Simple Sunday

A nice long weekend for family members. My daughter will get Tuesday off as her holiday time and my son has tomorrow off and so does B.  So lots of home energy.

B and my son, Zephyr, are finally building the redwood deck off his studio. It won’t be as big as he wanted but will basically replace his old deck. But it will be new wood and should last another 20 years.

I made 2 zucchini bread this morning. One to freeze and the other for the Friends of Library event.  I still have quite a bit of zucchini coming in but I have kept up on them. I think I still have 3-4 in the fridge.

The other day I made 2 more quarts of freezer tomato sauce and the next batch of tomatoes are ripening.  I’m glad I didn’t get around to buying any since I have more than enough:)  I should end up with 20 or so containers.

We went to the gym and it was nice as hardly anyone was there. My favorite day is Sunday there!

I listened to an audible book yesterday. It was the book I’ve read numerous times. ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up.’ Someone mentioned listening to it and how it made a big impact. So even though I’ve read it 3-4 times, listening definitely helped glean a few new ideas.  I would recommend Audible as well. This is my daughter’s account but 2 other users can access the books. It’s a good deal.

Dinner is 2 roasted cornish hens(from the freezer and uses up the last of them), roasted asparagus, and brown rice. Some grilled tofu for B.


Just a few thoughts…

The Just Keep Walking project is winding down. May 31 st will mark the 5 year anniversary of WALKING EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  That’s 1825 days. So, of course, I will keep walking with my husband B, but I may not mention it much. It seems 5 years is a good point to wrap it up. I still need to walk every day as I have been rarely sick and I think moving first thing in the morning ( ok, after 1 cup of coffee) has been so healthy for me.

My daughters birthday is May 29 and we got her Audible for a year. She loves listening to books and such while working in the garden. So a perfect idea, actually, it was her idea:)

B and Zephyr should be home late from Las Vegas. I guess the Elton John concert was great and then I saw he was at the Royal Wedding today. He must have jet lag:)

No new projects yet. I’ve looked around the house and there’s not much that needs doing by me. There are a few maintenance things that need to be done but that’s B’s job as I cant do them. ( like putting up another rail in the bathroom). So I guess that’s all good, although I do like a project.

This morning I meal prepped a number of meals for the week.

  • garbanzo curry with peas, this will go over brown rice
  • baked tofu to add to meals
  • French lentil salad with carrots and herbs
  • pasta salad with sundried tomatoes,herbs,kalamata olives and goat cheese.

I might make some salmon too but not right now.

I’m going to go to the gym and then straight home to finish washing the dog beds. and I might do a quick vacuum.


so true, so true….

My life is quiet, simple, and intentional.