Simple Sunday

I went down to Walmart for a grocery pickup. It went smooth and fast. They really have it dialed in and it was loaded quickly and efficiently. Part of the reason I did Walmart is you just can’t beat their prices. I checked out Campbell’s tomato soup at the store as I didn’t have any. It was $1.99. At Walmart it was .98 . So go figure.

I came home and put together a batch of cranberry orange scones. Scones are fairly easy but sometimes they don’t hold together so we’ll see. The recipe is NYT orange cranberry scones.

This week FL is in the living room zone so I plan on doing a few things this morning. I wasn’t feeling totally great so I’ll leave most of it for tomorrow.

Last night I made what I’m calling Tucson mix. Back when we were at U of A, being vegetarians, there weren’t a lot of options to eating out but there was a small health food shop that sold a bowl of brown rice topped with a medley of zucchini, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and ?? Actually both of us can’t quite remember but I think that was it. They sold a bowl for .99 . So we ate there often. Yesterday I started it in the Staub and simmered most of the day. It turned out delicious. For my son( a meat eater) I sauteed some jalapeno cheddar sausage from costco and we also had some sauteed shrimp if anyone wanted to add that. I’m definitely adding this to the rotation in monthly meal planning. Next time maybe adding a yellow squash. I’m pretty sure it didn’t have eggplant because Barclay doesn’t like eggplant. Anyway it was a good first attempt.

Here’s the pizza from Friday night. Very nice!!

This week’s menu will include breakfast for dinner, Mac and cheese and salad, a new tofu recipe I saw in the NYT for BBQ tofu.

I just finished tidying the living room and dusted. I might do the windows or leave that for tomorrow. I still need to vacuum.

Rain is predicted all week with even the possibility of snow tomorrow. Our walk this morning was cold @ 36 degrees but NO one else showed up so it was nice. Everything was quiet and frosty! I can already tell I’m getting slight tingling( neuropathy) in my foot. Hopefully it will just an annoyance and NOT a problem. Velcade does cause neuropathy so I guess I’ll bring that up at my doctor appt.

Mid week, lots of smoke from the fires around here.

Today we’re taking Finwe to the vet for shots. Then I’m going to target for shower curtains and a few other things. It’ll be a limited shopping as there’s other bills to pay (the vet).

we walked this morning and it’s pretty smokey. Hwy 50 is closed in Placerville due to the fires. The smoke is heading straight up to Tahoe. Tomorrow we’re actually suppose to get cooler weather and maybe rain( a sprinkling and that should help.

Memories, page 4:

this would have been summer of 1971.

so the first year was over and we hitched a ride with a strange person to Pennsylvania . Then we took the greyhound into NY. But we had a box with 2 kittens in it and I’m sure the bus driver knew. B worked that summer doing yard work. Honestly I guess I just hung around Toad Hollow( his dad’s house. )

i don’t remember a lot of that summer, but his dad fixed up B’s 47 Plymouth and we took off in August.

we drove across the country again and it was fun except our first stop was at B’s sisters in Pennsylvania. We got up to leave in the morning and K was sleeping or so we thought. It turned out she had overdosed and had to be rushed to the hospital. I checked with B and he said, “no, we waited for the ambulance to take her to the hospital” I guess I blocked that out. It was very weird and strange.

Later in Late October of 1972, she did manage to suicide and it was a pretty awful time. We flew back east and it just was tough. K was only 24? I can’t quite remember.

That car was our main car for years. It later got pretty rusty and we never had any money to fix it so, we ended up selling it very cheap. That was sad. So, year 2 started, B was in his third year. We got jobs at the library and  we both enjoyed that.

The desert was getting more attractive to me and we went for lots of hikes in Sabino canyon and the Catalina’s.

i think that year we also went to San Diego to see his brother and his wife. I like San Diego a lot, the brother/wife, not so much.

we also moved a lot that year. We moved out of the studio across from campus as the owner got weirder and weirder . We moved into someone’s house( a disaster), tried living in an attic( disaster ) and finally found a great apartment on the , then outskirts of Tucson on Fort Lowell.

So summer of 1972 , I think we stayed in Tucson.