Simple Sunday

It’s nice to be home and get things settled after almost a week away. It does take a day or two to get things up to par.

Yesterday B went under the house to check on the leak and said it was a slow leak but probably had been happening for a while. He also discovered there had been a vent in the siding so he opened that up. We’re going to figure out a hatch door on that wall side so the pipes can be reached from there. It should add light and make it easier for the plumber(hopefully) next week.

Today I plan on going to the gym in Auburn and then coming home and doing a few more house chores. I got the Walmart order yesterday so I have the Swiffer dusters. The pollen is pretty bad and everything is covered in yellow.

I did a bunch of batch cooking yesterday too. I did a chili with my canned kidney beans, grilled some chicken for a salad, and made some biscuits. We’ll have the chili tonight with some biscuits. I harvested spinach from the garden and we had a wonderful spinach salad. Nothing beats fresh stuff from your own garden.

On the Arlo, we saw the 3 fox kits and they are cute but mama fox is on the lookout. I hope she moves them soon. I do worry about our 2 outside cats. We try and keep them in at night but sometimes they don’t come around to get let in.

Yesterday, OMG…. after 8 months, AH was back walking his dog. I couldn’t believe it. I think he had some sort of mental breakdown as he didn’t look very healthy. He was there again this morning. He doesn’t really bother me anymore it’s just that his energy is weird and affects the park ambiance( he’s playing music on his phone sans headphones. ūüė¶ Well, maybe he’ll disappear again. This was actually the 2nd time this happened.

Here’s a few pictures of the inside of Rubi. A galley type kitchen and couch and table.

looking out the back of the campspot.

the beach is very long and mostly wide.

Here’s where often look for shell rocks. I’m not sure of the dating but a few million years maybe?? You can see one in the lower right. There’s lots of granite rocks too.

That’s all shells imbedded in the rocks.

New brighton state beach

Well, it is pretty spectacular here. Around 75. NBSB is in Capitola , which is around 5 miles from Santa Cruz. We actually like Capitola better although Santa Cruz is fun and we may take the bikes there tomorrow as they have the beach trail that goes for almost 10 miles. Of course, I can’t do that but I could maybe do 3-4.

We went the best bakery ever called Gayles. If you are in Capitola ,don’t miss it. It is divine. Then target for a outside table and then the Nob Hill grocery store. Lots of fun. We’re going to walk down to the ocean in a while. This camp ground sits on the bluffs , so the beach is down.

image imageI’ll try and get some pictures off my iPhone. I start my new drug on Friday so I’m glad im here today. Still have some sort of IBS kinda thing. Not sure what it is but I’ll have to ask the doctor is it related to ? My gastro issues have been a problem all along but this is slightly different with no warning I need to go. Anyone know if this is Irratile¬†bowel syndrome . It is odd and I hope it’s just a phase.

Well, on a happier note wine and cheese before dinner.

Saturday stuff

imageWe got back from the coast yesterday. It was a super trip. We had an ocean view camp spot. The best one! The campground was quiet, no little kids running around. Had some good food and relaxed. We walked every morning , but my husband and daughter did lots of walking and hiking. I’ll post the pictures later.

well, off to the library this morning. It is beautiful weather here!imageimage

JKWP( just keep walking project) update

Today is day 313!!!!

its getting light earlier so we’re not walking in the dark. It’s quite nice.¬†

Tomorrow we leave for Bodega Bay. The weather is spectacular this week both here and there. I’m going to try and walk morning and in the afternoon. Hoping the van makes it. It should, it’s never failed us yet, but it does have 140,000 miles now. But this is an easy 3 hour drive to the coast.¬†

Santa Barbara mini vacation

imageimageWe left Sunday,it was nice since I didn’t take my dex on Saturday night. I felt pretty good. It’s a long drive but I did ok.

We checked into the holiday express and it was quite nice and only a few steps away from State street, which is where everything is. Plus, th beach was a few blocks away, but we drove and parked. Then we walked out Stearns wharf. It was just getting to be sunset. We found a nice little restaurant, Moby Dick, and settled in with a glass of wine and relax. I’ll try and add the pictures as the upload.

then we headed out to a nice Mexican restaurant. Pretty good. I’m pretty fussy about spending money on food. So, this was good.

Then the next day we were out walking at 6:30 am along the beach trail. Glorious! Then we went to the Sambos on the beach side. I wanted to go here for breakfast since in Tucson we used to go there when we were in college. this sambos was ¬†the first and last so it’s kinda cool. I’ll fill in more later on the museums, and other restaurants.