RIP Bonnie Doone

Yesterday did not go as planned.  I was getting stuff ready to go to the gym and Home Depot and I noticed some red spots on the concrete patio. I thought it was BBQ sauce as I had just taken in the utensils from the night before, and thought it was a drip.

I called my daughter out and said: “Is this blood”? She said yes and we went to find Bonnie. Now Bonnie is a 14-year-old McNab border collie that she rescued 3 years ago almost exactly. She has been a good dog although she has been an expensive dog with anti-seizure medicine monthly a urinary medicine too. Both have been my daughter’s expenses.

So back to the moment. She looked at her and saw she had blood near her back end and a hole that looked like it was a cyst.  It didn’t look good. So we decided to head to town and think about what to do. We discussed going down to Loomis Basin Vet which has emergency services but decided they would go for testing etc( they are into the money), then the other option was to wait to today, or the third option, call the mobile vet we’ve called before.

We knew Bonnie wasn’t going to improve and it looked like she was in pain and standing funny.  The vet said it was cancer tumors pressing on her chest cavity.

She went peacefully with Sachi petting her head. It’s always a sad day when your friend goes to the rainbow bridge. Over our lifetime, we’ve had many pets and deaths.  It doesn’t get easier but there is more understanding.

Now we are concerned for Rocky, her littermate who is the black and white border collie. He’s been looking for her and seems lost. He’s also deaf so he always took his cues from Bonnie.  So that will be tough. I have a feeling he will go too in the next 6 months. He is after all the same age.

So the day ended up not simple at all and sad.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_386.jpg

Ode to Billy

While we’ve been camping, Billy our goat died.

My daughter heard him making some sounds and by the time she got out to him he was dead. As in “He’s dead, Jim”. If you’re a Star Trek fan you know what I’m talking about.

Billy was one of three pigmy goats we got many years ago. The other two have been gone a few years but Billy hung in there. He was the best of the lot. One of them, Rosie, was just plain crazy and you couldn’t turn your back to her or she’d butt your leg and try and break it. Landy, the boy, was sweet but he could get into any yard, however well fenced.

but Billy was the nicest. In the end, he was like a little dog that waited for potato chips or bread.

Two weeks ago I thought he was going out so I called the mobile vet and she came out to put him down. But he ran away, so she said let’s try a pain killer and it did seem to work and he was in much less arthritic pain. So, he had 2 great weeks.

RIP Billy.  We’ll miss you.


My daughter though had to dig a hole to put him in and believe me that isn’t easy.So thank you, sweet daughter.