‘Tahoe Skydrop’

T Skydrop front cover.jpg

Todd Borg is a local author who writes amazing suspense and murder mysteries. This one is his 16th book. I have read them all and love each one. His main character Owen McKenna is a person you would want to know and then there’s his sidekick Spot, who is a harlequin Great Dane.

I love reading about the Tahoe area and I always learn something new.

Thanks, Todd Borg for these great books and hope to meet you sometime.

This one was just released but be sure to start at the beginning. They will take you to Tahoe even if you never visit.

Getting back on track

Just going away for 2 days puts a spin on things that need to be done daily.

We came home and I put the things from the overnight away, planned some bean tacos for dinner and tidied a few things that needed to be done. Mostly this amounts to just putting things away that have been left out. Since my daughter was home alone, it can add up… chickens, getting the wood, dog care, cat care.   All by one person, so it’s a lot.

But since our house is tiny, it doesn’t take long to put those misplaced things back. A few towels to the laundry, a few pieces of  junk,mail in the garbage, etc.

We had a great time in South Lake Tahoe and it snowed over the peaks last night so it was beautiful.


Here’s a picture of Emerald Bay.


That’s the only island in Tahoe and has the remains of the stone tea house that was built as part of Vikingsholm.  If you’re ever there be sure to hike down to see the house. It is truly a marvel especially since it was built when roads were still dirt through the mountains.

Todd Borg, a local author, who writes murder mysteries all taking place in Tahoe just released his new book, Tahoe Payback.  It starts out with murder on tea island.  Great book and he really writes about the amazingness of Lake Tahoe. Plus, he mentions places to visit and real places to actually dine. Lots of fun.


Sunday night chit chat with Carla !( on Monday )!!

  • Reading:our book club is reading Todd Borg’s “Tahoe Silence”. I really love Todd Borg’s books because they are about my favorite place ,Tahoe. This was interesting as it involved an autistic girl. Great story. The thing I really like is he mentions real places,it’s fun to go “oh yeah, I know where that is”.
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Watching: we watched a cute movie “Frank and robot”.
  • Cooking/Baking: I made a nice roast chicken and a yummy tomato salad. Plus tofu for the vegies.
  • Happy you accomplished this week: well, a lot and I’ll write my next post about painting our studio and getting ready to paint the house.
  • Looking forward to next week: my son is 19 on August 7, wow. I was 42 when I had him, I loved being a mom, and still do. He is a terrific person. I am proud of him.
  • Thankful for today: I walked and felt good
  • Bonus Question: What was your *least* favourite subject in school? Pretty easy, math. I don’t think I ever got above a C