Thursday update!

No skunks in the trap yet…. I saw 3 of the babies last night. Ugh….

On another note, I need to go in an open the library at 3 , it’s ok, I don’t mind going in for 2 hours. Sue, the branch manager, has to close the other branch. I’ll just get things going, do book drop and then she can do the rest. I’m there alone tomorrow ,so I can shelve.

its a little hotter today and by Saturday wow in the triple digits.

Putting in a freezer meal and then I decided to try the pizzas in the book”not your mothers make ahead and freeze cookbook” . So far the only 2 things that didn’t seem to fit what we like we’re the breakfast stuff. I think mostly the eggs didn’t microwave great. Other than that it’s been great and I think ive saved money.

I’m trying not to do any big shopping till next payday, but I do need some vegies and a few things. It seems I usually need more over the weekend. This next payday there isn’t a lot left over to save, but I will add $50 to Christmas.

im thinking about opening an ING savings/checking, any body have any good ideas? Not sure about it. We have checking and savings with a credit union. But they don’t have an allowance for more than 2 or 3 savings . I have a Christmas , EF, and sinking. But sinking funds tend to get mixed up with household things or whatever ¬†and I like the individual ones ING has to offer, but is it worth it and how hard or easy is it to get the money?

Any ideas?

Sunday night chit chat

  • Reading? The new Jack Reacher”A Wanted Man” , very good.
  • Listening to? We were listening to the wind.
  • Watching?later, Castle.
  • Cooking/Baking? Made the stuffed shells ,from the freezer cookbook, a big salad with blue cheese dressing.
  • Happy you accomplished this week?alot with my new freezer cookbook.
  • Looking forward to next week? I have next Saturday off, so I’ll go to the farmers market!
  • Thankful for today? My 2 great kids, my cancer is stable, and my husband.
  • *Bonus Question* Do you like your name? Would you change it if you could?
  • I’ve always liked Anne or Annie.