Monday stuff

It’s Monday, and I’m not on dex again. Hurray for feeling sorta normal. I see the doctor this week and already have my Revlimid delivered so I’m ready to go. But today it’s go to Staples and get some prices for the FOAL bookmarks and magnets. I’ll order the plastic reusable bags this week. I think the outreach will help and Applegate has a lot of faithful library people. Then to dollar store again to look for some stuff for gift baskets. I’m thinking of an Italian theme, cooking, maybe gardening. Then these will go to the raffle in October. I also need to get my flu shot this week. I’m thinking Thursday as I’m off. The Flylady zone is the living room which for us is pretty minimal so not much to do there. Oh, we discovered, well you couldn’t miss it, a dead ponderosa pine. The bark beetles got it so now we’re concerned there will be more. That’s going to cost to take down, oh, yeah the washers not working so B ordered a part but we don’t know if that’s the problem. So I guess a lot of money going out the door. Oh well, not sure what we will do,in retirement. We just couldn’t afford this. Other than that, I made a small loaf of bread yesterday( no knead), and today I’m going to dry some chilies. Then also make a broccoli cheddar soup. Pioneer woman’s recipe looks the best so far.

Beautiful south Lake Tahoe !

imageWe’re here in a wonderful condo that has a full kitchen, refrigerator , dishwasher etc. it’s quite lovely.

B is off working and I’m heading down to the water to read. I’m doing my annual reread of Lord of the Ring.Tolkien is one of my favorite authors. Of course, I brought 4 other books just in case. We had a lovely homemade breakfast here too. We walked later but that’s ok. And there’s no smoke here, hurray. Tomorrow we are suppose to get rain, and that will help the firefighters a lot.

Well, I’m off. I feel ok this week of Revlimid and dex. But, not as good as I’d like. Always dealing with the GI issues, but it is less on my week off.

I’ll try an post some pictures later.

1001 miles

We have now walked over 1000 miles since we started the JKWP . Wow.! We are almost at day 500. I think we are on day 485,so close.  We are walking a little later than we did but when time changes perhaps we’ll go back to the 5:30 time. Maybe not. It’s important for me to keep walking with the steroids I take. Dexamethesome really affects muscles, so I need to keep at it.

The smoke is still terrible here. It looks cloudy out but it’s all smoke high up. I do hope,as everyone in this area does, that they get this fire controlled. It has burned a huge amount of acres. Such a tragedy.

Tomorrow is B’s birthday. He’s going to get a new wheel barrel. I know not very exciting but it’s needed.

I’m making his request of tofu burgers and then we’ll have apple pie.

Budget Thursday and the fire in Placerville ,ca

B came with me to shop at trader joes, winco, Costco and even a new Grocery outlet. We did really well with lots of pantry staple stuff. Not sure how much is actual meal things but I can certainly work the pantry and freezer. Overall, about $250, and that included non food, alcohol(2.50 buck chuck at TJ’s) . So I think we did pretty good.

This fire over in Placerville,ca is scarey. The sky has had huge plumes of smoke. Here in Meadow vista, we’ve seen it but not too much smoke. It’s still scarey some nutcase would start this. For what? Who knows.

It’s way cooler tonight and tomorrow we will see how cool it is. I’m at the library till 2. The Subaru is still in the shop and I’m going to call to check on it tomorrow.

UPS brought my revlimid today. Tonight is my last pill, and then I’ll have a week before my next blood test. It gets tiring dealing with what day is it, when do I get this, but I guess that’s just the way it is and I’m grateful to be doing well.

its been kinda a hard week, not feeling great, car stuff etc, but maybe that the best it can be so…

We’re still getting up to walk , just a little later to coincide with it getting lighter. So, around 6:05 or so.

I’ll update our days and miles soon.

Next week we are going up to Tahoe, but we just found out I-80 is supposed to be closed sometime during that time, so now we’re not sure if we can get there.

Mid week, lots of smoke from the fires around here.

Today we’re taking Finwe to the vet for shots. Then I’m going to target for shower curtains and a few other things. It’ll be a limited shopping as there’s other bills to pay (the vet).

we walked this morning and it’s pretty smokey. Hwy 50 is closed in Placerville due to the fires. The smoke is heading straight up to Tahoe. Tomorrow we’re actually suppose to get cooler weather and maybe rain( a sprinkling and that should help.

Memories, page 4:

this would have been summer of 1971.

so the first year was over and we hitched a ride with a strange person to Pennsylvania . Then we took the greyhound into NY. But we had a box with 2 kittens in it and I’m sure the bus driver knew. B worked that summer doing yard work. Honestly I guess I just hung around Toad Hollow( his dad’s house. )

i don’t remember a lot of that summer, but his dad fixed up B’s 47 Plymouth and we took off in August.

we drove across the country again and it was fun except our first stop was at B’s sisters in Pennsylvania. We got up to leave in the morning and K was sleeping or so we thought. It turned out she had overdosed and had to be rushed to the hospital. I checked with B and he said, “no, we waited for the ambulance to take her to the hospital” I guess I blocked that out. It was very weird and strange.

Later in Late October of 1972, she did manage to suicide and it was a pretty awful time. We flew back east and it just was tough. K was only 24? I can’t quite remember.

That car was our main car for years. It later got pretty rusty and we never had any money to fix it so, we ended up selling it very cheap. That was sad. So, year 2 started, B was in his third year. We got jobs at the library and  we both enjoyed that.

The desert was getting more attractive to me and we went for lots of hikes in Sabino canyon and the Catalina’s.

i think that year we also went to San Diego to see his brother and his wife. I like San Diego a lot, the brother/wife, not so much.

we also moved a lot that year. We moved out of the studio across from campus as the owner got weirder and weirder . We moved into someone’s house( a disaster), tried living in an attic( disaster ) and finally found a great apartment on the , then outskirts of Tucson on Fort Lowell.

So summer of 1972 , I think we stayed in Tucson.

More applesauce

We got maybe 12 more jars done. About half are apple butter. We have at least 2 more batches to make,but I’ll wait till next weekend.

This was a tough dex week. I didn’t sleep well for 2 nights. Today, it’s very smokey here due to a fire so I’m not going out. I’m just going to read and nap. Yesterday, I made chicken pot pie and put black beans in the crock pot for the week. Tonight we will have black bean chili with tortillas.

Not too busy of a week, work, take one kitty to the vet for annual shots and do some shopping.

I’ve decided to limit my internet time, too much blog reading, so will see how that goes.

9/11 and is it Thursday already?

image9/11 was such an awful day. I remember my husband was on his way to San Francisco and turned around to come home. Then seeing the towers go was just numbing. I am not a religious person, but I certainly said some prayers that day.

its already Thursday. I’m elbow deep in applesauce. Our one apple tree has produced a mega crop, so I have 4 in the water bath and another batch cooking down. I’m not sure how much I’ll end up with plus this is a multi day project.

im going to pick up my new glasses this morning. They are very chic. Made in Denmark or Norway or someplace and made of steel and wireless. For the price I’d better love them.

then my daughter and I are going down to Barnes and noble for a gift card and then to lunch!!

Monday morning!

I did get a car rental, it’s a little Kia. It was a pain and hertz where I live was not very customer friendly. It took 2 hours and it was almost a no go, as even though AAA arranged the rental the day before, there wasn’t a car ready for me. So at the last minute someone came in and I got this Kia. 

Library has been very slow. I told my co worker you can’t run a business like this. Friday our circs were16. Yes, that’s 16 checkouts. Wow. I think that’s a record. So, this week I’m there alone, but I don’t work Thursday. She’s off for the week, it’s about time. Her job is pretty easy but it is time consuming.

So, Sunday was dex day. Got the whole kitchen zone done. Today, just some vacuuming and odds and ends. Our apples are ready so I may start some applesauce.

Budget is blown again with our vet bill for Blackie. But that’s what EF money is for. Not that there’s any left now:(

Well, not much else new. We did take a load to good will yesterday. And tomorrow I have a huge food bank load to take to the one across the street from the library. Actually I may go today.

we also moved a chair our of the front room into S’s studio, now that the GF is t out there. Next, is getting rid of an old couch out in the barn. We will put it down at the corner for free. Usually stuff goes there.


Update on the Subaru

It went well yesterday. Saw the Allstate guy, got it squared away, and the Subaru is in the shop already. It’ll be 2 weeks, so I’m trying to arrange a rental, as this car juggling is a bit much. But it went very smoothly, and I’m really impressed with Allstate and how they handled it .

My daughters driving me to Costco to shop in her VW. And then I hope we can get the rental squared away.

It was payday and both are checks are short. Mine because I only worked a few hours, B’s not sure, but it’s always something.

Ode to Blackie!

We lost our sweet black bean yesterday. He was a ferral cat that adopted us many years ago. It took him almost a year to come close, and at the end he slept in my lap. He was bleeding from the mouth yesterday,so my daughter rushed him down to our vet. He had a tumor rupture so there was nothing we could do. I don’t like this vet office as everything is $$$$. As it was it ended up $325, just to do what was necessary. It seems a little steep to me and we still had to euthanize him. S dug a nice place for him and buried him with a can of food, catnip and a binkie.   image