I cannot believe it.

This is too much…. I feel too old for this. 

So, everything is moving along nicely. The GF s been gone 4 days. Z started school.

Then… he’s leaving work at 9:30pm, turning on a left GREEN arrow, and some older lady, comes barreling up over the hill,(a blind hill spot) runs a red light straight into his right passenger door. Completely smashed. WTF! Poor Z is really flipped out, but again thank the stars, he’s safe. So now he is using my 1999 dodge van till the appt on Wednesday to the Allstate appraiser. I think they will fix the door, but  will he find something else.


this is too much really…. Is there wine in the fridge? I certainly hope so.


Thursdays updates

My doctor visit went well, although the place was packed and he was running late. I haven’t seen it that busy so that was different. All my labs look good. My ANC is at 1700 so I was quite happy. And my m protein .2.   So down even from last month with 2 weeks off. He mentioned me going off revlimid since I’m stable, but honestly I’m scared to. Yes, it be good to take a break but what then. I’d have to start all over.

so, I’m not sure. I’m going to put the question on the myeloma Beacon and see what other people think. Oh, and the new forum too.

So, living room zone is done, as there’s not really anything to do but wash the windows. I’m still planning to wash all the outside windows just not sure when. 

I’m going out in a bit to Staples, grocery outlet, and Target or Walmart. Walmart is farther away but I wanted some new yoga type pants for walking. So, I’ll see in a bit. 

We’re still working on the apt idea, but it’s really not moving too quickly. Plus, things are expensive and I’m not sure with out our help he could do it. So we will wait and see. 

B’s up in south Lake Tahoe working, and I’m off till tomorrow. Then Friday night I’ll start my new cycle of rev.

imageThis is Ollie,my daughters very large cat. And very sweet.

Monday stuff

Off to the dentist this morning. 

I see Dr. Laptalo on Wednesday , so my labs should be there. It’s always hard to tell, do I feel different, will they go up or down. I guess it’s just a waiting game. Overall, at least yesterday, I felt pretty good. Of, course I was on my week off from revlimid and no dex that week. 

The GF has moved back to the place she was previously. Apparently it is a real dump, but neither of them really told us that. So, I guess she’ll have to make do until the apt. thing is figured out a little more. 

Z, starts sierra college tomorrow. He’s only taking one AV class, but we accepting that at least it’s one class and not none.


Memory pages #2

So, when we got to Tucson, B had lined up a little studio right off campus. Now on the U of A, you can’t drive in at all. So then this was the Campbell st. Entrance. At some point the vw must have died and all we had was his little honda 175. But it got us around. Eventually, we got some bikes and it was fun to bike around town. Tucson then, was nothing like today. You could go a few miles and be out in the desert or into the Catalina mountains. Now it’s houses, houses, houses. 

So, off to classes we went. My first year was quite difficult. I had come from a small high school, and sitting in lecture halls with 300 students was difficult. I had some adjusting to do. Also, the desert was unfamiliar to me. I grew to love the open sky and everything about the southwest but it took a while. 

I don’t think I got a job right away, but I’ll have to think about it because, we did work all thru college, I’m just not sure about that first semester.

we had lots of fun exploring and doing stuff. 

We were young and adventurous …..

40lbs of tomatoes later!!!!

imageSo, we went got 40 lbs of seconds so I could make sauce to freeze and salsa.

my daughter did all the sauce, so that was great. Then this morning I made the salsa. I haven’t really canned tomatoes befor so I’m a little nervous, but I followed the amounts and….there it is. 

The one darker colored jar is the blue ball jars they put out last year.

its not a dex week so I feel pretty good. Yeah!

“In the presence of….”

August 23 1970

“In the presence of God and before these our Friends, I take thee B to be my husband promising with divine assistance to be unto you ,a loving and faithful wife for as long as both shall live”.

this is the Quaker wedding vow. We were quite devoted to Quakerism early in our lives, and I think it instilled in us the simplicity and clearness we strive for and always have.

So, 44 wonderful years later ,here we are. It’s been pretty great. And I love you, always. “More than life itself”

Memory Pages#1

From tiny Highland Mills,NY , we headed up to Canadaimage in  1963 painted VW bus. It was packed and we went very slow. We camped on the edge of a lake before driving across to the Souix St Marie entry to the US. I don’t remember from there where we went, but eventually we were in Santa Fe with some distant relative of B’s stepfather. It was kinda weird. Then we cruised into Tucson, Arizona to begin our married life and my first year of college and B’s second. 


Oh, BTW, we are on day 451, of the JKWP ….

Blackberry sauce,:)

I went to the local berry farm and picked up a flat of blackberries. I made 12 jars of sauce. I never add all the sugar they say so it’s not thick jam but saucy. Still very yummy.

Today, I’m getting 2 flats of tomatoes from a local farm and going to make sauce and I think I’m going to try a salsa to can. I think I’ll do a few to just test it out. 

Tomorrow , I have to go get my blood test and then I’m at the library alone. It should be a. Ice day. 

The crisis is still on going with the GF, but maybe they can start looking for an apartment. We said we’d help, but JFC ,this is our retirement money. We shall see. 

Long day and stressful

I had a long day at the library( longer than usual), but did okay. No diarehea as I took an immodium before work. Tuesday seems to be my most difficult day, but did ok. Tomorrow  it’s wait for my revlimid to be delivered. First though , I’m going to pop out to auburn and pick up a flat of blackberries for jam/ sauce. My daughter will be home in case UPS shows up.  He doesn’t usually come till 4 or so , so it should be good.

i was glad to be back at my normal routine at the library. Even though I’m pretty sure I’m not working all all thrusters, I manage.

the big news ,though, is the GF has gone to a friends house. I’m predicting a crisis within 72 hours though that my son will have to deal with. But, there’s no coming back now. It’ll take I think a few days for me to tidy and Lysol everything.

i did see a nice studio for rent in auburn , but it said only a single person, so too bad. 

So, I guess, it’s on to the next moment. I’m only hoping we are clear and know our boundaries and go from there.

Shopping at Sur La Table

I decided to go for it …. The pizza steel. It has the best reviews for a crispy crust and heats higher than a stone and will not crack. It was 79.99, plus then I bought some King Arthur pizza flour to try and well, let’s just say quite a few other little things. We are going to call this my anniversary gifts. I made the pizzas last night and they were perfect. The steel did get a little dis colored where pizza sauce and cheese spilt. I thought it wasn’t going to do that.  But no big deal. 

Today I’m making another no knead loaf of bread. I like this recipe as you keep the dough in the fridge till you need it and then cut off a chunk and bake. 

Also, I’m staying home today and just Flyladying, and reading. Back to the library tomorrow .Tonight is chile rellenos with chiles from the farmers market and beans. 


OK, reality check! Do not read if you are religiously inclined to Mormonism :)

No, on the whole car thing. She is not our child, and we are not responsible for her. 

Then , okay, this is more than I can take…. She went out this afternoon and before that was in the bathroom 2 hours. Now remember I have some serious diarrhea stuff with rev/ dex going on. But Sundays , for some reason I don’t. So, then she’s out for the day, ok, but then he comes home from work and she looks like a vestal   Virgin from Mormonville and has the Book of Mormon with her. So. For me, that’s the last straw. I am a very liberal person, LG what ever, I’m okay. Mormons absolutely not. So, move out by Wednesday and take the Book of Mormon with you. How in they’re right mind would anyone believe the Joseph smith story of golden tablets under a mound when the archangel Moronani ( not sure of spelling)  tells him to what….. Later take as many wives as you can…. And so on.. … Joseph smith was a con artist . And still now 100 years later millions of people still believe this. No caffeine , or hot liquids… Like God ‘s up there saying you can’t have coffee. Come on, think about it people… What’s real….


okay,  that’s my rant, I’m on dex, so… Do I get a free pass!

Nice to be home!

It was very relaxing in Tahoe . We had all kinds of crazy weather from thunder storms, hail to beautiful sunny days.

the house looked clean when we got home so my son did a good good on most things.

Atsome point at our after dinner wind discussions, my daughter napped to mention the not so good effect of the GF s new job at the daycare down the street with all the germs, viruses and god knows what else. And bringing that into the house. She’s been here 3 weeks now and our house is just too small, first of all for another adult. So I kinda freaked since I haven’t really been sick in a long while. I get the sinus stuff and mild feeling lousy but not too sick. So, I told my son she’s got to move immediately. This is a sad case of a 19 year old, very sweet young lady whose Mormon family has pretty much disowned. No support. No car, no communication. She’s going to stay with a family she stayed with before. We’re thinking of helping her buy a car under $2000. Does anyone think this is crazy. We’re not sure if this is just enabling more or really helping. Any thoughts?????