In Truckee, Ca

I’m sitting in Wild Cherries with a vanilla latte. It’s really quite beautiful here. There are puffy white clouds and super blue sky. You can see snow on the ridges and it’s way cooler than at home. My daughter has her staff meeting so I’m here for an hour or so. Then we’re going to go on a hike/walk and then find some sort of lunch.

There’s a diner that Guy Ferriera went to up here, we thought we might try that or there’s also a new york style pizza place.  I guess we’ll see when its time. We’re going to go walk  on a trail that’s over by Donner Lake. Yes, the famous Donner party was here. There’s a nice memorial to them plus a museum. It’s so interesting that if they just pushed on that fateful day they would have made it over the pass. Well, the rest is history.

So all my labs have come in and wait for it ……NORMAL!!!

Kappa- good

Lambda -good

ratio- good 1.27 normal

No m spike

So, this is the 2nd full cycle of normal m protein.  But then my light chains went into the normal range after the 2nd cycle. So, one more cycle and then we’ll see. I see my doctor next week and also get my first shot of this last cycle.  I’m pretty jazzed as this is the first time since ( I think) 2010  that I’ve had a complete response. Revlimid kept my  numbers very low, like .3 , but I don’t know if it went to 0. Maybe once.  I definitely nervous about going off treatment but I think it’s probably a good idea. My eyes with the weepiness and styes seems to cycle thru and of course the neuropathy ( although not severe) is there and does seem to affect my legs. I do think the Velcade has probably affected some mental alertness or lack of but I just put one step in front of the other.

So all good.

Not sure what we’re doing for dinner since B and my son went up to Chico. Usually, I do crockpot Thursday, but I didn’t start it before I left.




Not great news

Well, just called the nurse since my doctor is still on vacation, to get my labs. I’m really disappointed. My Absolute neutrophils are great 1980, but my m protein went up to .9, that’s a big jump for me and definitely not good. My kappa light chains went up slightly to 890. So, now what ? Obviously the  drug Pomalyst is not doing anything so, I guess we will have to discuss switching . Or maybe adding Velcade ? Geez, I don’t know. But having my monoclonial protein jump up scares me. So…

The SCCA doctor,Dr Caffey, suggested when these drugs stop working going to cyborg. I know that’s velcade, but not sure what else is in that combo.

So, I’m definitely concerned. Plus, now I have a disclocated jaw and am having to wear a splint. For a week to see if it’ll go back in on its own. Nothing feels different so I’m not sure it’s doing anything except keeping me from eating. Liquids are ok but not much else.

Plus it’s bulky and hard to talk even.

Talk about depressed. Oh, well , we’ll see what he says next week. Actually both doctors. Not fun😞

Made it thru the storm, Costco ….

The wind was howling and the rain was impressive, almost 5 inches). But we got home around 1pm on Thursday. No wind just lots of rain. There were branches in the yard and tons of pine needles but no other damages. A few tiny roof leaks where it always leaks when it’s torrential, so I think we missed that one. SF got incredible wind and rain.

It’s still gloomy out and quite a bit colder.

I got and message back from my doctor and I started rev, and I’ll see him the first part of January, as it doesn’t make sense to see him mid cycle.
My m protein came back .4 so same as last month. My neutrophils were good too.

I’m done with christmas except some cash for my brother. We have definitely gone over budget. So next year I’ve got to up our santa fund.

Work was quiet and Saturday was a little busier. This is a slow time in the library, too much christmas going on.

My sons wisdom teeth surgery is this week and I’m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck.

We were looking at a new tv at Costco but I don’t think we can do it, since the copay for the wisdom teeth is @$700. So….
But as usual Costco sucked the money right out of you, but I won’t have to back till middle to end of January.

All in all a good day.
Dinner is potato leek soup.

Rain and a good doctor appt

We walked in the rain with our Froggs. If you need rain gear Froggs is terrific and not too expensive. It’s both a light jacket and pants you put on over your sweats.
I love walking in the rain as long as it’s not freezing and windy.

We are on day 533, I think.:)

So my doctor appt was good. It’s so nice to get my labs on line before so then I don’t obsess about it. My m protein is at .4 up from .3
My neutrophils are a little low, but that was 2 1/2 weeks ago so they probably rebounded some.
I’m going back on the 16 mg of dex and well see it that brings it a little down. Overall I feel good. I started rev last night and really zonked out. I forgot that rev makes you sleep deeper. I actually forgot my thyroid pill till later than usual. Since I always wake up at 2-3 am I take it but last night I slept right thru it till before getting up. Weird.

He didn’t think too much about my foot( toe ) numbness except it’s probably arthritis. Still it hurts, or numbish.

Not much else, but I’ll get zometa in December. I want to finish the year done with that.
Then we went to Winco, and then had a little lunch at one of our favorite places. It was a nice morning.
I’m off today, and then back to the library tomorrow.

October budget stuff and other news

So, yesterday was doctor day. My labs all look good. M-protein at .3 ,so good. It has been in this range since last February . He says I’m stable and he wants to try dropping dex,and see if revlimid will work alone. I’m willing to try. The only experience I’ve had with this is when I first relapsed in 2010, I tried revlimid alone and it didn’t work. But, it could be different now.,my body will know pretty quickly and since I see him once a month and have blood work, I’m not too worried. ( well, maybe a little). It’ll be weird to be off dex, but probably nice. I actually won’t see him till November as I have to work 2 Wednesdays in November , and other days don’t work either for one reason or another. But I’ll still get the labs done, so we will know if something changes. Hey, the great news is the labs are now on an online portal so it makes it so easy to check and less stressful.

OctoberI  budget….well, im going to try and keep groceries low. Ha, I think always say that. But seriously I am. We’re going to do a freezer / pantry challenge and try and buy only essentials. We’ve been going to the produce market for vegies, so I’ll keep doing that.

we have to rent a wood splitter this weekend, and buy a car battery. I bought some garlic on line and I may look at potatoes. I really want to plant these at the right time( fall) to get a harvest. Let’s see what else. We need to pay the car insurance bill some on the credit card, and I’m hoping that’s it. Our Christmas fund is funded at $1000 but I always seem to go over with extras like food and little things. I’m not buying a real tree this year so that’ll save $.

November is house insurance and thanksgiving food. I’m still thinking thanksgiving menus and I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to basics.

Thursday , waiting……

Well, the doctor visit went well. My labs are all normal. But no m protein results yet. So, waiting.  Then called optimum RX about my revlimid. No it hasn’t been faxed in. Ok , waiting…. Called down to Mercy cancer center talked with the nurse. Yes, she’ll fax it this morning. Waiting…… Till @ 1 to call optimum back. 

Rearranged the Star Wars stuff and Star Trek ,but didn’t get rid of any. I told my son to go out there and pick 1/2 to sell. It’s too many. But I did find some misc to give to the thrift store and some western Tepco to sell on eBay. 

Otherwise, it’s a day just to wait till I can get something done. And get my rev delivered for tomorrow . I’ll be at work till 2, but ups doesn’t come till 4( watch, tomorrow he’ll decide to swing in early). Oh well, it should be fine.


Zometa infusion

Well, I’m sitting on an IV with zometa dripping into me. It’s not so bad except we had to wait for insurance authorization as I haven’t had a treatment here. It’s a nice treatment room. It’s been almost 6 months so I’m ok with that as along as I don’t have any bone problems. 

My blood work all looked good and… Yeah…. My m protein is at .38 . So I’m ok with it staying in this range…. Very happy….

it was pouring down rain when we left the house but now it’s not so bad. 

Next month we will try the other cancer center that’s closer to us. I’m not sure we will like it better. But it will save probably 20 minutes driving.

So we’re going to stop at Costco and pick up chicken for dinner and I’ll throw in some baked potatoes. Usually , I get wiped out by coming down here so that will take care of dinner.


Well, I called the nurse this morning, and she left me a message as I was on my way into the library. M -protein, back up a little to .43

really this is very low, but I’ve been on revlimid 7 months and not much has really is keeping me stable so I guess I can’t really complain, and overall again all my other blood test are normal. I’d just really like it to go down. imageThese are 2 of my vintage postcards!for st. Patricks dayimage

Back from my doctor visit

So, a rainy drive to Sacramento and lots of traffic. Dr l was nice, blood work good. Didn’t get my m protein test back but should be soon. Got revlimid ordered and I should get it tomorrow . So a good visit month I’ll get zometa .

we went then to trader joes and bought some groceries and then to lunch at a super Italian restaurant with the best fire cooked pizza. Yummmmm

oh so the PITA health coverage is requiring a blood test for tobacco use and a wellness dr checkup and fasting blood test for HDL etc.

As if I don’t get pocked enough , and checked once a month. Well not cholesteral but everything else. What a pain.

A big shout out thank you to the LLS for granting me another grant this year to help pay for insurance and co pays!


I’m still waiting for UPS to deliver my revlimid. It’s almost 4 pm, and it was suppose to be before 12 noon delivery. It seems there’s always a problem.

My monoclonal protein is about the same at .5

I’m disappointed as it’s hard to go thru a whole cycle and not get better results. But we’ll just have to see how this one goes. 

Kinda a weird day, cloudy and cool. I’m making chicken tortilla soup using Pioneer Woman’s recipe. Hers are always yummy.