Today is cross quarter, or Imbolc.

I can always feel the change somehow. Even though official spring is a ways a way, on Feb 1, you can feel the pulse of the earth quicken. I’m not sure if it’s because California has typically mild winters or if it’s a subtle shift in the air.

Regardless, Happy Imbolc!!

Imbolc 🌟 Or groundhogs day!

today is Imbolc in the Celtic year or first day of spring. It’s the cross quarter. I have often felt the shift even if it’s raining or snowing. Somehow the light is different and when it’s nice out I can actually feel it in the air. Here in California, it’s easier probably than back east but I think those sensitive to the earth will feel something. Sunrise is now 7:10 and sunset 5:26 , so definitely there’s more light.
Our weather is very nice but we expecting rain toward the end of the week. we really need it but I just don’t want big windy storms.

I decluttered a bin of Life magazines. I’m going to take then to the library and see if I can sell them for the friends. There’s still more to do, but one bin is a lot.

This week the Flylady zone is the entry way and dining room. Since we don’t have a dining room, just our table and chairs as part of our front room , it’s pretty easy. The entry is always a problem because it’s not really an entry way per se. On side of this enclosed porch is our covered pantry , the other is where my husband has his desk. I do have a nice piece of Heywood wakefield to look at when you walk in. I keep seasonal things on it.
I’m wondering how hard would it be to dig a foundation under this porch so it would pass code and could be included in our house when we sell. If not it’s probably a tear down. It’s very cute with nice windows, but I’m sure it would be problematic in a sale. We will sell as is, but in California that still means disclosure.
Oh well, we’ll worry about that in the future.

Ground hog day and Imbolc


So   In Pennsylvania , he saw his shadow, so 6 more weeks of winter. But here in California it’s cloudy , so does that mean winter is over?

I don’t know, does anyone?

Okay it’s also Imbolc , which is the Celtic pagan, cross quarter. I my pagan days, or earth centered, if you like, I always love cross quarters. I think there more accurate than the equinoxes Etc. so today is the first day of spring, and I usually  can feel tree sap running as noticed by the fact that there are many fruit trees starting to bud. 

So, it’s Sunday, and dex morning. Did some, not any extra cooking but washed floors, vacuumed.

Dinner is roast pork, sauerkraut , applesauce home made, a vegie dish, maybe pasta for B.