I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I write down some goals for the new year. This year I separated Household/Yard/Remodel Goals from my personal goals.

Household/ Yard Goals:

Gravel on the driveway

Buy a new weedeater( B’s died last fall)

Replace B’s office windows and restructure the wall.

Fix the carport roof( needs support beams added and a new felt roof)

Support under the house( this is an old house with a post and beam support system which frankly sucks)

I’m sure there are more…..

Some personal goals:

Keep on keeping on! I actually have a list I’m working on so I’ll update it when it’s done.

Keep using cash envelopes for some things. This has worked out well and I plan on continuing with food, misc, chicken food, and household the main ones.

Simple Sunday

Wow, have we gotten rain. There is flooding everywhere and the ground is saturated. We have a break today and then more rain is due this week. Well, we do need it.

Today we started the New Year with a walk, of course. I put a loaf of sourdough in the oven and then put my starter in the fridge. I’ll not make any more bread for a while as I have been freezing at least half of each loaf. I do plan on making a sandwich loaf in the bread maker later this week though.

This week I plan on swimming and going to the gym at least once. I’d like to swim at least 2x but I’ll see how the week shapes up.

My labs came back with a 1.7 increase in Kappa Light chains so I’m now at 27.7mg/L. That’s still fairly low so I’m ok with it and there wasn’t a big jump. It’s when there starts to be doubling increases, I’ll start to worry. ūüė¶

3rd of December

I’m grateful for my husband who works extraordinarily¬†hard to support his family.

We have excellent health care as long as he continues to work full time and our son is covered till his 26th birthday, which will be right around the time my husband retires.

This next year I have some specific financial¬†goals, one being, paying off the Santa Fe or at least most of it so B can get a small car like a Hyundai Elantra. Since he will still get a car stipend thing, he can use that instead of racking up more miles on the SF which we need to pull the tent trailer. ¬†We will sell either the van or my VW. I’m guessing the van but who knows.

Today is a gym day and I need to go to Safeway for a few things like milk. Then this coming week is Flylady’s kitchen zone. I’ll probably start today and at least wipe the cabinets.

Our week looks dry and sunny but still cool, only @ 60 degrees high.


Beautiful Lake Tahoe!



So, how did I do and more!‚Äč


I thought I’d look at how I did with these goals.

goals for October just to be accountable.

  1. Paint the shake shingles where we replaced the door and windows. Yes, we finished all this.
  2. Buy at least 4 Christmas items, this could be gift cards or a book or item of clothing that might be needed. My son needs new slippers so that’s one. ,Yes, and more actually.
  3. Garden or be out in the yard tidying up 3 x a week for 15 minutes. We need to clean up the vegetable gardens and my herb garden and plant for fall. Not really, but my daughter did tons and tons of stuff in the garden.
  4. Go on one date with B, could be coffee or lunch.Yes, we went to Panera at least once.
  5. Help with FOL book and bake sale Done, we didn’t¬†make a lot¬†only @ $350.
  6. Make one new Julia Child recipe No, but I did try some other new recipes so maybe that counts.
  7. Get my blood work done the 3rd week of October. Yes, see post about that
  8. Continue to empty one bin and consolidate. Perhaps another round of Life magazines and there’s my children’s Waldorf main lesson books and art to go thru. Finally!! just emptied one Life magazine bin so, this leaves me with 5. These are not the huge bins but the ones Costco sells. Each one holds about 40 magazines.
  9. ? ¬†Plan for my sister’s visit. That’s today and I’m going to order¬†some sandwiches from our store and we can each have a half( they’re on a sourdough roll so huge) and I’ll get some potato salad. Not sure if any of them are gluten free but if they are they can just eat the insides of the sandwich.
  10. ? ¬†TB figured out ¬†Well, I did set a goal to declutter 1000 things this month.¬†I didn’t care if it was 10 paper clips, I counted it as such. I’m up to 700.

So today, I’m going into the gym a little early and do just a quick workout. ¬†Then plan to pick up the lunch stuff. Then home to tidy and move patio chairs so there’s¬†enough for everyone. Fortunately, the¬†weather is warmish so we can sit outside.

Dinner is out.