The ongoing decluttering and minimalism.

imageimageOur house is small. Very small, under 900 sq feet and laid out awful. It was built in 1949, with a crummy foundation, mostly no insulation etc. when we moved here 20 years ago, no one had lived here for 7 years. It was owned by the nephew of the old man who died. Truly I think now we were nuts. Piles and piles of junk, and more junk. Huge piles of pine needles probably from 20 years. The water pipes broke as soon as we turned on the water. God, what were we thinking. I had a one year old and a 10 year old. What ,was I nuts. ???

But we did it. We’ve come a long way and I’d say it’s a cute bungalow/ house. No real description.

Now, I’m totally into minimalism. And white paint. Not sure about the white paint but maybe as many other bloggers I read who decorate, white is easy to touch up and keeps things fresh. I like different shades. Navajo white is creamy, the kitchen is in Simply White, which I adore.

But, I feel there is too much furniture. I hate feeling crowded. Our front room is also our dining room and where the TV is. So what should I do.  The table needs to stay. I have a Heywood wakefield hutch for my pine cone ware. That stays.


imageSo I’m thinking to get rid of one of the arts and crafts brown chairs.  But maybe I should do the Poang ( IKEA ) chair! Any ideas!?

Sunday walking

We were out about 6:15 and nobody else was there yet, so nice.

Todaywas equal sunrise, sunset. 6:55 sunrise, 6:55 sunset. It’s cloudy today but still warm @ 85. Not too bad.

B leaves on his trip to Maryland tomorrow am at 3am to get his 6 am flight. He’ll be gone till Friday.

This week I go in for my Invisalign set up. I’m glad as I’m sick of this other thing in my mouth. I’m hoping the Invisalign is easier to eat and talk with.

I’m going monday or Tuesday to get a wig. What you say?? Well, since July I’ve lost half my hair due to the steroid I’m on. That’s the best the doctor could come up with. My dex was increased to 20 mg and he’s guessing it’s due to that. But I’m pretty self conscious about it so , my last wig I had when I didn’t have any hair, I gave away last year.  I think I paid @ $125 or so for it . So I’m willing to pay that for something again.

the hair is still coming out and until it stops I think I’m going to need the wig. My hair has been quite long and full. Now it’s wispy and mid length.

Oh, well, it’s always something.

Im mid way in my Pom cycle so, still a bit to go till I can get a blood test. 2 weeks about.  I’m anxious to finish , get the results and plan the next stage. I don’t hold out too much that this cycle is the one.

Not to be pessimistic , it just hasn’t done it in the last 4 cycles so….

Wild Cherries, Truckee Ca!!!

imageSuch a nice day up here. If you’re not familiar with the Tahoe area, this is Truckee. Its sorta the gateway to Tahoe. The lake is about 10 miles away and Tahoe city is right near the lake. Truckee is a resort town for skiing ,and summer activities.  Very expensive to live. My daughter is still looking for a room to rent but its pretty slim pickings.

I’m at Wild Cherries , a really super cafe with great food. Im having a vanilla latte and its one of the best I’ve ever had. Surprising, its not over crowded. Busy but I found a table whereas usually its standing room only.

After this we’re going to take a small hike along the river and then go lunch near the airport.


Walking this morning. Sunrise is 6:53 and sunset 6:58 so closer. 5 minutes difference.

Fall Equinox

Well, almost equal sunrise and sunset. We walked pretty late for us 6:15 or so. Sunrise is 6:52 Sunset 7 pm. so a difference of 8 minutes. Im going to watch and see what day is actually equal.

Beautiful fall weather though. Warm days, cool nights.

Went over to work on Friends of library books for our upcoming annual sale. After that, I won t really do anything for the library.

Tomorrow, I’m driving up to Truckee with my daughter. She has a meeting and then we’ll do lunch. Its a beautiful drive in the sierras.

I’ve been using YNAB a lot to do budget numbers and it’s going well. I have October all into the budget including the cost of the 2 trees we’re having removed on October 6. Tree removal is very expensive and these trees require a crane to come in. Believe me, I’m leaving at the first sound of the trucks. I’m just too nervous to watch. Ive got my day lined up. Starbucks, then maybe Walmart and then hang some more till I figure ,1 pm when most of it should be over. (maybe)

Happy birthday to my sweetie!

Today is my husband’s birthday. A milestone at 65! He’s in great health and looks 10 years younger. Still working hard to support us( me). We’re going out to lunch I think unless I think of something creative for dinner and then we would skip lunch. I’m probably making tofu burgers for dinner but that could change too.

It must be a quirky day with the wind. Yesterday it was 95 and hot ,today it must be 75 and breezy. Very fall like.

It’s also Bilbo Baggins birthday and Frodo’s. Very cool!!

I’ve worked thru most of the piles from my daughters rooms switch. Just a few more that she needs to do.

My sister will be coming to visit in October so I need the extra space for her. Originally she was going to stay in the studio , but then Zephyr  decided he wanted to move out there. So it all got switched up.

Its always good to move stuff and paint. You don’t realize how much crap is in a room till you need to move it to paint. So good all in all.

The budget numbers look good except the medical copays were pretty high $800  but now there’s just the one BMB one to finish. It’ll be November before its paid off.

The dentist office is still working with our regular insurance on the Invisalign since it is medically needed. They are fighting it though. ( of course)! I hope they pay at least something .

I’m one week into my pomalyst cycle. Maybe feeling a little tired, but that’s not unusual. I just not sure if my neutrophils drop will I feel it.

Well, it’s off to buy a chocalate cake for the birthday boy!

Decluttering and budget stuff!!

Finally dropped the goodwill stuff off.  And we dropped off some at Cancer thrift. Honestly, with all I’ve decluttered it’s amazing there’s more still.

image image

Went and and did some grocery shopping and then a stop at Home Depot for paint and plywood.

So, budget is going ok. I decided for the umpteenth time to have an EF of cash at home. So I put $200 in to start. With these fires and how quickly people had to evacuate. It seems like a good idea to have cash ready. Plus we’re going to get emergency packs ready. Over at , She has packs for all of them. Now I think if we can 1 or 2 done to start thatll be good.

Gas is an amazing $2.57 . So I put my $25 in my old van. I give my self $25 for the van and $25 for the vw. So far that’s all I’ve needed. I don’t drive any great distance. I need to calculate food and non food costs. That’s our biggest variable. We’re almost done paying all my medical copays. The last is the BMB one and that still at $700. So hopefully soon. Our Mortgage goes up in October as the Harp modification ends.I’d like to find out if we can reapply but I think it’s a one time deal. But I’ll check.

Overall, things are steady.

Onward to the next cycle.

So, good news, I guess. My neutrophils are over 1300 so I’ll be starting pomalyst when it arrives tomorrow. Well, I’ll start that night. So, we shall see. Like I said I’m not holding my breath as it really hasn’t done anything yet.

It is cloudy and cool here so great news for the firefighters. Walking this morning was chilly. I didn’t get out till 6:05 and it’s still  dark. Sunrise is 6:45 so pretty soon we’ll be going out even a little later.  Then when daylight savings starts its back to it being an hour earlier.

I didnt get get to the thrift store for drop off yet but have a few more things to add. Maybe tomorrow.

I’d hoping we can get the other room painted this weekend and be done with stuff unfinished. The closet doors from ikea look great and now my daughter maybe wants to sleep in there. I have too many chairs in the front room, a some came from the studio. So now I have to figure out get rid of one or??? I hate having too much furniture . Our house just doesn’t  support it. And there’s no place for them. I’ll probably have B move them to the barn till I can figure it out.

Using the Kon Marie method would have me tossing them so as they don’t really spark joy. Sometimes there is a practicality to consider.

This week and RAIN!!

Here in northern california we’ve had some really awful fires in the Napa area. Over 400 homes have burned and many displaced families pets, horses, wildlife . Our air had been very smokey. But great news, this afternoon the weather has change. Cooler and we actually got rain. What a blessing.

In other news, tomorrow , I get another CBC panel to see what my neutrophils are. But the update isn’t good. At least in my opinion. My m spike remained at .9 , so that was good. But still on 4 mg of Pom , I hoped to get a response. And my light chains went from 890 to 1040. He wants to do another cycle, so I will, but honestly, I think Pomalyst really isn’t going to work for me. I’m not looking forward to the next line of treatment but , that’s what’s in store. I’d be pretty shocked if Pom drops my numbers this cycle.

So, we went to Ikea yesterday. Always really a fun place to look at all the arrangements they make and neat things. We got the doors for the Pax closet we bought years ago and well, never finished. And some curtains for my daughters redone room. If you need curtains at a totally reasonable price, IKEA is the place. Both pairs with 2 curtains were 29 each. That’s a great price.

Tomorrow, I’m dropping off a huge load to goodwill and then some items to the Cancer thrift store that are too nice for goodwill. One is a brand new spiralizer ,used a few times, and the other a brand new mandolin for vegies. After I cut my self on the mandoline, I decided it wasn’t the kinda kitchen tool I wanted to keep.

I can use a knife or a veggie peeler to make ribbons. ( which I don’t really do. )

It was Rosh Hoshannah yesterday at sundown. This is the Jewish new year. Of course we’re not Jewish but for some reason I like the Jewish holidays a lot. So L’Shanah Tovah!!! Happy new year.

I like to think this is the beginning of a new and healthy year. We shall see.

Waiting and not good neutrophils.

Well, in cancer world , my absolute neutrophil count or ANC, has tanked to 667. Geez, if only it was 666. Then I could say it’s the Devils fault. Oh well, so, he said low but not too too low. ( low normal is 1500), so low. All my other blood work look great. Geez, do I really have cancer?? I just have to avoid people and not get sick if possible.

So, it’s just a waiting game to see if it’s worth it. My Spep test and free light chains won’t be in till Monday. So that’s the answer. If Pomalyst 4 mg worked and brought my monoclonial protein down then I’m on board for low ANC, but if not then Baby it’s time to move on to other things.

Up would be Krypolis a 2 day a week infusion. AHHH , that means sacramento 2 days a week . For 3 weeks, 12 days or 2 weeks off. I guess it’s back to feeling like a cancer patient. When you take a pill like I have for many years, it’s easy to just waltz in to the cancer center. No infusion room… It’s kinda weird but you feel like you’re a little out of the zone. Of course that’s not true, but that’s how I felt. So this will be different.

In other boring news, it’s a weird yellow sky outside due to a fire and really hot. One more day of 100 plus then a cool down!

The room my son left to go the studio is painted a pretty pale green and looks nice. My daughter will use this as her office for graduate studies .  The studio on the other hand is a mess, but I don’t have to see it. The whole , I mean, tiny house , has been a mess for a week. My nerves are shot looking at stacks of things. So, by this weekend hopefully it’ll be back to some sense of normal.

OK, is this almost fall,? cuz, it’s hot!

Well, I guess its not fall til September 22, so its still summer. But 100 degrees come on. I have all the windows closed so its not too bad but we’ll  see how it cools down after 6 pm.

Went and had my blood test today so I’ll know some of my counts tomorrow, but I don’t think my SPEP or free light chains will be back till Friday. So, when I have my appt on Thursday i guess we will just discuss options. Honestly, I can’t really tell based on how I feel. I don’t feel particularly bad, but on the other hand I’m not over flowing with energy either… so… we shall see.

Everyone is off working or school today, so I tidied up and read. We are just about done fixing the very small room as an offie for my daughter, who gave up the studio, for my son. He seems to be ok out there. Its kinda a mess, but he’s working on getting some shelving in, so that will help.

Other than that , a couple of books to recommend:

“Mrs Sinclair’ Suitcase” is a a good read. goes between two women. Well actually its a woman and her grandmother,but the grandmother is going back in time. Intriguing .41BrxRnj-tL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_

Next, “Mademoiselle Chanel”. This was a great book (fiction) about coco Chanel. I loved her spirit and courage.511xV8t5seL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_

Next, “Grandma Gatewood’s walk”. This is an amazing story of a 66 year old who decides to walk the Appalaian Trail. Very inspiring.51sHYm6PGyL._SX336_BO1,204,203,200_