Rain? We can only hope!

We really need some rain here in California. Everything is so brown, usually everything is bright green from seasonal grass. It’s kinda depressing. We are suppose to get something this week. Let’s hope so . There is no snow in the Sierras and my husband said when he drove by Mt Shasta , there was no snow at the top. Very weird. I’ve been planning garden stuff and now were thinking maybe they’re gonna ration. So….

I’m  off to work today.  Not feeling great but ok. Tomorrow is my doctor visit at the new clinic. We shall see….. I’m probably going to off on the day I start my revlimid but it should be ok to start a little later. 

We walked this am, but I didn’t feel great so it really was a “just walk” day. 😦

57 degrees?

I went walking at 6am or a little after and it was 57 degrees out. What is up with that.? It’s breezy already but warm. Our yard looks like a brown desert. Maybe we should start watering.

I’m off to work this morning, I had a lot of stomach trouble yesterday, not sure why. It seems to come and go. I still need to find out if the doctors page he needs to fill in for the LLS is there or not. Yesterday, it wasn’t but they had the fax wrong. But this is my renewal for my grant so it’s quite important it get done.

I’m definitely frustrated with saving money and try to make head way on the student loans or our mortgage. The SL is all interest pretty much till it gets down to a certain dollar amount. Should I even try or work on the second? The second is a very low 1% interest but still could we get rid of it. I’m pretty frustrated with it all but will continue to just process what is the best course of action. Any ideas any one? 

Just save more? Or try and tackle something. We actually don’t have a lot extra after what were paying but I’d still like to try.

Tuesdays odds and ends

ImageIt was a nice long weekend.

I didn’t have to work Saturday so it made for a nice 3 days off. Not that I work that much! So we went to Home Depot, and got some more pavers for the green house. We have lettuce and kale coming up. Then to the regular store and then out to lunch at a new vegan restaurant. Food was good, not real filling but good. Then Sunday was just a normal dex day. Hyped out then crash. Yeasterday, my daughter and I went back for more pavers and I checked out bbqs, since last year we got rid of ours as it was all rusty. So I think I’ll get one soon as the weather here is unbelievable. Of course we need rain but it is so nice 70 degrees.

so it’s off to work , I have a long day ,for me, so I’ll pace myself. Then tomorrow I’m off and I’m not going to go to Costco, etc. just local. Try and keep the food bill low. 

January no spend, low spend update. I’m on day 9 no spend. That’s good. Haven’t made any progress with getting my zero balance up to $1500. Our outflow just isn’t let me save much. I’m doing my regular savings$200 a month, plus my little ones$5 and 52 weeks. But it’s that zero balance I want stabilized. Maybe by feb 1.

Walking is  good. I need some new shoes, so there’s another expense. 

Next week I see the doctor at the new clinic. Not sure where I get my blood work done but I guess they’ll let me know. 

B is off traveling for a few days so I’ll be holding down the fort. 

The Just Keep Walking project (JKWP)


We are at day 234! We’re still getting up and out by 6:10am, then do our two miles. Today I wanted to do more( again), but then didn’t feel like it . I really want to bump up to 3. In Santa Barbara it was easy to do more. We did 3.5 one day and the almost 5 the next, simply because it was easy on the beach trail.

So, anyone starting? It’s easy when you just say ,”just walk”!!!

Santa Barbara cont’d

ImageIt is so beautiful in Santa Barbara. Very Mediterranian. 

The next day we went to the mission, and the Santa Barbara museum of art, and walked bunches everywhere. Overall, I did great. I’m taking a new mushroom formula, and I think it’s helping with energy. plus I was off dex so I wasn’t up and then down.

we stopped in trader joes and old navy and a bunch of other stores. We had a great lunch at a farm to table restaurant . Excellant.

the drive home was long, but we were home by 5 so not too bad.

it was all worth it and it’s one of my mini goals completed. 

Santa Barbara mini vacation

imageimageWe left Sunday,it was nice since I didn’t take my dex on Saturday night. I felt pretty good. It’s a long drive but I did ok.

We checked into the holiday express and it was quite nice and only a few steps away from State street, which is where everything is. Plus, th beach was a few blocks away, but we drove and parked. Then we walked out Stearns wharf. It was just getting to be sunset. We found a nice little restaurant, Moby Dick, and settled in with a glass of wine and relax. I’ll try and add the pictures as the upload.

then we headed out to a nice Mexican restaurant. Pretty good. I’m pretty fussy about spending money on food. So, this was good.

Then the next day we were out walking at 6:30 am along the beach trail. Glorious! Then we went to the Sambos on the beach side. I wanted to go here for breakfast since in Tucson we used to go there when we were in college. this sambos was  the first and last so it’s kinda cool. I’ll fill in more later on the museums, and other restaurants.