Simple Sunday

The smoke from the fire has mostly moved out and the air quality is better. There’s a slight breeze which may not be good later in the day as it warms up.

I’ve been to the gym and am now home thinking about what next to do. Here’s the zucchini bread.


It’s a really good recipe and it did puff up. I thought it was way to little batter in the pans but it was fine. I will make another batch this week as I have more zucchini coming in. I may go get some mini loaf pans.

Then here’s the Tartine bread


It had a great sourdough flavor. I have another batch in the fridge that I’ll bake up this week as well.

I’m in the kitchen zone this week so I may start that today and get the cabinets windexed.

I’m cooking chicken tiki marsala in the crockpot and then later I will do some tofu in a pan. I’m planning on cooking some organic long grain white rice with it.

We went for a lovely walk in the park this morning. I sure do miss my daily walks but soon enoughI’ll get back to a more regular schedule.

Tomorrow I’m excited to go pick up my flat of blackberries from a local farm. I’m planning to make jam on Tuesday.



Simple Sunday

A cool day after the rain but sunny.

We were out walking by 5:30 ( or 6:30) Daylight savings time. It wasn’t completely dark. Our other regular usually doesn’t walk on Sundays so we had the park to ourselves and the geese and ducks. But sort of as expected the regular 7am crowd showed up at 6 am. Tomorrow will be interesting to see who’s there.

Then it was the Kitchen Zone this week, so I wiped all the cabinets, top of the refrigerator and did the windows and stove hood. All I need to do is mop the floor tomorrow.

We had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast with some bacon and veggie sausage and scrambled eggs. Quite yummy really.

Then it was on to the gym and Target.  I needed to get twinkly lights. I only got 2 packs because they weren’t on sale. Plus cat food, of course. PLus a couple of large Xmas bags to put gifts in. I decided this would be a good way to just have the simple gifts in a bag for each person. We’ll see how that goes.

I came home and got the pork roast in the Lodge to cook for a few hours and made homemade mac and cheese and I just finished the salad. I’m guessing were eating a little earlier tonight than usual.IMG_0386.jpg

Here’s a cute picture of Rocky and Ollie( the cat)!!

Rainy Monday


It’s still going to rain today, so no gardening. But it’s not cold at least. 

When the sun does come out I think a lot of things will sprout. We still need to plant out potatoes. Kinda late but we’ve planted later and still had a good crop.

Someone came and finally took our two male ducks who were harassing the chickens. I hope she had the right space for them. I didn’t really ask her as my husband handled it. Oh well,  I hope they’re safe and happy. The yard is MUCH more peaceful and the girls are happier. 

It is dex Monday, and yesterday was dex Sunday. Ok, but I didn’t really do any zone cleaning and today is the kitchen. That’s always my biggest area because of cooking and grease. But my kitchen is small so that helps. I just haven’t been as motivated lately. I’m still doing the daily stuff but I’d like to do more.

this morning is going out with B to get our tobacco blood tests for insurance . What a PITA Is all I have to say. I just had my blood. Draw last week for my monthly labs, now this draw, and later this week another for cholesterol . Ugh…. Too much. I do not like over schedule weeks and usually don’t. But this I hope won’t be too bad. 

I’m going to declutter the pantry later or at least organize it . It’s a mess(again). If the weather gets nice I may go out to the barn. As I said it’s not too bad, but needs some straightening up. Now mind you this is a funky barn, dirt floor that B has covered with tarps and old rugs, but it still an area of storage for all his work samples , and my son has his exercise equipment out there. Plus Christmas decorations, bikes and stuff like that. I think a good clean sweep is in order

Well, I’m off to wash cabinets and turn on the oven for cleaning.