Birthday trip

We did it!!

This is our birthdays’ gift… B’s is September 22( the same as Bilbo’s and Frodo’s, ( so lucky) and mine is next week on the 30th…..  we are getting ‘older” ( ha, ha, no really we are now old!!

I had reserved 2 nights at Tahoe at Nevada Beach( our favorite). I wasn’t 100% sure that this was a good idea with Barclay just 4 months post-transplant but it turned out brilliant.

The weather was cool at night but the days were picture perfect fall in Tahoe. Plus the campground was almost all ‘old’er people and not a ton of kids running around or riding bikes. The beach was almost empty as was the beach parking lot.

In a word, it was my idea of perfect.

This was also a big deal as B hasn’t really driven any length since really his diagnosis so also a big accomplishment. Next week we see the transplant doctor and he should be able to tell us more about the BMB results which looked great. No MDS, no leukemia, the part we didn’t get yet was the donor cells amount. So hopefully that’s all good too. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_398.jpg

We certainly hope it’s all good.

Today, Barclay has his labs in Auburn instead of UCD med center Sacramento. Then we plan to do a call to AARP to sign him up for supplemental plan F. I’m hoping to get Part D signed up at the same time.  So we may be on the phone for a while.  There is still some billing issues we’re dealing with when the Cobra wasn’t activated. I’ve called twice but it still seems to show we owe that money. I’ll wait to deal with that as I can really only handle one thing at a time.


This is our sweet tent trailer that we really love and our anniversary present you can see there is the Honda generator. Wow, so quiet and definitely worth it.


The handsome transplant patient 4 months post-transplant and almost a year since the horrible diagnosis. A new life.  A huge shout out of a” thank you” to his brother, Rodman, for the gift of life. A true gift.


Here’s the happy camper with morning coffee!!



Ready to go!

So, we have 2 kayaks on the car, 2 bikes on the car, 3 boxes of firewood, ice chests, clothes, dry foods, and the kitchen sink:)


We take off around 10:30 or so. We need to feed the doggies first, and I have a prescription at the post office. I need to pick up as it requires a signature.

It takes almost 2 hours with the tent trailer and weight to get to South Lake Tahoe.

And they don’t really want you checking in before 12 noon. Even when we get there they can be a little snippy. But only once before did we have to wait.

B picked up Bob Woodward’s new book’ Fear’ for me at Costco so I will start that today. I’ve been holding off till we get up there.

I’m planning to use the lodge tonight, but we’ll see.

I went to the Placer co Superior Court this week and got the papers to legally change my name to my name( ha, Ha). It’s a bit of a process and after filling out the forms which I will do after we get back, then I need to have the legal name change in the paper for 4 consecutive weeks.  I did email the jerk in NY but haven’t heard back. I want to confirm that this will release a certified birth certificate in the new order, which will be Christina Roxanne. So we shall see. I checked the passport requirements, and it does say certified BC. B thought I should just try with my old copy but I’m not sure that would fly with them as it is a very detailed procedure. That is the reason I’m doing any of this is for the passport in case we want to go over to British Columbia or on the hopes of Paris one day.




We’re in Tahoe!


We arrived yesterday and it’s beautiful. Cool, but nice. We have our tent trailer really organized and very minimal. It’s nice. I just wish we had a bathroom. That’s the only problem for me. But we work it out with the campground bathrooms. Showers are another story as, in the summer we use a solar shower, now it’s too cold , so no showers. 

Today it’s windy and overcast. We have a heater so were fine and we haven’t really planned on any excursions. Just walking and bike riding. It’s nice not to fill the day up. The campground is pretty empty and quiet. It closes in 2 weeks for the winter so were late to be here but it’s fun.

i made yummy hash browns and our own chicken eggs for breakfast and some coffee. Dinner is tacos, black bean . 

So looking over the September challenge, I think I’ve done really great with the food budget, it’s a little under $400. So with a week left, I’m doing great. I think getting the freezer has been the real key here, as I have stuff in there to use . 

Gas is normal, with the exception of $60 for gas to get up here. 

Entertainment, including, wine for evening sipping is $90. 

Clothing is where I went out on the budget, because I bought a nice north face polar tec jacket. I had no jacket so, I consider that my birthday present. Then Sachi and I went to old navy and spent $300 plus. But, both of never buy clothes so I’m just going to say I have a clothing budget. Really I need to make a clothing budget, because I never add it in to the budget….any ideas?

We also were up and walked our 2 miles and saw a coyote! He didn’t seem to fazed by us. 

So enjoying the time we have!