The” just keep walking “project

imageThis was the park when I walked after the big freeze!

When I started walking, it really was, just walk. It didn’t matter if it was 5 minutes or 1 mile. The point was to walk every day.

Now I’m on day 218, and it’s exciting. Some days  I walk 2 miles some less, some a little more. I just listen to my body.

I invite everyone to join me in “the just keep walking project” for 2014. I started mid year, but the point is to just walk, just keep walking.

It’s a healthy way to feel good and possibly lose some weight.

Even with my health issues , I have found this has helped me considerably. My legs are stronger and my back is too. Because in myeloma, the bones can be affected, I take it seriously to get some resistance type activity, and walking is perfect. I can’t run, too dangerous for me, or take any physical risks, so walking is the best the I’ve found to help me stay on top of things, and it has helped me ,I think, be healthier.

Join me, it’s fun and always interesting. Join the ” just keep walking ” project!


A new week and a new year!

So it’s Monday, and it’s a new week. 

The last few days were nice. Pretty normal for us. I worked friday and Saturday at the best little job in the world. The library was so slow, even slower at our branch than normal. I’ve read a few books that were ok. The Forgotten Garden, is good if you like a mystery that’s not murder. Then some Robert Parker’s Jesse stone books. I like these. They are quick , and I like the character. 

Then Sunday it was a Costco, winco trip. I’m all set for groceries for a week or two. I’ll need to get to Costco with the coupon book in January as turbo tax, and some other items I use are on sale. But other than that, and veggies , we should be fine. 

This is my week off revlimid and no dex Saturday, so it’s nice to get that break. I’m going in this morning to get my blood test. This month is uunusual,as my doctor is moving over to Mercy cancer center, so I’ll have this test and then he’ll get the results and then I’ll see him at the end of the month. This finishes month 5. I’m not sure but I feel my numbers are probably the same or still inching up. 

Yesterday, was day 214 walking. This starts week 32 or 33 , but it’s cool and I’m glad we are perservering. 

It’s really kinda fun to go out in the dark and then finish  when it’s just getting light. 

Bitter sweet.

We all had a great Christmas. Didn’t over do it so , nice. 

But our sweet cat Tucker , who has had feline diabetes decided Christmas was the day to go to the great cat beyond.ImageHe was a wonderful pal.  We will miss him. May he journey well.

Being frugal, what does it mean ?

this is a great post by Froogs. She is an inspiration on being frugal and taking the risks to live more simply.

We have always been inspired to live simply. We were Quakers when we first married and live by many of the queries. We have lived mostly in small houses and even a trailer. But, we have not been wise with money. It’s taken really most of our lives to figure out money and now on the eve of retirement ( for my husband) we will still have a mortgage and will not be free from that. We now work with a budget and save some. But, it’s maybe it’s a bit of a little too late. But we’re determined to make the best of it. Because of my cancer, I can’t really work much, but I do love my little job and hope to continue it. I’m probably adding Velcade to the mix in the next few months so well see how that plays out.

Being frugal at this point is only buying what is necessary. We don’t buy fancy clothes, or house goods. We try and plan for the expenditures. This is the first year we maxed his 401k contributions. It added up but again maybe a little too little too late. But I’m an optimist and will keep plugging away into 2014.