Napa Valley

Right now we are in the Expo RV campground and it’s really nice. It’s all big RVs with a few small ones like ours. Full hookups are pretty damn nice though. Some of these big ones are almost obscene though, like 30 ft. Where can you go in those things and then pulling seems really crazy to me but hey each to their own?

Napa is a beautiful area and we discovered we were only a few blocks from some great restaurants. We went to Model Bakery which is good enough to be in the Goldbelly order online system. We had a lovely coffee and almond croissant. I also bought a baguette for later but it does seem a little hard. Maybe I can put it in a pan and warm up.

So to back up. We landed in Bodega @ 1:30 on Sunday. Our spot was empty and we were set up within half an hour. The weather was spectacular. Sunny and almost no wind. Monday was also no wind and sunny. We ventured out to Bodega bay and went to the Kite store and bought some twirling wind things that we like to have in the yard. The last time we bought those must have been 15 years ago. Then we went down to Fishetarian for lunch. It was delicious and a 10 out of 10.

We had lovely beach walks and walks on the bluffs above the beach. When we left on Wednesday the wind was picking up and there was a wind warning.

So this afternoon we’re going to Mumm Champagne for a tasting. We planned on doing 3 but they are just too expensive. Oh, get this, we thought it would be fun to do the Napa Wine train which we’ve always wanted to do BUT IT WAS $420 per PERSON. AHH, not for us.

Anyway, so far it’s been a lovely trip.

Simple Sunday

We had a nice walk this morning and wow, Venus was right above the crescent moon. Very beautiful. Nobody was there initially and then the Le Foret guy( he comes out of the woods, honestly), showed up and then 2 others later. But we were done by that point.

This morning I’ve made the olive sourdough bread, a chocolate cake is baking, and I have a turkey breast in the crockpot. I’m just about done with the living room zone which BTW is just today and tomorrow and then Tuesday starts the entry zone. I would like to go to the nursery and get some kind of flower, like maybe some pansies. Our violets have gone crazy this year and are all over.

A week from today we’re heading to Bodega Bay. My son and daughter will hold down the fort. Both have to work so they’re here anyway. The weather looks nice enough with some wind which isn’t unusual. There are no hookups at Bodega so it will be l or solar.

I have my labs later this week and then I’ll get my results next week. I see Dr. L in mid-March. I would be pretty darn happy if my numbers stay about the same. Speaking of which, March 1st is my 16th re-birthday. Hard to believe, I was going in today and then getting Melphalan, and then on the 1st was when I got my stem cells. It’s really the melphalan that does you in It was hands down, the worst episode of my life. I remember we had terrible storms and looking out the window from the BMT unit over to the freeway and watching the rain and wind go sideways. That part of Sutter hospital has all been redone since then and actually the whole building I first got my chemo in was torn down and is now the Children’s Hospital.

JKWP( just keep walking project) update

Today is day 313!!!!

its getting light earlier so we’re not walking in the dark. It’s quite nice. 

Tomorrow we leave for Bodega Bay. The weather is spectacular this week both here and there. I’m going to try and walk morning and in the afternoon. Hoping the van makes it. It should, it’s never failed us yet, but it does have 140,000 miles now. But this is an easy 3 hour drive to the coast. 

April showers/snow?

Walked in the rain, nice except cold. And it’s a snow rain mix.

i just put in all of Aprils bills and now it’s on to transferring the money for the taxes. It’s a little hard to see that money go…….. To the government? Yikes. Oh well , next year we won’t be hit with this so, best to just bite the bullet. (What does that mean anyway!)  April is a 3 paycheck month. Not sure that makes a lot of difference but perhaps that will give us a chance to build up our sinking funds. 

In July we will have a bump in income as our health plan costs will go down. I’m planning on putting that over in savings. Then get back to putting my husbands pay increase back in too. So, maybe by July we will start getting back to really saving as all the big stuff will have been done. 

We’re still trying to figure out about buying the Santa Fe . It’s my 15 year old van that pulls our tent trailer, and therein lies the problem. It’s great for me driving back and forth to the library(3 miles), but to go on any trips. It’s a little iffey. Next week is our first camping trip I scheduled to bodega bay. And we will use the van. So it’s 3 1/2 hours away. But I think we will be ok(I hope). We do have AAA, so if anything does go wrong. Also, we know my van needs some major engine work at $1500, but we just don’t want to do it now. 

So back to the Santa Fe, my husbands company basically pays for the car payments but we still need to buy it. That means probably some down payment. He’s driving a 2012 Elantra which is a terrific car. So, what to do? I guess we will see how the trip to the coast goes and then decide.