Updates ,Just Keep Walking Project(JKWP) and more

In the JKWP, we are at day 136 in the fourth year.  We walk every day in the rain(today), snow (hopefully not soon), and in the dark (today) and in the light (summer). Next week when we travel to Florida we will walk intentionally even if it’s not the very first thing. We need to leave for the airport quite early so our walk will be later. If you’re just starting out walking, I’d say the best thing is to lace up your shoes first thing and then go. That’s what I do. I get out of bed put on my sweats and lace up my North Face walking shoes. Then I ‘m ready to go. I go out early as it suits my personality. I’m now and have always been an early morning person. I’ve upped my distance too and that’s nice. Mostly since I’m off Dex. Dex just makes things harder with its ups and downs.  So get out there and walk.

Next update: my sister and her 3 daughters are safely back in Connecticut. It was a short visit but they had fun. Everyone avoided talk of politics and religion. I think no one wanted controversy. That’s all good.  Family is family and since we do have differences, it’s best to be tolerant. As an atheist, it would be easy to go on and on about things. But , we each have our own journey to take and that’s that.

Next…. today , finally we get to sign our refi.  We had to pay the annual house insurance and property tax since they were due within 60 days she said. So that was a hit. And we still need to pay a small OOP amount. Not happy about that but it’s a done deal and finally over for now.  My plan is to try and do another refi in2- 3 years and try and get the interest rate lower. But for now,it’s ok.

My doctor appointment went well and he said I didn’t need to see him for 2 months. Wow!!! But I still want labs every 4-5 weeks just to keep up. So I’m still hoping for 6 months but we’ll see. But anyway great for me.

Then we went to the brand new Sacramento Food Coop and wow, it is impressive.  I’m not a member but I just might become one since the bulk foods were amazing. So. fun!!! Plus, I’m trying to work towards zero waste ( in a small way) and this would be a great option for bulk every thing.

Then we went to J Jill in the Galleria. Now remember I hardly ever shop and really don’t ever go to the mall, but I needed something for the evening attire event in Florida. I found a nice black overshirt and I got a black dress off eBay. So I should be set, plus honestly, I don’t care and at night black is black and I’m sure no one is really going to be looking at me.

So, that’s it I think. It’s raining and suppose to get worse today. But we’re snug with a fire going. OMG, it might not be Friday night pizza.  I don’t have any mozzarella so it might be burgers as I got some yummy rolls at the coop yesterday.

imagePart of my vintage Halloween collection.

one of the last things I collect and love.

Good news!

Well, for the moment. My labs 8 days into this 4 mg of Pomalyst( that’s double what I was taking) are great. My neutrophils are 2668. Wow, I hope this cycle is the one that does the job. I still have another 10 days to go so it’s still kinda a waiting game. But at least that’s the good news.

We’re walking at 5:30 , still dark but gets light quickly. The just keep walking project is at 90 days into year 3. There’s still a few people who show up this early, and I try and stay out of their way. I mean it’s a big park do you need to walk right behind me:( .

Fall is definetly in the air. Cool evenings ,warm days. My son started his semester yesterday. And my daughter her online program as well. So back to school for them.

This week I’m going to Costco for mostly vegies and bread. ( too hot to make bread still)! But soon. Also, I think I’ll go with her to her work meeting on Thursday and I’ll hang out at the coffee shop. Not totally sure yet.

Still working on budget stuff with the roof and trees. We haven’t heard from either yet so I’m figuring this will all go into September.

JKWP update

We are on day 388. I haven’t been Miss Enthusiastic, but I’m still doing it……

ImageHere’s the park around 5:30.

so I worked yesterday, and left a note for UPS, I’d be home  around 2:15. He didn’t show up till @3:45. So , I started on time last night. Tonight is dex, I’m thinking of taking 20 this week and 16 next week? I don’t know I’ll probably just keep it at 16 and see what my m spike is next month. :

Made cole slaw for dinner and since I bought large tomatoes at Costco, I think I’ll make BLT’s for dinner with cole slaw.  Otherwise stuffed tomatoes ? I’ll see when I get home from the library. More library drama. My daughter did NOT get the clerk job. She’s worked there 5 years as a page and is in a MLS program. They hired outside  which completely sucks and does not show that they care at all about helping someone like my daughter who is so qualified. But the real clincher is now there is going to be a clerk 20 hours a week position open in the branch she works at. She is scheduled only for 12 hours at this branch next pay period…… So the question is , is this going to be a lateral for someone, or is she going to get this. If she doesn’t she is going to quit, and you know what, I agree. 

She is so talented, completely tech savy, the patrons love her, but if admin can’t see it then she’s better off going to school full time and finishing. So that she update on library dramas.

oh, I know , does anyone use fitbit.? I thought I’d get one for my husband as his company is doing a walking challenge..

JKWP (Just Keep WalkingProject)

Today is day 341! We are close. Next week were camping again and we will need to scope out our morning walk. We don’t go out as early as home but sunrise is @ 6 am now so shortly after. We’ve been getting out closer to 5:30 which is perfect .

soon it will time to name next year. JKWP year two? Or ? Any ideas are welcome and if you’d like to join us… That be cool too.

JKWP( just keep walking project) update

Today is day 313!!!!

its getting light earlier so we’re not walking in the dark. It’s quite nice. 

Tomorrow we leave for Bodega Bay. The weather is spectacular this week both here and there. I’m going to try and walk morning and in the afternoon. Hoping the van makes it. It should, it’s never failed us yet, but it does have 140,000 miles now. But this is an easy 3 hour drive to the coast. 

Update on the JKWP (just keep walking project)

ImageThis is where I sit and drink my coffee.

Yeah, it’s day 303 of walking. We can do this. 

its exciting to be in the last bit. We walked in the mist this morning so nice it wasn’t too rainy.

I feel pretty good this morning and I’m off except later I have book club. We read ‘the Snow Child’. It’s a good period story about homesteading in Alaska and of course a mysterious child. I liked the descriptions, but the story was just ok to me.