730 days!

Well, that’s it. 730 days of walking. JKWP . Tomorrow we’ll start year 3.

why stop. It’s important for my muscles to keep going. Maybe I’ll be a little less intense about it but still just keep walking.ūüėÉ

1 day and counting!!!! update!!!!

this is it. one day left.

I think mostly I learned “Just do it.”

So here’s to us.

I guess we’ll start on year 3.

Yeah, my neutrophils are 2000…. yes….. it only took 19 days…. On to cycle two of Pom. Even if my numbers don’t go down , and we increase the dose to 4mg, i at least know i can recoup….

Now i just need to message him since there’s no sense in seeing him in 10 days , when I’ll only be on day 10.

Today I’m in beautiful Truckee, Ca with my daughter. ¬†She has a library meeting so I’m here in Wild cherries blogging and drinking a coffee. Truckee is around 6000 feet ,I think. Very cold in the winter. We’re going to have lunch and go to the old part of town that’s kinda touristy. Maybe look at where apartments are. Plus she’ll show me her library.

2 Days left of JKWP, lesson: everyone has a story!

Life is about learning and living. Each day is new. The past is gone ,tomorrow, who knows. But we have today.

In the same way of thinking, each of us has a story. Some are happy, some sad, some traumatic some rich, some poor. You get the idea. the point is we all have a story. It is what makes who we are in this moment. Its not for us to judge that story. We can’t be inside someones mind to know what their story is. So, when you meet someone grumpy or depressed or even happy, remember we all have a story.

At this point in my life I am not religious(been there, done that), or even that philosophical (been there, done that), But I try and practice kindness and be aware of just being nice to those I meet. Sometimes it works, other times I fall short. Its all about the journey.

3 days left of JKWP, lesson limitations

So, three days and counting. We are up and out by 5;40 am but sunrise is 5:43, so we need to go a tad bit earlier. Everyone else(the regulars) are also out earlier. I’m thinking 5:30. I think thats what we were doing last year.

So, lesson 3 is about limitations. I’ve learned that its tough to admit that I have limitations physically. I was always fairly athletic when I was younger. In college and later I did ballet, then about the time Forrest Gump came along(that’s a joke), in the mid 70’s i was running. Actually running a lot. About 5 miles a day. We lived pretty rural and the paths were nice. Later, I didn’t run any more, because the roads where we moved were dangerous. At some point I started swimming. Again a lot. A mile or 52 laps a day.

Then a strange thing happened. I had a compression fracture T 10 due to myeloma. Except I didn’t know that for a year and a half afterwards. What I did know, is I was limited. I couldn’t do anything. Slowly it got better till then when I found out why I had the compression fracture, it got worse. So, I can only still walk so far without my back hurting.

Now I’ve been on dex so long that even though I walk everyday my leg muscles never seem to get stronger. I think normally, I’d be, let’s do more. Walk more laps. But I can’t, I’m limited. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful every single day for what I can do and that Im still here living life.

Routines and Habits

Four days left. I thought I’d go into the fourth thing I’ve learned. ¬†these are not in any order, just how i think of them.

So, I am a creature of habit. I like routines and am somewhat OCD about them. Not in a bad way, I just like the structure. So in walking everyday, I like and have learned that when i get up I get dressed in my sweats and walking shoes. Then I have a coffee  and then in @ 20 minutes to half an hour Im ready to go to the park. I like this routine, this habit. my day starts in the dark in the winter and right now the sun is up and sunrise is pretty early.

Thru my years, i guess Ive learned i do better with routines. Its how things get done. I wasn’t always, at least I think, like this. Although I’ve always liked structure and routines. When we were deep in zen buddhism, I think it was the twice daily sitting meditations that helped form my day. Now, i don’t do that but the discipline probably is still there.

So, walking everyday has been a learning of this habit of getting up, putting on the shoes and walking.

This is it!!! The week the JKWP nears the 2 year mark!!!!

This is the week. We have 5 days left. We are on day 725. OMG, we walked everyday for 2 years. We have not missed one day due to being sick, weather, or whatever.

Im pretty impressed. So, I’m going to list 5 things, one a day of what I learned.

So today is, pretty simple. I learned I am very dedicated to what I put my mind to. Perserverance might be another word. This might also be seen in B and I will be married 45 years this year. I know, we were too young and probably stupid, but we were madly in love, had a plan and were committed.

We did not have a fancy wedding but were married in a Quaker ceremony. A small buffet afterward and that’s it. But, through thick and thin, and everything in between here we are.

I think I’ve mentioned before, B has gone to everyone of my treatments, chemos, stayed with me at the hospital ( well, he left at night), when I was getting my stem cell. And now still drives me to every monthly appointment. I’d say that’s commitment and dedication.

And So, we have walked everyday for 2 years!

Saturday stuff

Well, its off to the library and I’m sure were going to be slow since its Memorial Day weekend. We do have a lot of transit coming though,so lots of shelving. I’m going to have to work the 4 of July holiday which kinda sucks,with no extra pay. since I’m extra help(still after 8 years) , i don’t get any special compensation. Usually I’m ok with it, but for some reason this time it bothers me. i would like to work anther year there but that may change as they figure out the new hiring which won’t include positions like mine. So we ll see.

I did message my doctor and he answered right away that i didn’t need neupogen since my neutrophils are not that low. Also, no changing therapy till we ¬†give this a chance. So i do feel better about it all. I do hope there up enough for me to start this week though.

B is going to Sacramento tomorrow for a march against Monsanto and will sing his song. you can listen to it on you tube under Mrbarcos Monsanto  song.

Oh, I’m updating my Just Keep Walking Project tomorrow, so stay tuned!!!!!!

Chico, Ca

I’m in Chico with B , who’s on a work trip. Chico is 2 hours from our house. It’s a nice college town with lots going on. We have thought of checking out living here when retirement happens, but now we’re sure we won’t. It’s too busy and no pine trees. But we went a great used bookstore and a few other places. I found “the Greens ” cook book I’ve been looking for especially since my copy had food stuck to the inside and I threw it away. So a score.

We’re going to stop in Costco for a quick run in because last time I saw a MacAir book that has everything you could want to know. So, I think I’ll get that.

I’m disappointed with my labs. My ANC went up to almost 1100, but is still too low to start pomalyst. I’m guessing Pom is not going to work for me and I’m a little freaked out. Revlimid never dropped my ANC like this. He wants to wait another week and retest. My freaking includes, in the meanwhile I’m not on any myeloma drugs. I need to feel secure that I’m doing something. My light chains had gone up a tiny amount so obviously something’s going on. OK, I’m officially freaked out and depressed. I’ve never had something not work before. I mean my counts should have recovered ( I think) by now. My WBC and RBC looked good. Just below the normal line, but that’s not unusual for me.

I did emessage him about a neupogin shot, and my concern that I’m not on any anti myeloma drugs. So I’ll see what he says.

I’m the kinda person that doesn’t deal well when things aren’t going well. I obsess and get depressed. I tend to withdraw till I figure out my game plan. It doesn’t help, that my upper leg is really bothering me. Nothing had shown on my xrays, but that doesn’t mean a lesion isn’t there. I have walked a lot here in Chico, but this leg things been off and on. When I’m on dex, I don’t notice it as DEX is anti inflammatory.

So, I’ll wait another week then I think we are going to have to look at another option, as this was just the first cycle with Pom . And it didn’t bring my numbers down. Quite depressing since I figured it would just do it.

Well, welcome to the world of cancer!


So, I’m trying¬†to learn how to add stock photos. Here’s an example. I’m not sure ¬†how else to do it yet. Plus haven’t figured out auto correct. On my iPad it just come up.

It is fun to use though and very fast.

Today is library day. I think I’ll get 2 bins of transit, but I imagine the bookdrop is going to be big since the main branch is still closed.

Tomorrow I go get my CBC panel and should have my counts on Thursday. Fingers crossed its ok. Also, Im going with B on a work trip for one night. Its fun to get away and just be out of the normal household stuff.

My budgeting is going ok. I have a free YNAB to try on the mac. I have the PC one but it doesn’t work on this. not sure if I’d get a discount as its a different program. I don’t use ynab a lot but I do like to put the numbers in and play with them. I’m a paper and pencil budgeter. Ive tried lots of programs but I use a notebook daily and figure my numbers from there. We’ll need to set a budget for my sons fall semester as he’s going to take 5 classed and not work. Then he’ll be done with his AS degree and can look at universities.

Simple Monday

It’s been a nice day. Did my flylady zone and tidied the rest of our small house.

Yesterday was busy with Costco and Trader Joes. But were set for 3-4 weeks except for fresh veggies etc.

I was pretty tired after yesterday but felt ok today. Im anxious whether my neutrophils will go up. I guess since there is

absolutely nothing i can do about it, I shouldn’t be. But anxiety is what it is.

We’re watching a series called Da Vinci’s Demons. Da Vinci is a young man and trying out many of his incredible inventions.It’s interesting from a history perspective with the Medicis (not sure of spelling) and Rome.