Sunday doings

It was very cold last night and there was a hard frost. We don’t really have anything planted so that’s good but some herbs did get frosted.

It looks like the whole week ahead is cold and rainy with lots of snow in the Sierras. Well, we do need it.

Today is a gym day and then just puttering around. I’ve read a couple of good books in the last week and I just got a couple of more ebooks to check out.


I got these cute hyacinth bulbs at Trader Joes. I love the little glass vases they came in and I can use again.


Here are a few of my plant friends in the corner. This is where I sit and drink my coffee before I head out to walk. This is to the right of our front door.

Over at the blog ‘Reading my tea leaves’( just about my favorite blog), Erin wrote a really good blog on working with the space you have. She lives in a tiny apartment in NYC and was discussing what you can do or can’t do since it’s a rental. I chimed in that that’s true even when you own. I live in a tiny house( the county lists our house at 679 sq feet) but since we have closed in 2 porches and built a sunroom it is more like 900 sq feet.  I actually have never measured. Maybe I’ll do that. We’re in Northern California and have lived in this house with my husband and 2 children for 22 1/2 years now. My son was 1 when we moved into this house.  Structurally, we’ve never had money to build or do any major renovation. We’ve just done what we could.

The more minimalist we’ve become the bigger our gets simply by removing things that just didn’t fit. ( At one time we had 2 couches and a futon and a piano in our front room along with a large oak table.)  I think we were kinda nuts.  So, I really liked her take on making the best with what you’ve got and making each space special.