Happy halloween and Samhain!

imagethis is my little vintage halloween collection. I adore vintage halloween  stuff , but it is very pricey. But it all fits in a small box and I don’t mind storing it.

Samhain, is cross quarter in the Celtic year, way before all hollows eve, the christianized version. We’ll have a little fire in our fire pit tonight and drink some red wine!

It’s a dex day so I’m on limited time till I crash. It’s so easy to forget how it is till you start again. This time I had 3 Saturday’s off. That’s longer than usual because my sister was here the week I would have started. But at least my ANC went up over 2000 so that was good.

I’m going to do some flylady stuff ,catch up on laundry and try and pot a few flowers.

I still need to budget out a few things too. Plus, we’re thinking of doing something non traditional for thanksgiviving . Over at    ,http://thriftymominboise.blogspot.com, she’s making lasagna. We do lasagne at Christmas. Although last year we did a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and that was fun. But I think I’ll go back to the lasagna. Half meat, half vegie.

Today is a beautiful fall day, but tomorrow we’re getting rain and the sierra snow. I’ll worry about my daughter driving to work in the snow, but she has all wheel drive.

I’m still working on ideas for the room that was my daughters since my son moved to our studio. (which is a converted tuff shed by the way)! That was our homeschool room and later Sachi made it her graduate school study room. So now I’ve got two chairs out here but I feel it needs something else. I might move my desk out here, not sure.

Well, off to the day!

November budget and other miscellany!

So, November is a little tight on the budget. With ynab, i was almost a month ahead ,now its more like 2 weeks. Most of it is the extra medical bills and Invisalign payments of $500. But with this check everythings covered till mid month. Also, we have property taxes due. I had wanted to start overpaying on the Santa Fe, but that will have to wait till December or even January.

I know the medical will be done this month and my one cc that has the last Invisalign payment will be paid. After that the Invisalign will be more like $200 a month or less. It was the first $2000 they wanted fairly quickly.

Also, christmas money will be available and the extra is our property taxes I put in there. It was a great way to budget it since you can’t withdraw from your Santa fund. i will definitely do that next year.

B hopefully will get one more bonus this year but I don’t want to count on anything since his last one paid for the tree removal.

It always seems money is needed for something and honestly its a little scary thinking of retirement. But I shall preserver as always.

On to my doctors appointment. Geez, since I got the Pomalyst much later than I expected and just started yesterday , thats day 1. So the cycle is 21 days. that puts me at November 17 to finish and my appt. is November 18. So that is so not going to work as I won’t even had a blood test yet. So the complication is the following week is thanksgiving and the week after is too long away and my husbands out of town anyway. So, I did the best I could and my appt. is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. And I need to have the Zometa IV. So, its kinda a drag as sometimes I never know how I will feel from the Zometa. But its the best of all scenarios.

Anyway, Ive been busy washing the couch covers and switched the white for the tan for winter. Plus I did get thru a few magazines to give to the thrift store.Plus there’s a little pile of other stuff to go.

Monday morning

Just went to get my blood test again to check my WBC so I can start pomalyst tomorrow or Wednesday.  I called Optum RX and the prescription hadn’t been called in yet….huh.. So I had to call Mercy cancer center and get the nurse. So it should be faxed today. Geez…it’s a good thing I still can think.

The budget for October was pretty blown in the way that we had such big expenses. But those were out of the EF for the roof and the trees. Food and non food(cat food, cleaning, wine etc..) came in @ $800. household ( like home depot etc) came in @ $300. So not too bad. Every thing else was normal or lower. Our electric has been great at @ $100. Thats low for us. The last medical from the bone marrow biopsy co pay is this month so, that’ll be done. Paying for my Invisalign will be ongoing for a year I’m guessing. I’m going to order propane and put that on my cc so I can get the points. I’ve already used points to get 5 gift cards for christmas.

I finally got the outside windows done using Windexs outside sprayer. It’s a good product if you can’t afford someone to do your windows.  B has been cleaning the yard up before we start getting the rains and its an ongoing process. Leaves, pine needles… on and on. But it looks good.  We’re suppose to get rain Wednesday or Thursday.

I might go walk another round in the park. I feel like I need to up my time walking to an hour total. But then I get lazy and don’t do it. We’re still walking in the morning buts only about 25 -30 minutes. I think I need to build up to an hour. I thought about a fit bit with the steps that you can see buti’m not sure I want to spend $125 for it. I’m visual so I’d need the one with the screen. we’ll see.

Pretty fall colors

Our weather has definitely changed to fall weather. Much cooler and our oaks are turning their yellow colors.  Things are back to normal after my sister left on Sunday. We moved out the extra bed and now I’ve moved one of those arts and crafts style chairs out there. It’s nice and a good use of space. This is the room where my daughter had her bed etc. this summer it was our remodel and that’s when after we took the skylight out we knew we needed a roof. So, one thing lead to another. I still have miscellanous hanging around but shall get to it.

Today was doctor appt day. Just as I thought he said lets do another cycle of pomalyst. He said , and I agree, we need to hold off as long as possible to use another drug. So all in all, my numbers did go down. Not a lot but still down. I need to get another blood test Monday to make sure my neutrophils are up and then get the Pom delivered. So I won’t even start till next week. Next month I’ll get the zometa infusion since its been 6 months.

Then B and I went to Mexican lunch and then home. Tomorrow I was suppose to take a friend for surgery, but it was cancelled. I’m going to go do some errands and then the Applegate coffee klatch. My sinuses are bothering me with the fall cooler temperatures and so I’m not feeling great. This happens every year like clock work. Fall, cooler weather, sinus issues.

Im going to crunch budget numbers tomorrow too. We just paid our annual house insurance and our last big bill is property taxes.

Tahoe! Rain, and lab results!!

Well, we’re home and had a very nice time in Tahoe. It’s amazing how the drought has affected tahoe. It is the lowest I’ve ever seen. I do hope El Niño brings us much needed rain. We spent too much on food. I had planned breakfast at the condo but we ate out. Ouch! How much can breakfast be for 4 adults. . . Too much.  But the place is great. And we walked in the morning although not super early. Even today we weren’t out till 6:30. Pretty late .

But the exciting news is it rained last night so every thing is nice and wet. Yeah!! My sister leaves tomorrow. Tonight we’re having spaghetti . Next week will be eat out of the freezer and I’m not planning on taking grocery money till I really need it.

I did get back my labs and  nothing great but nothing went up. M protein went down a tenth .8 ok, not great. My kappa light chains went down to 930 from 1140 so 200 points. So I’m grateful but it did that before and then the next cycle went back up. I think I want big results and I need to be ok with stable. I see him next week and I’m sure he’ll say stable, we will do another cycle. Someone posted on the myeloma Beacon about doing pomalyst with krypolis and getting great results. I don’t think he’ll do that. But I’m reassured that at least things are stable. I guess we all want big results and m proteins at .0 and kappa light chains in the normal range but alas it isn’t always so.

today, I need to do some serious Flylady and then after Heidi leaves declutter and clean.

Monday stuff

The booksale went good and we made around $500. It’s not a lot but will help the library with our quarterly contributions to buy books. The raffle was a big success. I got wiped out but came home and took a nap.

We went to the winery yesterday and the tastings were so so. Not well presented, but the lunch was stellar and the chef must be excellant. The food was. !!

Today it’s quite warm , almost 90, so nice . We might go out for a dinner together, but my sisters stomach is bothering her so we’ll see. Auburn doesn’t have a lot of good restaurants and I think our best bet is Thai or Mexican. I’d be okay with a bowl of soup. Tomorrow she wants to go to sacramento but I think I’ll pass. To much going and I know I’ll feel it.

I went for my blood test so we shall see what the numbers are. I made a batch of double stuffed potatoes to freeze. And did a little fly lady.

Cycle complete

So, I finished pomalyst the other night and now I’m just waiting to get my blood tests. Actually I went in this morning but my dr had put the date as on the 12 or after. We were going on my neutrophils were low so better to wait so I didn’t need to get jabbed twice. Well, I probably will have to anyway.but at least I’ll something by next week. It’s nice not to have to take a lot of pills. Right now it’s only acyclovir at night and my thyroid and BP in the am.

I went to help set up for our annual friends of library book and bake sale tomorrow. Lots of good things and I hope it’s a good turn out. I cannot believe though they’re ( library admin, remember them who ” let me go”,are changing the branches hours. 8 to 12 or 1! It’s the kiss of death for the branch. Who’s going to come out at 8am. This is mostly a retired community. All they’re doing is accomadating the you know who, (branch manager) who should have taken the blame for getting me released from my job. It’s all about that she’s on permenant so it’s what works for her, not what’s best for the community.

so, tonight my sister Heidi, arrives. I think it’ll be fun to see her and I’ll take her to the bake and book sale tommorow .

Well, off to sit outside in this great weather.

Thursday budget and other stuff.

Heres a few pictures of the trees.image image imageThe front of the house looks so different. Its amazing what money can do..(ha Ha)! But it was worth every penny. I’m hoping to start next years tree fund and do 3 more trees next october, unless we win the lottery, and can do it sooner.

I’m cleaning around the house and doing a few extra things to get ready for my sister coming in from connecticut.  She won’t  be here till evening but still i want to have most things organized. I’ve got at least 3 meals planned. Taco bar, roast chicken/tofu, and a potato bar night with salad.

I’ve been working with YNAB pretty consistently on the budget and it’s helped look at the month a head. This month, though ,we’ve got our annual house insurance, then next month, property taxes. So, they’ll have to be squeezed in. So that mean no savings but hopefully nothing out of EF. This month was the first higher mortgage payment and it does make a difference. Once, the last medical payment is done, I can use that to boost the dollars for the extra mortgage. I’m going to call and check on the credit were suppose to recieve as a result of the modification.  I don’t think we can do another modification though.

Costco was a bit expensive(400), but this included some Christmas stuff and extras for when my sister is here.

I hope I don’t need to go the store too much.

our weather is suppose to be great. Very fall like, warms in the day, cool at night.

Tree Day!!

So, its 8:30 am and I’m sitting in Starbucks. PGE just showed up to take out power line down, the 10 ton crane pulled in and the men. I’m just to nervous to watch this stuff so I’m offer the day. First here and then to costco. After Costco, I’m going to maybe hit Walmart or just get lunch somewhere. Its a huge job. The tree next to the house is at least 200 feet ( think). Very big and scary. Its costing over $3000, and we will still need at least 3 more trees down. But not for a while. Hopefully, no scary wind storms. But with El Nino who knows.

So this is a huge project. My husband will take pictures and I can post some.

So, my Invisalign are kinda a pain. I’m getting use to them but its a lot to take them out to  eat and then my mouth is still sore from him drilling away in there. Hey, it might be a way to lose weight .

Ive only got a day left of my pomalyst cycle and I’m going get my blood test early. I figure thats one way to see if my neutrophils went low in a week or? My kappa light chains and SPEP  test will not be affected as either it did something or not. But with Monday a holiday I won’t know till at east next week. Pomalyst is definitely harder than Revlimid. I worked and did what ever on Rev. Pom takes its tally the end of the cycle. Fatigue, not focusing as well, etc.

My sister is flying in on Friday to spend a week with us. actually more like 10 days. I’m kinda ready. Just need to remember don’t talk about politics, religion, ??? anything controversial. She’s catholic, Im an atheist. She’s republican, I’m whatever. You get the idea…

But, it is really nice of her to make the effort. She uses rewards points so I’m guessing it doesn’t cost her anything. I won’t be on dex or drugs  so that’ll be nice. I have planned a wine tasting and we’re going to Tahoe for 2 nights at a condo. It’ll break up the week.  I live a pretty boring life so, hopefully she’s not too bored. She has lots of grandkids around here so she’s use to lots of activity.

Well, thats it for now.

Simple Sunday

Well, it’s been a interesting week.

I got my Invisalign in and they’re pretty good. You need to take them out to eat and then brush. So some maintenance. It took over an hour to put the brackets on and my mouth is still alittle sore from him wrenching it around . I wear this tray for two weeks and then move on to the next. Still waiting to hear what the insurance is doing. They are really putting up a fight. I’m going to call this week to inquire.

Next up, I haven’t felt very well most of this week , so finally on my birthday Sept 30, I e messaged  my doctor and said maybe we’d better check my neutrophils because I’m in the last week of my Pomalyst. So he said ok plus check my electrolytes. So off I go to the lab the next morning, and who’s there , but the one of the worst phlebotomists I e ever had. He’s the one who popped my vein around 6 months ago and left me with a blood blister. I contacted quest and complained but no response. So right after that when I’d gone I’m to quest I said please put in my record I’m not to have him draw blood.

So he calls my name, I go up to him and say, ” I need someone else to do the draw besides you”. He of course is shocked and says ok. I’m sorry, I’m in there every F*^* ING 2 weeks and I don’t need more popped veins. So it was a bit weird for them all. Anyway on to the blood test. So results take a day and I’m sure I’ve tanked in the ANC. So I open up the patient portal and practicaly fall over. My neutrophils are at 4300 something. I’m like this is a mistake. Everything was in the same general area.

So now I’m left with did quest make a mistake? Did they enter a wrong value. ..?

honestly , I don’t believe since it so way out of my normal results. So , I’ve decided to e message my doctor Monday and say isn’t this a bit odd, and can they lab make a mistake like this. I only have a few days,left on Pom so it’s too late to stop. And then I’ll get my test for light chains and Spep and CBC either Friday or Monday. ( I think Monday’s a holiday though). So it has me pretty freaked out. Because it’s so out of my norm.

Then on to decluttering. I didn’t think we had the room to mount the TV, so I moved the heywood out and put a little glass desk there and it looks way better.

imageI need to tuck the wires in so it looks neater. But I think having less wood is better.  When I used to do feng shui , this room had way to much wood, and metal cut thru that so maybe it does as it looks better.  Now I have to decide if I sellthe Heywood wakefield table.

Well, it’s a dex day for me so, I’m Flyladying the kitchen zone and then having my daughter drive me to the aspca bookstore . And I need a few things, like wine😃 and some slad stuff.