I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I write down some goals for the new year. This year I separated Household/Yard/Remodel Goals from my personal goals.

Household/ Yard Goals:

Gravel on the driveway

Buy a new weedeater( B’s died last fall)

Replace B’s office windows and restructure the wall.

Fix the carport roof( needs support beams added and a new felt roof)

Support under the house( this is an old house with a post and beam support system which frankly sucks)

I’m sure there are more…..

Some personal goals:

Keep on keeping on! I actually have a list I’m working on so I’ll update it when it’s done.

Keep using cash envelopes for some things. This has worked out well and I plan on continuing with food, misc, chicken food, and household the main ones.

Simple Sunday

Wow, have we gotten rain. There is flooding everywhere and the ground is saturated. We have a break today and then more rain is due this week. Well, we do need it.

Today we started the New Year with a walk, of course. I put a loaf of sourdough in the oven and then put my starter in the fridge. I’ll not make any more bread for a while as I have been freezing at least half of each loaf. I do plan on making a sandwich loaf in the bread maker later this week though.

This week I plan on swimming and going to the gym at least once. I’d like to swim at least 2x but I’ll see how the week shapes up.

My labs came back with a 1.7 increase in Kappa Light chains so I’m now at 27.7mg/L. That’s still fairly low so I’m ok with it and there wasn’t a big jump. It’s when there starts to be doubling increases, I’ll start to worry. 😦

2019, here we come…

It was a quiet new years evening. We watched a few funny movies. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein which is hilarious and then Tremors which is also funny weird.  We had sub sandwiches which were yummy. Poor B had scrambled eggs as that’s about all he can eat right now plus pudding. I really hope these mouth sores resolve themselves soon.

Today, I walked predawn and the moon and Jupiter are quite near each other. If you’re up before dawn take a look. It’s pretty. I love crescent moons as I think of ‘priestess’ things from days gone.

Today is a day home. I need to do a load of laundry and just tidy up.  Tonight I’m making black beans in the crockpot and then a couple of tacos for me and my daughter. I’ll make something soft for B to eat.

Tomorrow I’m going to the gym with probably everybody and their mothers and their grandmothers etc. etc… the gym is always packed this time of year. It’ll slow down in a few months and the regulars that make it will keep going.

I also have a dental cleaning first in the morning.

I’ve worked out a budget for January and I will do a no- spend month and keep groceries at a minimum.  With the possibility of medical bills coming in, I’m not sure what those expenses will be yet.