always done for others, and will still do that, but I need to do more for me. I don’t get my hair cut, so that might be first. I also don’t buy clothes, so I need a few things. You get the idea. Well, with that said, I’m off to declutter more.
If we’re going to move at some point, believe me were not taking it with us. Only the bare essentials.

So it begins….

So, I had the first root canal yesterday after the consult. He had a cancellation so I took it. It was really easy except keeping my mouth open for 2 hours. I have a jaw that can lock up so I get really anxious about it. But its sore some but overall fine. Now, I need a crown on that tooth. ( read here more money out the window). Then the other tooth is a problem, I’ll have this done in 2 appts. First to clean out the root canals and put in stuff to kill bacteria. Then next week do what ever you do with the root canal. The problem he said ,is there’s fractures in there and the root canal may not work. Meaning an extraction would be needed. Not right away but 6 months we’d know. So problem is I’ve been on biophsaphates for 10 years for myeloma. Not good . Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a likely scenario …. Can anyone say freaked out.
But I will persevere , I will as I’ve always done just get thru one day at a time. Do what is necessary.
Other than that and all the money this is going to cost, that we don’t have, life
In the new year is good. It’s warming up to 60 and sunny. I’m making a new bread today and tomorrow will bake it. I’ve got a load to go to the thrift store and feel pretty good. Of course I’m off DEX and rev till I see him next week so not too many drugs going in my body.

Off to the library today.

Hello 2015! Goodbye 2014!

2014 was a good year for us. My health is stable. My m- protein continues to be around .3 or .4, so not bad. I’ve felt ok. I had tons of GI issues but they seem to have improved. Dex is still a challenge, but that’s the way it goes.
Last January we went to Santa Barbara and it was great. We also camped at Santa Cruz, tahoe twice, and bodega bay. So we had some great trips.

My just keep walking project is still going and we are on day 580 or so. I’m not super motivated but I still do it.
My little job at the library is fun and I enjoy interacting with people.
My husband’s job is great and his health is good.
Both if my children, who live at home, are healthy.

2015 starts with me needing 2 root canals which I admit I’m scared about but will persevere. I’m suppose to get zometa in 2 weeks but will need to wait because of the teeth. This of course makes me nervous about my bones.
I’m off Revlimid, starting today, so that’s nice. But I e been really really tired and oddly where my tooth was not bothering me at all, now it is. Right after my cleaning. Oh well.
We’ve had big expenses and dug into EF too much, but we managed to keep the 401 contributions going. I’m still not sure about retirement ( can we afford to live here.? There’s no downsizing question as this house is less than 900 sq feet. It’s that we still have a mortgage that’s too high. I will continue to process what to do.
Well, I hear champagne calling as we didn’t have any last night.

May 2015 be a year of health, prosperity, travel, fun and good things!