Winter Solstice

Finally, the darkest day of the year!

Now it will slowly turn around and the days will get lighter. I’ve actually looked at this over the years and the sunrises and sunsets don’t change a whole lot till around January.

So today we will walk. We’ve been going out around 6:30 am and it’s still darkish and then by round 2, the light is showing.

Yesterday, my daughter and I drove up to Truckee to the library as she had a bag of goodies for her ex- co-workers. I loaded up on cookbooks and I even found on the FOL shelf Comey’s book from last year. the summit had snow at 7300 elevation but around Truckee, there wasn’t that much snow. another storm is headed in this weekend. We had a lovely lunch at Wild Cherries and headed back home.  I’m so glad she is not driving that daily and driving to Sierra College is like 22 minutes and no snow. So she just needs a few more hours to be able to buy into their insurance. I think she said at 22 hours. So one more shift.

I also had an appt to meet my new PCP with Sutter. He seems nice enough. I’m planning on the colonoscopy for the end of January or beginning of February sometime. Oh well, I guess I can suffer thru.

Hanukkah begins tomorrow night and I have the Menorah ready. Although we are not Jewish, but Atheists, I still like the idea of Festival of lights and candles and little presents.





a lovely new platter( stoneware ) and our very own lemons from the greenhouse!


5 things on Frugal Friday

It’s been somewhat of a frugal week.

  • I didn’t really grocery shop, just picked up a few things at our local market.
  • Needed to go to Target but didn’t.
  • Ate most all of our meals at home with the exception of yesterday we had lunch out(see below).
  • used up things in the refrigerator to make meals ( BBQ tempeh was one).
  • Didn’t order from Amazon but need to do that soon ( a Lodge cast iron pan for my son for school).

We had a fun time going up to Truckee yesterday to get my Senior Golden pass card to the NF, parks and other benefits. B has one and we use that to reserve for Nevada Beach which makes camping there half price. If you are 62, you should go get one as the price will go up to $80 in October. Right now it’s $10.

So I’ve been wanting to go to JAX’s in Truckee that I read about. Guy Ferrera went there and reviewed it as it is a diner. It did not disappoint. The turkey melt with avocado was delicious. B had a chocolate shake and boy was it sweet. Anyway, lots of people up there and traffic on I 80 was thick. But we still had a good time and I got my pass. IMG_0819.jpgIMG_0818.jpg

Today, I’m going to the gym and then to Target to get my notebook for budgeting. Then into the store for a few things like polenta which I like to get bulk.

It’s Friday night pizza on the grill again as it’s supposed to be 101 today.

Happy First day of Summer

It is so hot here that many records are being broken. Tomorrow is suppose to be the worst day(108) and that’s my oncologist appointment in Sacramento. Ugh…. well, hopefully in and out quickly. Then a quick stop at Costco for coffee and pool stuff and other stuff.

We plan on being home by 12 so not too bad.

Today I went with B up to Tahoe so he could visit some accounts and then take me out to lunch.  We went to New Moon in Truckee, very cool store. I bought a few things I needed like tahini.   Then I had a great cold brew coffee at Zuri and it was pretty darn yummy..

Then we went over to Tahoe City to go to the New Moon there, but their power was out so we just dropped stuff(samples).  Then we couldnt figure out lunch so we were going to go to the public beach in Tahoe city, but there was no parking and it was teaming with kids( definetely a no no for me).  So we thought oh… lets drive down to Kings Beach… Ok… well again because its’s so hot in the valley people are streaming up in hordes.  So back to Tahoe City to River Pizza which is right  on the Truckee river. And since there was no rafting today, there was parking. A slice of deliciousness.

Then back home to 101 degrees.

I’ll let you know if we melt….


Okay, not very exciting. Raining, Raining, Snowing, Raining. I guess it’ll stop someday. Or is this another flood meant to sweep us away so we can start fresh without Trump as President. ( oh sorry) … Well, it is a thought.

So even my daughter who drives in the snow a lot can’t get to work as I-80 is a snowmageddon. It looks like she won’t make it tomorrow as it’s worse. I think this is only the 2nd time she hasn’t been able to drive up to Truckee.

I’m going out to the gym as we only walked a mile in the pouring freezing rain till I said,”ok, that’s it”.  So I’m going to add some mileage on at the gym.  WE’ve had 2 no spend days, easy when you’re just home. Today is a few groceries. Tomorrow, no spend. So hopefully it’ll make us more aware of our spending habits.

Dinner Tamales and Mexican rice and some leftover Chicken tortilla soup. Not exactly tacos but Mexican at least.

In Truckee, Ca

I’m sitting in Wild Cherries with a vanilla latte. It’s really quite beautiful here. There are puffy white clouds and super blue sky. You can see snow on the ridges and it’s way cooler than at home. My daughter has her staff meeting so I’m here for an hour or so. Then we’re going to go on a hike/walk and then find some sort of lunch.

There’s a diner that Guy Ferriera went to up here, we thought we might try that or there’s also a new york style pizza place.  I guess we’ll see when its time. We’re going to go walk  on a trail that’s over by Donner Lake. Yes, the famous Donner party was here. There’s a nice memorial to them plus a museum. It’s so interesting that if they just pushed on that fateful day they would have made it over the pass. Well, the rest is history.

So all my labs have come in and wait for it ……NORMAL!!!

Kappa- good

Lambda -good

ratio- good 1.27 normal

No m spike

So, this is the 2nd full cycle of normal m protein.  But then my light chains went into the normal range after the 2nd cycle. So, one more cycle and then we’ll see. I see my doctor next week and also get my first shot of this last cycle.  I’m pretty jazzed as this is the first time since ( I think) 2010  that I’ve had a complete response. Revlimid kept my  numbers very low, like .3 , but I don’t know if it went to 0. Maybe once.  I definitely nervous about going off treatment but I think it’s probably a good idea. My eyes with the weepiness and styes seems to cycle thru and of course the neuropathy ( although not severe) is there and does seem to affect my legs. I do think the Velcade has probably affected some mental alertness or lack of but I just put one step in front of the other.

So all good.

Not sure what we’re doing for dinner since B and my son went up to Chico. Usually, I do crockpot Thursday, but I didn’t start it before I left.




Wild Cherries, Truckee Ca!!!

imageSuch a nice day up here. If you’re not familiar with the Tahoe area, this is Truckee. Its sorta the gateway to Tahoe. The lake is about 10 miles away and Tahoe city is right near the lake. Truckee is a resort town for skiing ,and summer activities.  Very expensive to live. My daughter is still looking for a room to rent but its pretty slim pickings.

I’m at Wild Cherries , a really super cafe with great food. Im having a vanilla latte and its one of the best I’ve ever had. Surprising, its not over crowded. Busy but I found a table whereas usually its standing room only.

After this we’re going to take a small hike along the river and then go lunch near the airport.


Walking this morning. Sunrise is 6:53 and sunset 6:58 so closer. 5 minutes difference.

The week ahead!

Before I start with the week ahead, I thought I’d share a great story from my son. As I mentioned he turned 21 on August 7. I was almost 42 when I had him and was always the oldest mom in every class. Oh wait, I’m totally off topic. Anyway he loves Elton John, and has been to Las Vegas this year to see him, and then on August 8 went with a friend to Harvey’s in south Lake Tahoe ( about 2 hours away). So he had pretty good tickets his friend bought. They got their early to buy t shirts etc. so they’re sitting in their seats and this guy walks up and has an Elton John t shirt on but nothing that looked official. Anyway he asked if they like Elton john(dah why would they be there), anyhow, he says well ” Elton John has two tickets in the front row for you”. OMG, my son was center row, first row in front. He was over the moon. How’s that for good karma!!!

So, onward to this week. I’ll be seeing the dentis tomorrow to have him make a smaller splint. This thing has been absolutely awful and its been a crappy week with not really cooking etc. I’m going to tell him , figure this out because, 1. I can’t eat, 2. I can’t  talk, and I need this done for now.

Then Wedneday, I’m in sacramento to see Dr. Laptalo and figure out with my not so great blood test results, what we’re going to do. Unfortunately my husband who in 10 years has only missed 2 appointments with me is doing a store reset in Ukiah. So I’m going alone. I don’t mind that it’s just this wil be an important appointment.

My daughters house sitting in Truckee and I’m happy that she has a chance to see how it is to only commute 10 minutes instead of an hour. Plus winter in Truckee is not easy.

So it’ll be an interesting week for sure. We got the bid on the roof and it’s looking like $8,000. That starts cutting our EF close.. Scarey for me.

Well, that’s it for now, back to reading and I still need to mop the kitchen floor today.

1 day and counting!!!! update!!!!

this is it. one day left.

I think mostly I learned “Just do it.”

So here’s to us.

I guess we’ll start on year 3.

Yeah, my neutrophils are 2000…. yes….. it only took 19 days…. On to cycle two of Pom. Even if my numbers don’t go down , and we increase the dose to 4mg, i at least know i can recoup….

Now i just need to message him since there’s no sense in seeing him in 10 days , when I’ll only be on day 10.

Today I’m in beautiful Truckee, Ca with my daughter.  She has a library meeting so I’m here in Wild cherries blogging and drinking a coffee. Truckee is around 6000 feet ,I think. Very cold in the winter. We’re going to have lunch and go to the old part of town that’s kinda touristy. Maybe look at where apartments are. Plus she’ll show me her library.

Off again, to Truckee!

Last night was a dinner out, ok. Expensive, but my sister took the bill. Today I guess we will go up to Truckee , ca. It’s about 50 minutes from our house  and at the almost top of the summit. It has some nice shops and a great bagel place.

then I thought we’d stop at the Donner state park. It’s a memorial to the Donner party. I think we did this once before but I can’t remember. So not too long a day. I’m starting to feel run down so I have to be careful as I don’t want to get sick.

I’m off work again today, and tomorrow the library is closed for Veterans Day. 

So, overall, just keep on.