Happy thanksgiving

I really like thanksgiving. It’s about being grateful for what we have and taking the time to express and acknowledge it. We don’t do a huge meal. Just the basics. We don’t watch football or shop. We go for an afternoon walk and do stuff outside. Usually, our weather is nice and it’s cloudy out but not cold.

I hope everyone has a safe and nice thanksgiving. image

Memory page 5

Somewhere I think I missed 3 but I saw 4, so here goes. We ended 1972 on sad note with b’s sister suicide. The next year B graduated from Uof A. His degree was in forestry from the school of Agriculture. We had some very weird moves including living in an attic for a few months and during that time ( it was thanksgiving), decided we would fast for thanksgiving. That didn’t go over well, but we did it. Then we lived in a house share with a strange man and that didn’t work. Finally , we found a nice apartment way out on fort Lowell. Back then this was the edge of Tucson. We road our bikes to campus which was @ 3 miles at least away. But, it was a great place. We even had a little garden. B was working part time as a fire fighter for the forest service. Actually he was part of the Helitack crew which was was very elite and first response. I was working for a while for Pima county parks and recreation teaching PE to little kids. B was done with school and I had my last year. We were in counseling with Dr Gary Gruver who became a good friend. He was a quadriplegic and a PHD at the university. B did all his yard work and he was a good friend.
Then I finished school, and we didn’t really have much direction. I went to work at Walgreens after a few disasters , including being house parents to juvenile delinquent Indians. That did not go well. In some ways, I wonder what would happen if we stayed in Tucson. I had a good job with Walgreens and we had found a truly wonderful house in first avenue. But change was in the wind.
This then would be the summer of 1974.
I graduated with a degree on psychology and that was a huge accomplishment. I was the first person in my family to ever go to college.
Life was pretty good , but I don’t think we had much real focus or direction.
So, when 1975 rolled around and the opportunity for B to work for the Tahoe national forest, full time but not permenant career we decided to do it.
It was a risk, as it wasn’t permenant but we did it sight unseen. In some ways I still wonder if staying in Tucson and finding careers and buying a house there would have changed the course of our lives. But 20/ 20 is perfect, and I guess that’s all you can say. We just didn’t have the lets settle down gene happening, nor kids, nor career and make money. We just were hippies living the best we knew how with very little. No family support, no real guidance. Just us, being in love and living in the moment.
I’ll update from there in memory page 6 soon.

Holiday countdown

Well, I’ve got everything for thanksgiving done. Need to make the vegetarian nut loaf today and refrigerate and then bake Wednesday. I bought a pie at Costco and rolls. Both I just don’t bake. We’ve got a nice natural Mary’s turkey. I don’t do a lot of sides. Mashed potatoes ,done, yams , I’ll bake Thursday. Then homemade cranberry sauce, vegetarian stuffing and green beans. That’s it. I do a non meat gravey and I’ll probably make one batch today and refrigerate. I’ve learned over the years to KISS. Then we like to go for a walk in the park. Since we don’t have tv there’s no football or?
Since we don’t have any family it’s just us 4 and sometimes my brother show up. But being single he gets tons of invites.

So I’m almost done with Xmas shopping. I need a few GC for our garbage guy and UPS guy and I always bring cookies from Costco to the USpS office. There’s very little to go under the tree as my son is buying a fancy PC and we’ve just given him money to help buy it. My daughter has a few things and then wants a graphic card. My husband is getting a chain saw. And I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted already. The food scale for my bread making, a tortilla press, some candles and other odds and ends. I’ve gone over budget with extra stuff. I did that last year too. I have my basic budget but it’s the extras that take me over ,so next year I’ve got to put this in.

We also do Hannukha too, no, we are not Jewish , were atheists, but I love lighting the menorah and we do silly gifts. This maybe the last year we do it since no one is too into it anymore but me.

Today I’m off to walmart for some sweats and then to target as they have pj’s on sale and my daughter could use a pair.
I was kinda hoping we could get a new flat screen TV as Costco has some great deals in the $500 range. But I’ll have to see , since our expenses are pretty high with house insurance, property taxes, and my sons dental surgery for wisdom teeth( our co pay is @700, we think. Plus he needs to buy books for next semester. So, not sure a tv will fit it.

I have a good load to got the thrift store and then I’m going to keep decluttering anything that I don’t really love or have intentional use for. If we have to sell in 2-3 years when we can’t afford the increased house payment, ( our modification plan was to increase % rate incrementally), we need to keep unloading stuff. As I’ve said the house is fairly minimal but there’s still places outside, in the barn, laundry room that need serious cleaning out. A lot of it is my sons Legos,Star Wars stuff and then camping stuff and so on. Some is just stuff he wants and when he moves out goes with him as I’m not storing it for him.
I keep working our retirement budget, and just don’t see the numbers adding up to stay here. The big thing next year is to make as much progress paying off the work car. He gets a gas stipend and partial reimbursement so I need to look at can we send all of that in to pay on principal. If that’s paid off it frees up a lot of money a month.
So, onward and upward.
I’m mid cycle with revlimid. I way over did last week on dex day and totally flipped out my L1 bulging disc and was in serious pain in my right leg for 3 days. It’s better now, but I took it easy yesterday. It’s a little sore today so I need to be so careful. We’ll see how this cycle goes and where my numbers are by mid December.

No matter what you do, dex is dex!

So, I’ve been busy. Dex busy. I’ve been off dexamethesome for about 7 weeks. We wanted to see how rev would be alone. My number went up imagejust a bit, but I decided I’m not waiting for it to go higher. Well, I loved being off dex, but other things crept in. One, my foot problems amplified. And now I need to see a podiatrist. The X-ray looks like arthritis but who knows. Then my energy of course wasn’t as high. My husband and did something special every Sunday instead of me being flat out after the dex high. So, when I took it Saturday night, the same routine. Sweating, peeing, and then busy energy in the morning. But it was yesterday that was a little over the top. I cleaned and did a ton of things from 7 am till @2 pm. I made dinner, cooked black beans for the week. Made a cherry pie, and cooked butternut squash for soup. That’s on top of vacuuming, washing the couch cushions and geez, here’s the wild thing. Cleaning every grate hole in our propane wall heater. Hello? Am I nuts. ??
Well, it was ok. I feel okay today and I’m off to the library shortly.

Apart from that, it’s cold here and it’s suppose to rain this week. Tomorrow I need to go pay our house insurance( more money out the window)… And then a Costco trip (more money out the window)for a pie for thanksgiving.( I’ll freeze it then take it out). Plus some other basics. I’d rather not go but Costco toilet paper is calling…

We had a fun and ( more money out the window) trip to Ikea. We go about once a year and the reason this time was to get some sort of curtains to help keep heat in.
I am not a curtain person at all. None of my windows have them but this time of year I hate being cold more than I dislike curtains so off we went. Ok, so one thing led to another and $$$$. But it was really fun.

Dinner is planned,the butternut squash soup and maybe some pasta.

Saturday morning

It’s chilly here but nothing like the rest of the country is experiencing. Still it was 39 when we started our walk. I’m off to the library and then I’m going to do a few errands in town. Almost all my Christmas shopping is done, but really we don’t have any family to buy for. I send my sister some homemade jams and a bottle of Downton abbey wine I found at World market. My brother I just give money to. And that’s it.no grandparents, or other family. Kinda sad in some ways but that’s the way our family tree is. My sister has a lot of family as each of her 5 children have lots of kids( the catholic thing).

Dinner is a fondue as it was a free item and it’s dated today, so I’m getting some vegies and that’ll be dinner. Tonight is back to 16 mg of dex so tomorrow won’t be as much fun as we’ve had. We will see how my numbers are back on dex.
But that’s not till mid December before I know that.

We’ve got some big expenses coming up, including property taxes,house insurance, my sons dental surgery. So December will be a financial hit for sure.

Rain and a good doctor appt

We walked in the rain with our Froggs. If you need rain gear Froggs is terrific and not too expensive. It’s both a light jacket and pants you put on over your sweats.
I love walking in the rain as long as it’s not freezing and windy.

We are on day 533, I think.:)

So my doctor appt was good. It’s so nice to get my labs on line before so then I don’t obsess about it. My m protein is at .4 up from .3
My neutrophils are a little low, but that was 2 1/2 weeks ago so they probably rebounded some.
I’m going back on the 16 mg of dex and well see it that brings it a little down. Overall I feel good. I started rev last night and really zonked out. I forgot that rev makes you sleep deeper. I actually forgot my thyroid pill till later than usual. Since I always wake up at 2-3 am I take it but last night I slept right thru it till before getting up. Weird.

He didn’t think too much about my foot( toe ) numbness except it’s probably arthritis. Still it hurts, or numbish.

Not much else, but I’ll get zometa in December. I want to finish the year done with that.
Then we went to Winco, and then had a little lunch at one of our favorite places. It was a nice morning.
I’m off today, and then back to the library tomorrow.

Beautiful fall!

Our fall has been spectacular. Such pretty colors. Yellows, reds, oranges. Our oaks are turning and we have a nice red Japanese maple in the front.
Work week ended pretty well I really enjoyed the week working alone. Of, course, lots of patrons and chit chatting.
We’re in for a big change as the article cold starts coming in. Not like the rest of the country freezing but cooler here.
I see the doctor this week. I’ll tell him I want to go back on dex, we’ll see what he says. I’m just not willing to have my numbers climb up. When revlimid stops working then I’ll deal with numbers rising.
Other than that, I don’t work tomorrow since it’s actually Veterans Day and the county offices are closed.
I’m going Togo to target and get some Christmas lights. We keep a stand of white twinkly lights in our house year round.
Since we don’t have any outside lights it gives us a glow and not overbearing.
I think we are going to try again to go up to Tahoe and cut a tree. It’s a bit of a drive just for a tree but I’d like to do it.

My son is having his wisdom teeth out in December. We just got the insurance stuff and it looks like our 20% will be close to 900. Yikes. It’s always something.
Oh well, what can you do. Our EF continues to drop and not be replenished as we use what comes in. We need to do some serious reevaluating in the next 2’years. I don’t want to move with my health as it is but I will not stress over money, or lack of money and if it means moving , then we will. Renting or buying an RV to live in full time are options. As long as we are close to a major cancer center.
Who knows, that’s still in the 2 year plan.

I made a crock pot chicken for dinner and B is getting the same but with tofu.
It’s a pesto sauce. I’ve got mashed potatoes I’m experimenting with as they were frozen.

I also made the Tassajara whole wheat bread yesterday. Quite excellent. Different from the artisan in many ways, but just as good.

I’m working on the thanksgiving menu and I’ll be looking for organic/ natural turkeys on sale.

Just keep walking project update !

We are on day 526 of the JKWP. Everyday… I’m still only doing less than 2 miles a day of intentional walking but I do take extra steps all day. I’ve never tracked that so that could be interesting. It’s been glorious at the park. I’m all alone. No nasty dogs or people:)
Update on trees dying from bark beetle. It looks like there’s one one going. Geez, I think that’s 5 or 6 and my husband thinks the huge sugar pine might be infected too. We will just have to wait and see how many are going in the end. If they move closer to the house we’ll need to do something sooner than later.

I didn’t feel great last night. This seems to happen occasionally. I get home from work, I’m fine and then either a headache or stomach upset. Not sure what that is. I feel ok this am, but my stomach still feels a little off.

Here’s my latest bread effort. I’m using the recipe from Tartine bakery in SF.
It came out great and I bought a scale to measure the flour!

It went well !!

It was a long day but it went well. I did transit, and the book drop was ginormous.
But I did not have diarrhea and so that’s as good as it gets. It was busy at first but them slowed down . S made the lasagna and it was good.

Tomorrow back at the library and finish stuff. It’s a shame that I as a extra help is not given the same value as a clerk. We do all the same work, run the branch but are not given the same status. Honestly , it sucks.

Oh well, I’m glad to have the extra income for now. I’m off to bed as it was an early 5 am wake up call.

Tuesday work and the week ahead!

I’m at the library alone this week as my co worker is at Disneyland. It’s nice to do shifts alone. Thursday the other person will fill in but I’ll do Friday and Saturday too. There’s always stuff to do, transit, book drop, etc. but it’s nice to go at an easy pace. Today is the longer day and it’s somewhat tiring and I get a little nervous about GI issues. I have some immodium to take when I get there. I have a light salad for lunch. I try not to eat too much there because of the GI stuff. But, if I need to run to the bathroom , I put out the “I’ll be right back” sign. I’m so lucky since this is probably the only branch I could do this in. Plus we have a sink right in our work back area so I can keep my hands constantly washed.

My walk was nice this morning , no one there to start. I like the early time now.
My foot is still bothering me but I have to wait to see the podiatrist.

I’ve got a new bread recipe I’m making. It’s from Tartine bakery in SF. It’s not a no knead per say, but relatively easy. Oh, I bought an early Christmas present for my self. All bread bakers who are serious WEIGH there flour. So I dragged B to crate and barrel on Sunday and got an oxo scale. Very nice and I’m hoping to take bread making to a new level it’s sort of my passion right now.
I also put together a lasagna at 7 am to bake when I get home at 5pm.

I just finished reading ” the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo
This is a fun book and I did get some great ideas from it, mostly, when you pick up item in your house, is there a spark of joy you get from it. If not out it goes. I did a little deeper decluttering with this and liked it.