Monday musings.

ATT should be here soon hopefully to fix this ongoing internet issue. We are getting kicked off wifi like all the time. So with her starting her online school again soon, I hope this is resolved. Plus we are paying for u verse to work actually.
I’m pretty caught up on fly lady, the living room zone takes me about 10 minutes since it’s clutter free for the most part. I do want my son to take out the VHS stuff he bought cuz I don’t want it there and nobody is watching VHS.
I need to do the windows inside, not outside. I’ll schedule outside soon when I can use the windex spray for windows. It works very well.

Oh, I’m reading the best book,”Delicious” by Ruth Reichel. It is outstanding and I love the food stuff, of course. I would go get, and read it. You’ll really like it, if you like foodie books.

I’m waiting today to hear from the nurse if my ANC is up so I can start revlimid. Also, almost all my diarrhea issues are gone, so I guess it’s the Revlimid. Kinda a bummer to go back on. I didn’t have these issues with revlimid before so, maybe it’s after a while it develops.

We are on day 425, I’m still not super energetic and now I realize it’s probably my low blood counts. But, I’m still just putting one foot in front of the other. We are also getting out later as sunrise is now 6:01. I’m not into busting out there at 5:15 and in the dark. We will just keep walking in our own way. It’s not a race, just a project.

I’m hoping too we can narrow down the car search for my son. I’d like to get another Prius but wow, talk about expensive, so not sure we can go that way. All the used cars that we like are out of our price range and/ or have many miles soooo.? Not sure.

Friday stuff

Just came back from getting blood test. Hopefully my ANC is back up and I can start revlimid Monday. Not that I want to but what’s the alternative really.
We’re still looking at used car options for my son. Everything is so ridiculous with huge miles. When we bought the Santa Fe, we researched it for 6 months and knew exactly what we wanted. It was easy. This is not easy. I’m not going to take a loan out and really I’m not sure we should even be getting him another car but here in California it’s hard to get any where with out one. So no car, no job, and so on, no school etc.

I’ve seen a few options but it’s limited.

I’m off to the library in a bit. Still feeling somewhat tired so hoping my neutrophils are up.

I just finished a very good budget book,”the Debt-Free budget book”. I got slot of good ideas out of it so I’m trying it out. I still have my YNAB and I am going to buy the upgrade after the trial period.

So, off then to the library.

Is there a normal?

Well, I think things are back to something called normal. No, not really.
My son is home safe and sound. He’s trying to figure out his next step sans car. We will try and find some sort of car once the insurance is done. But I also need to call Allstate and find out the bad news of how much our premium is going to change because of his accident.

Then my daughter turned in her notice so she’ll work this week and that’s it.
Ah, is there some sort of trend going on here. ..?

I think it’s the right decision but, that means she’s home a lot ,as she is not too social. Ah, okay she’s not social at all.

So is this the new normal,? Geez, I hope not, cuz I will not be a happy camper with both my children just hanging around even if they are in school. ( graduate school and junior college). Still…..

Okay, as I mentioned I’m off revlimid till my ANC goes up. But, for the most part I’ve felt awful. Like this morning I’m feeling nauseous ? Why? I have no idea. So is it drugs coming out of my system? I have no idea, but I’ll get a blood test Friday and know Monday whether I should start the revlimid. Geez, you think I’d be feeling great:(
Oh well, I’m off to the library and then figure out dinner. It maybe a pizza. I’m kinda tired of cooking. Oh, plus, I have been very fatigued, so I’m guessing that it is my neutrophils. I just can’t cut a break.

Well, on that depressing note….

Taking a day off!

Even though I’m not permanent staff at the library, I have maybe only taken 3-4 days off due to being sick in 8 years. I have taken vacation time but not sick time. Today I did. I just didn’t feel up to going in for a number of reasons. The worst is I am pretty stressed about my son. Here’s the saga. He over does it the last day ( night driving)…. And is in an accident. Single person, off the road, thankfully he’s alright but the Prius is totaled. So now he’s back there with no car, and we are dealing with insurance. Plus, now we are going to have to pay for a flight home. What is going on. Plus we are paying for a hotel. The plan was he would hotel the first night, get situated and then find a campground till he knew what was going on with the GF. So, we still don’t really know what’s going with the girl friend, but since he has no place to land, he’s flying home this weekend. What a disaster is all I’ve got to say.

So, that’s why I need a day off from the world, and I took my 15 year van for a belt and pretty much was told my van is shot. Needs a ton of work….
So, now what???

Not happy news plus costing us. I am very thankful my son was not hurt, so I’ll look on the bright side.

Zometa and low neutrophils:(

I’m sitting here in tHe chemo room. A 40 minute infusion of zometa. IV got my Gatorade and a blanket. Plus, of course, my iPad.
Hopefully I won’t spike a fever tonight, so I’ll drink lots of stuff.

So, he’s holding off starting Revlimid a week cuz my neutrophils are@ 1300. It’s not too bad but it’s lower than it has been. So I’ll stay off an extra week. I kinda figured something was up. The good news is m protein is holding steady at .3 so no change.

I’m still having diarrhea problems, so maybe a week off extra will help. He doesn’t seem worried about the holding off a week. I’m more the worrier. About most things.

A little off balance

I didn’t feel good yesterday. I don’t know if it’s stress or sinus or that’s it’s been so hot. But I feel better today. I’m off to see a dermatologist today. I have some moles to check out. Although I’ve always had these, I suppose it’s a good thing to be proactive, although since I already live with cancer, does it really make a difference. Maybe I’m slightly depressed. I don’t like the heat and I feel sluggy when it’s hot.
I’m still walking the JKWP . I’m on day 414 ,I think. But it’s been uninspired. Just putting one foot in front of the other.

Also, I’m really looking at our retirement plans and it seems so depressing. Move, ? Like where? Affordable? Where? I guess we just need to keep processing.

Then my son is about half way in his journey, and I know I’m being affected. Worrying, but trying not to. He’s pretty far away, and I miss him. I guess it’s just letting go. Geez, when I was his age I was married, in college and in Arizona. So, it’s just we’re a close family, (actually, we don’t really much family). I have a sister and brother, and my husband has 2 brothers we don’t speak to. So not much family.
Oh well, I’ll try not and obsess too much about it all.

Well, he’s off…..

Whaaa, my little boy is off on his adventure. He left around 7 am. He’ll probably get past elko Nevada today. I just hole he doesn’t try and drive too much and get sleepy. I’m such a worrier, always have been with both my children. He’s a very safe driver but, there’s always other people. Also, I understand there’s some serious weather in the middle of the country. I’ll do my best to be okay. But, I’ll still worry.

This morning I made up the peaches I got at the farmers market Saturday. 12 jars of peach sauce/ jam for gifts. This Christmas will be a homemade one.

I have a chicken in the oven for dinner because it’s suppose to be 105 today. Tomorrow it will trend down. Also, I need to call for my 15 year old dodge van a service as it’s making sounds. We can’t afford a second newer car so I need to get this fixed.

This week is my doctor visit and I see a dermatologist. I try never to over schedule but I need to see both so…

My daughter expects”the call” today about what they’re doing at the library. We shall see.
Well, I’m off to swiffer floors and laundry…..

Well, that’s different!

So, yesterday, I posted about the train trip for my son. This is across country to Charlottesville, va . So yesterday after I got home, he says now he wants to drive. What!!!! We just bought the train ticket. Well, he thinks having a car will be better. So …. That’s a long drive alone. But, if that’s what he wants. It would be easier for him once he gets there but geez, make up your mind. Then we get into a huge disagreement because, I jokingly say I hope they don’t hand you the Book of Mormon. Okay, so he gets completely upset and says I’m so offensive. What…? What do you mean offensive. I was joking. Well, he says I’m always like that. Gee, I hope I don’t offend people. I say to him I think everyone has the right to believe what they want, but I am opinionated that ,for instance, Mormons do not allow women in their upper ranks. So anyway, it doesn’t go well. I’m still upset by it this morning, like really you think that of me, I’m offensive.

So, now he’ll be driving. I hope his car does okay, and he does too with long days of driving. Gee, I’m so offensive. Wow, what a blow. Of, course ,I’m a Libra, so I always like things to be even and nice and balanced. Kinda a bummer, but I’ll work thru it. I’m always like this he says, offensive.

We were paying for his train ticket, but I’m not going to give him all that for gas. I’ll do some and then he’s on his own.

Just got back from my blood draw, and then I’m at the library. Also, I might go to town later to pick up some prescriptions. It’s always a guessing game of what will my m protein be. Since it went up slightly last month, it might go up again… Who knows. I guess at some point when Revlimid stops working it’ll start trending upward more.

Train travels!

Well, my son has decided to make some changes. Some I’m not happy about. First , he quit his job at Kmart. Then he doesn’t want to go back to sierra college. Now, he’s taking a train to Charlottesville to see the girlfriend who moved there to live with her grandparents. They are all the Mormons, I’m assuming. So the train will be cool the California Zephyr. Then he thinks he wants to find a job there. I’m not sure how this will play out but, it’s an adventure and that seems to be what he’s looking for. I’m ok with the train and seeing the GF, but to stay there? Not sure about that. He doesn’t have a lot of money saved,so…

I’m opening the library today and then leaving when the other person gets there a little later. It’s ok. More library drama, the clerk position in my daughters branch is going to another clerk, basically a lateral. I think it’s a huge mistake since the people in the main branch do not deal with people in the smaller branches well. We are much more flexible and giving. In the main branch it’s never smile and just hand me the books and pay fines.
So, if they don’t offer something to my daughter she’s going to quit and just focus on school. I totally agree.
I’m hoping I can work one more year, maybe two, but it all depends on my health. Sometimes I’m pretty distracted or forgetful.
Plus my ongoing gastrointestinal problems.

So I’m back using a newer version of YNAB . I have the old one I bought, and the new upgrade is nicer. I’m on a thirty day free trial, but I’m going to buy it. I like it and I have it pretty exact. I’m overall super frustrated with finances. We just can’t get ahead. I’m hoping YNAB will give me some things to look at differently. And our refrigerator is dead. My daughter actually got sick from some chicken salad that got too warm. The fridge is not calibrating and is getting warm then sorta cold. So another dip in the EF.
It’s frustrating and a little scarey that money goes out do fast. I’m trying to get our budget where we are living beneath the pay check. Thank whatever we are at least putting $ in the 401. I do have Santa almost done, so I guess there’s a little improvement.