Earth Day

When we were younger, each year, we would go to the UC Davis Earth day festival in Davis. Lots of music, booths, fun for kids, great food items. It’s been many many years since we went but still, this is a day to honor Mother Earth.

Of course, this was our big taking down another tree week, so maybe some irony there but needs must. Here are some pictures:

The logs are on our neighbor’s area and the logger was to come and get them but then his logging truck needed a clutch so it has been delayed till Monday. But then our neighbor( who is a hoarder) said he would take them to cut up. ???? I went oh dear, to myself. But it will save us @ $300 because the logger does not take the trees for free even though he goes and sells them to the mill. So I guess I don’t care really as long as it’s not our problem anymore.

The crane operator and the tree crew were just amazing, as always. Now we just need to get the one opposite it down. It is quite a leaner but it’s leaning away from us. Still, it needs to go but maybe next fall if we have money.

I went down swimming later and it was nice. Then I went to Costco at 9am, and from there went to the library. By the time I was done at the library 10:45 am when B texted and said the crane was done. So all in all it took a little over 3 hours which is amazing to me. Well, now we can drive Rubi out no problem and big trucks like the septic truck will be able to come in no problem. It was pretty expensive but you really don’t want amatuers taking own a tree like this one.

So an expensive week.

Today is a home day and tidy up around the house. Most of the rain is done for the next 10 days which is good.

Here’s a picture of the Guster( Gus) the cat.( one of the barn cats( there were 4 kittens and mama) that are now 1 year old.)

Simple Sunday

Apart from going out to a fancy lunch today at a winery for our anniversary, B is working on getting the roof ready for the new roof. he’s also going to put mud on the dry wall so I can paint the Kilnz this week. Then my daughter’s space should be all fixed up. we’re buying an Ikea closet so the space can be called a bedroom if we sell. Not much of a bedroom but still.

Also, we’ve decided to put out more money and have the two huge trees right next to house finally taken out , thats another $3500, but it really must be done. the one big tree is at least 3 feet wide and only 2 feet from the house. They will have to bring in a crane. I don’t plan on being here as my anxiety doesn’t do well with things like that.

Its a lot for us to be putting out and leaves our EF dwindled but i feel we need to do now. Maybe because my health issues this year have not been good, and i’m feeling a little pessimistic about it all. Who knows. but, this is the time to do this and I think its a right decision.

I hoping we can get the trees out within 2 weeks and then the roof would only be a two day turn around. Our roof is pretty easy overall to do.