Thursday stuff…

Still trying to figure out the Florida trip. Honestly, the turn around is just too short for me. travel all day Thursday, Friday regroup, Saturday fun, Leave Sunday, all day travel. If it was a 2-3 hour eleanorroosevelt143006flight, I’d been jumping on it but this is probably too much for me, but we’ll see. We have to decide in a week.


Today I’m off to Costco. I don’t need a ton of stuff, but what I do need is basic stuff. Lettuce, spinach, organic chicken, cheese, etc. It shouldn’t take too long and then I may go over to Winco for cat food and some canned stuff.

Today is our Koffee Klatch, but getting home from Costco and putting stuff away takes as long as going. so I won’t go today to the lunch. Everyone’s upset that eventually, Applegate is going to close. Well, duh… did you think it was not going  to? It’s obvious, taking away 6 hours a week in a rural branch is the kiss of death for it. It won’t be for a year( next fiscal year) but it will happen. Sad really.

We’re walking earlier and it’s  darkish. Getting there @ 6 . It’s nice since we may be starting to miss the ‘crowd that has started to show up when we walk. We’re 4 months into year 4 of the Just Keeping Walking Project.




Well, all things considered, I’m doing good. I think I’ve figured out mostly my feelings about things and its ok. I guess the thing I’ve gotten from my processing is that ,when I spoke out about how I was treated by Library admin in that email , they took my attitude and said basically, you need to go. We don’t want that kind of attitude that doesn’timage agree with us. Being I was only an extra help employee, they must have just wanted to cut the cord completely. If I had any status of permanent part time, they couldn’t  have done anything.

So, its all pretty clear to me the sequence of events. I think it started with them blowing it that day the money went missing and telling me to not work at the branch. They didn’t handle it well, but at that point there was no going back. Then my email about how angry I was they would treat me this way after 8 years of basically running that branch. So, it was my outspokenness that really sealed the deal for them. They don’t want any dissension. Remember the person who lost the money is still employed because she is permanent.

I’ve decided not to have anything to do with the library and just step away. I will help with our Friends big fall book sale because I said I would. But other than that i need to just not put myself in a painful situation. I know how I am and I’d just obsess every time I went in.  So, really its better for my health not to put myself in that position.

BTW, I love this quote by Mary Oliver!

This is my last week on Pomalyst and then I get a 2 week break. My doctors on vacation so I won’t see him till august.

Plus my neutrophils are taking @ 2 weeks to come back up. I’m really hoping my free light chains have gone down. We shall see.

Thursday updates

Today is day 344, it’s soon going to be 365!!

went to a friends of the library meeting. I try not to say much since I’m both a friend and work as extra help.  It was a meeting where a very generous donation was made to our friends , and we needed to decide how to spend it. The short version is  it went to something, I think is a waste of money, iPad, kindle and nook, to show patrons how they work. Personally, I’ve never had anyone ask how an iPad works. Yes, how to connect a kindle to our ebooks. So, I think a waste of money when it coulda be used on children’s stuff we actually need. Oh, well, nothing I say really matters, it’s what those in power want.

I felt way better today. Maybe the 9 months on rev is finally taking it’s toll. I need to be careful and know where bathrooms are, but, this was just feeling so fatigued. Like wow, can I get up and do something.

I’m really enjoying my kindle fire. It’s fun to read on as it’s so much smaller than an iPad. Still if you’re in the market, there is nothing like the iPad or I imagine the iPad mini.

Update continued

I didn’t really finish everything so, I have a loaf of no knead bread rising. I made it yesterday. It’s the jim lahey recipe which makes a beautiful boule type loaf.

i can’t decide to go to Costco today. I need stuff but don’t feel like going that far. I need some stuff but our local store is just down our hill. I used to walk there all the time. Going down was fine but our hill is like a 45 degree angle so coming up was and is a killer.

all our big expenses are done, and so now it’ll be save, save save. The only things coming up are my daughters birthday ( I already got her a rain jacket ,) and I’ll get her one more thing or a gift card to old navy.

i had a not so nice time at the library the other day and here’s why. Our library is switching over to a new computer system so IT was there when I opened, but nothing had been completed so it was kinda a mess cuz I couldn’t do anything and they just sort of went really slow and not sure exactly what they were doing. Ok but here’s the rub. I work as extra help. I get paid less than 10 an hour, but I do all the work of a permenant employee but with out any benefits. This library really doesn’t treat it’s pages very well. Many come and go. That’s ok overall, it’s just they don’t really give us the respect we deserve. Especially when we run the small branches. Yes, there is a branch manager but she’s not always there . In another story, I should have been this branch manager but because a long time ago they wanted to cater to someone who shall not be named they combined 2 small branches to make it a full time job. It was in my opinion a big mistake. But being that’s what it is and I cannot work full time I got thrown out of the mix, and now, well I’m just too old to be hired in any capacity. So, back to the the story. So ,,I get a ‘ generic log in’ that’s for pages. I’m told I cannot use the other computer as that’s for the ‘ permenant staff, and I need to ‘ log off ‘ when I go well, BS to that. Then after our branch manager gets there, he runs over and whispers( yet I hear) this is your password, no one can see or use it ( meaning me). Believe me you could see steam coming out of my head. I grabbed my stuff, as my shift was almost over, walked out without even saying good bye. I was so pi#*#* ed. Well, I can get worked up over things, but still it was likes secret society because your not a permanent employee .

So, so, I’m  back to feeling, ok this is my little job that I love. I’d like to keep working at least another year if my health allows, but I certainly won’t do anything extra at all.