Five things Friday

  1.  Political things:

The election is over and I’m happy with the results overall. At least Democrats got the house back and can put some pressure on Trump to be more accountable.

I was very upset when I saw the treatment of Jim Acosta. I happened to be watching that news conference on Youtube just when that happened. He did not touch her in any way inappropriately and even says’excuse me, ma’am’.  Why the lies form Sanders and Trump?? Whose the enemy of the people?? It’s a government that’s bent on Nationalism and populist views and actions. Not the press which is just trying to ask questions albeit ones Trump doesn’t want to hear.

2.  We had the Santa Fe fixed at the tune of $1600 as it was a computer item where the key is synched to the car and then they said his brakes were shot. It does have 90,000 miles so I guess that’s probably realistic.  We’re still not sure what we’ll do about cars and specifically a work car for B since the Santa Fe comes off the program in January.  That gives us at least 3 months to figure it out. I don’t think I’d do anything before February.

3. I caught a cold from my daughter. After her trip to Salt Lake City she came down with a cold and I got it yesterday. So my head is 3x bigger( that’s the way it feels) and my sinuses are plugged.  Hers went very quickly so I hope mine does too. I have my labs on Monday and when you’re sick your white blood count goes down fighting the infection. So I guess I’ll have to hope by Monday I’m back to normal.

4. I made a menu for Thanksgiving and it’s simple. Just the traditional stuff not a ton of sides.  So far I have

Turkey (either a Trader Joes kosher turkey breast or an organic turkey)

Nutloaf/gravy homemade using tamari

mashed potatoes/green beans

stuffing/ cranberry sauce homemade

rolls/butter/ olive tray


I learned a number of years ago to not go overboard as we just don’t eat it.  We tend to eat simply and never overeat.  I also haven’t decided to get a turkey breast or an organic turkey. I refuse to buy the commercial deals of turkeys for .47lb. How are those poor turkeys raised in miserable conditions? At least the organic ones have had a little better life. ( I hope).

5. I’m still doing the Minimalist game and have another bag of over 30 items to go to the thrift store. Some of it is just small junk but at least it’s out.

Well, I’m off to lay on the couch and try and breathe!!!

Simple Sunday and a cold:(

Well, I guess sooner or later I’d pick something up. My son had a cold this past week and I picked up the germ. Even though I’m pretty OC about hand washing something must have snuck in.  It’s not a terrible cold but still coughing, headache, etc. I’m not going to the gym today, obviously, so I’ll just tuck into a good book and hope by Tuesday it’s mostly gone. I have a dental cleaning that day and I’ve cancelled once, so I I hope it’s better and I’m not coughing….

It was very cool walking this morning as it was a heavy fog, and you couldn’t even see across the park. I only did a mile as I was hacking and blowing my nose non-stop.


Oh, the exciting news was our clawfoot tub faucet disintegrated and started leaking all over. So, it’s ordered as it is a special width, but we’ve been trying to take baths and wash our hair in the tub. Not really fun, so I hope it’s here tomorrow or Tuesday. I looked on Amazon and they actually had one, but B had already ordered it so we’ll stick with that. I should have looked right away as it would have been here by now. UGH>>> live and learn, Right??

Well, tonight we’re going to have tofu burgers and I’m going to make homemade rolls. I think I’ll grill some onions too.