Tuesday stuff!

I got minestrone in the crock pot for dinner, and I’m trying also a Greek lemon soup. That may or may not work out. I had it years ago and loved it but I’m not sure how this will turn out, thus the minestrone back up. Plus the veggie needs a vegetarian soup:)

it was thundery and lightning last night with lots of rain, but it’s beautiful this morning. 

I’m working the afternoon shift which is ok, not my favorite. I’m a get up early girl and then afternoon nap. But my co worker has a meeting. So…

B, is still trying to figure out the Santa Fe ‘s trailer lights. It’s been a PITA. It seems no one is really sure how to do it. What? Isn’t that what you’re paid to do. Hopefully today he’ll figure it out.

everyones off to work or school, so I can read or tidy things up. I’m also having budget meeting with my son, as he is spending way too much money on crap. I set him out a budget for the week, but now he has school fees and a headlight out in the Prius that needs to be fixed. The headlight is extremely expensive(150). We are paying his car registration, so. Also he seems to have gone thru a lot of his savings and that’s really what I want to know , is where did it go.

Our budget is pretty messed up too. Now we have that once a year fire fee due, AAA is due, Costco is due. It seems like a lot at once. 

Well, one foot in front of the other and just keep going.

Sunday thoughts

Well, I guess I spoke to soon about feeling good on Thursday. That night around 2 or so I knew I had a small fever, a reaction tho the zometa. It wasn’t full blown like last time but still I didn’t feel well in the morning. The fever was gone in a few hours but I still had to work my 4 hour shift. Fridays are usually pretty slow so I knew I was ok.

Saturday I felt fine and I had a good day overall. My son made dinner so it was. Nice not to cook. It rained all day and everything is very wet. That’s a good thing. Today is dex Sunday so, I’m going to do a few Flylady things, make some bread and maybe a soup. Oh, and yogurt.

Well, I’m back, many hours later, made soup and bread but no yogurt. It seems I’ve been going since 7 am which I have, but the house still needs a little more putting together. Geez, how many hours is that, it’s 11:30 now.?.?


I’m still waiting for UPS to deliver my revlimid. It’s almost 4 pm, and it was suppose to be before 12 noon delivery. It seems there’s always a problem.

My monoclonal protein is about the same at .5

I’m disappointed as it’s hard to go thru a whole cycle and not get better results. But we’ll just have to see how this one goes. 

Kinda a weird day, cloudy and cool. I’m making chicken tortilla soup using Pioneer Woman’s recipe. Hers are always yummy.