Thursday updates!!!

The exciting news is my kappa light chains went from 1010 to 45 after 4 shots. Velcade is a proteasome (sp??)inhibitor and I must be responding wonderfully.  Pomalyst is an immudualtory(sp??) drug so works differently. I did have great results with Revlimid before Pomalyst for 5 years then it just stopped being effective. To say I’m excited is an understatement. What a drop. So FYI normal high for kappa light chains is 19 so I’m almost there.  the Lamda light chains were in the normal range at 9.2 mg/L … Amazing!!! I can hardly believe it. Overall I feel good. Maybe a little spacey but I can handle that. My labs are absolutely great except with velcade the platelets are affected. So mine have dropped significantly. But the nurse said the do rebound so that’s good news.

Today we drove down to Sacramento for my shot. We left at 8 am and missed most of the heavy traffic, so we made it Mercy Cancer center by 8:45. That is really good. I was in an out in no time and had the oncology nurse that injects slower than the other nurses.(remember the stabber) 🙂 I’m so happy about my numbers that I don’t care how I get the shot.

Then we went to Winco for stuff, then Costco. We were on our way home by 10:30.How’s that for being in time space continuim.  Anyway, I’m starting to feel the dex which I’m now taking in the morning. Pat Killingsworth had a doctor friend of his say taking dex in the morning works with you body better. I have to say since I’ve done this now for the last month, it is better. I don’t get quite as high or the crash doesn’t seem quite as intense. We’ll see how today and tomorrow goes.

The Budget stuff seems challenging. I’ve had 6 no spend days, so thats good. But once again I’m just not putting savings aside except for our automatic 401k. At least we’re doing that. Our expenses, cost of living, is just covered by B’s paychecks. A little frustrating.

Also, I’m sure we’re going to get hit with taxes. We are going to have to do payments , because we just don’t have x amount for taxes ready to use. Since we sold stock last year, thats where the hit will come. But , that paid for the roof, and septic fix, and gravel and who know what  else.

Anyway, off to sleep off some of the dex!


Book reviews

First of all, I’m a huge reader of all kinds of things. Fiction, non fiction, etc.

So with all the hoopla about Outlander, I thought I’d re- read it. Now I know why I promptly forgot it. Ok , the first half is pretty good when she goes thru the Stonehenge type rocks from 1945 to Scotland in the 1600 or 1700. Can’t remember. Then after she marries Jamie, well it’s downhill with sex. Jamie this way, Jamie that way, Jamie beating her up( at least her backside). Frankly, I got pretty bored about makeup sex and so on. So , then when I finished , I realized why it didn’t impress me. Maybe it’s just me but that and Fifty Shades of Grey just doesn’t do it for me.

So, the I reread, A Discovery of Witches, and WOW, I remembered why it is such a great book. All the way to the end. Time travel, vampires and yes, sex, but not overdone. So it’s a great read and she’s a very fine writer.

Okay, Costco today and winco so I’m tired. But my daughter helped and that’s a good thing.

My foot joint has been really hurting since I went off dex. I guess it’s an osteoarthritis thing or a bunion or gout. I have no idea, but it hurts and is somewhat numb. I’m assuming the dex, an anti inflammatory , was keeping this at bay. Why does it always have to be something. Pisses me off. Oh well, I’ll have to decide, see my GP or just live with this pain. ;(

JKWP update

So, today is day 260. its definitely getting lighter earlier. And sunrise is @ 7 , so we will start a little earlier and as spring comes be back to the 5:30 walking. 

Today I’m going to winco. Maybe Costco but for sure winco as I need King Arthur flour and stuff I can only get there. 

I have a big load to drop at the food bank, and I need to get chicken food. 


A new week and a new year!

So it’s Monday, and it’s a new week. 

The last few days were nice. Pretty normal for us. I worked friday and Saturday at the best little job in the world. The library was so slow, even slower at our branch than normal. I’ve read a few books that were ok. The Forgotten Garden, is good if you like a mystery that’s not murder. Then some Robert Parker’s Jesse stone books. I like these. They are quick , and I like the character. 

Then Sunday it was a Costco, winco trip. I’m all set for groceries for a week or two. I’ll need to get to Costco with the coupon book in January as turbo tax, and some other items I use are on sale. But other than that, and veggies , we should be fine. 

This is my week off revlimid and no dex Saturday, so it’s nice to get that break. I’m going in this morning to get my blood test. This month is uunusual,as my doctor is moving over to Mercy cancer center, so I’ll have this test and then he’ll get the results and then I’ll see him at the end of the month. This finishes month 5. I’m not sure but I feel my numbers are probably the same or still inching up. 

Yesterday, was day 214 walking. This starts week 32 or 33 , but it’s cool and I’m glad we are perservering. 

It’s really kinda fun to go out in the dark and then finish  when it’s just getting light. 

Costco and winco

Up and out the door by 9am. Did a1.6 mile walk earlier. Yeah… So costco ended up $207 and Winco $66. A lot at winco is cat food, cat food, CAT FOOD!

so this actually goes on our August shopping money as it overlaps till next pay day. It gets a little confusing but it works. Later is book club and then I’m cooking some beautiful salmon wild, I got at Costco .

it sure is hot today…..