JKWP update

We are on day 388. I haven’t been Miss Enthusiastic, but I’m still doing it……

ImageHere’s the park around 5:30.

so I worked yesterday, and left a note for UPS, I’d be home  around 2:15. He didn’t show up till @3:45. So , I started on time last night. Tonight is dex, I’m thinking of taking 20 this week and 16 next week? I don’t know I’ll probably just keep it at 16 and see what my m spike is next month. :

Made cole slaw for dinner and since I bought large tomatoes at Costco, I think I’ll make BLT’s for dinner with cole slaw.  Otherwise stuffed tomatoes ? I’ll see when I get home from the library. More library drama. My daughter did NOT get the clerk job. She’s worked there 5 years as a page and is in a MLS program. They hired outside  which completely sucks and does not show that they care at all about helping someone like my daughter who is so qualified. But the real clincher is now there is going to be a clerk 20 hours a week position open in the branch she works at. She is scheduled only for 12 hours at this branch next pay period…… So the question is , is this going to be a lateral for someone, or is she going to get this. If she doesn’t she is going to quit, and you know what, I agree. 

She is so talented, completely tech savy, the patrons love her, but if admin can’t see it then she’s better off going to school full time and finishing. So that she update on library dramas.

oh, I know , does anyone use fitbit.? I thought I’d get one for my husband as his company is doing a walking challenge..


Okay, after spending half the day calling optimum RX and being on hold ( 4 times) finally at 4:50 they said no we haven’t gotten the order. I called down to mercy , talked with the nurse and she called them. So I’m out floating in the pool and sure enough they call back 10 minutes later. So finally it will be delivered tomorrow . The problem is I won’t be home till 2:15 nor will anyone else. So I’m kinda taking a chance that ups will come later. I will leave him a note and put it on our gate but still………

my m protein is .30 . I like .25 better. So if the 16 mg of dex doesn’t keep the m protein down, I’ll go back to 20 , I guess. 

Really who knows if that’s it, but I’d still go back if that’s what it takes.

what a day!


Thursday , waiting……

Well, the doctor visit went well. My labs are all normal. But no m protein results yet. So, waiting.  Then called optimum RX about my revlimid. No it hasn’t been faxed in. Ok , waiting…. Called down to Mercy cancer center talked with the nurse. Yes, she’ll fax it this morning. Waiting…… Till @ 1 to call optimum back. 

Rearranged the Star Wars stuff and Star Trek ,but didn’t get rid of any. I told my son to go out there and pick 1/2 to sell. It’s too many. But I did find some misc to give to the thrift store and some western Tepco to sell on eBay. 

Otherwise, it’s a day just to wait till I can get something done. And get my rev delivered for tomorrow . I’ll be at work till 2, but ups doesn’t come till 4( watch, tomorrow he’ll decide to swing in early). Oh well, it should be fine.


Wednesday stuff

Well, I had my blood test on Monday, and today is the doctor appt. Since I reduced dex to 16 mg we’ll have to see how my m protein is. 

I’ve still had on going issues with diarrhea but I work on timing especially at work and when were out camping. I’m not sure really if there’s anything to do about it except the immodium . It’s part of this whole thing and I’m just happy my m protein went down last month. It’s kinda a wait and watch sorta thing. Then we’re stopping briefly at Costco to return something, and then home. I should get my revlimid delivered either tomorrow or Friday . 

Not too much new here,  same old same old. 

I have some touch up painting to do in the house, and about 6 bins of Star Trek figures to go thru. Ugh, why did I buy them so many….

this is such a good time of year to declutter as stuff can be brought out side and put on tables or a tarp. I still feel the need to minimalise more. Less stuff makes everything easier . Easier to keep the house clean. Less to have to deal with , and less to dust, put away etc. 

it might be time for me to really look around again at what stuff I’m not using and see what 

else can go.  I really like the idea of ‘ white space’. It’s space where there is nothing.  Since our house is small, I need the ‘white space’ .

Thursday updates

Today is day 344, it’s soon going to be 365!!

went to a friends of the library meeting. I try not to say much since I’m both a friend and work as extra help.  It was a meeting where a very generous donation was made to our friends , and we needed to decide how to spend it. The short version is  it went to something, I think is a waste of money, iPad, kindle and nook, to show patrons how they work. Personally, I’ve never had anyone ask how an iPad works. Yes, how to connect a kindle to our ebooks. So, I think a waste of money when it coulda be used on children’s stuff we actually need. Oh, well, nothing I say really matters, it’s what those in power want.

I felt way better today. Maybe the 9 months on rev is finally taking it’s toll. I need to be careful and know where bathrooms are, but, this was just feeling so fatigued. Like wow, can I get up and do something.

I’m really enjoying my kindle fire. It’s fun to read on as it’s so much smaller than an iPad. Still if you’re in the market, there is nothing like the iPad or I imagine the iPad mini.

Monday, my no dex day!

It is so nice to have sorta a normal day today and yesterday. Not being on dex let’s me get some things done that on “normal” dex weeks I don’t do. So yesterday I did some gardening. We’re going to try out the square foot garden idea. We have a big garden and herb garden but iwant to try and grow all our vegies this summer and have enough to freeze. My daughter is a big gardener and really does most of the seed starting etc. but I have always gardened even as a child. We bought a new lemon Meyer tree to replace the once that got hit with frost and now don’t produce. So we will keep that in. Pot. And put in the green house come winter. It’s so great to have your own lemons. So today we are going to put in more lettuce, chard, radishes and whatever else I can find. It’s suppose to start raining tomorrow so it’s good timing.

i had my blood test this morning and what a hassle. I got there 7:20, no lab work is there. So I think ok, I’ll go over to Starbucks  ,get a coffee and wait till 8 and then call the cancer center. So, that’s what I do and find out he forgot to put the order in , so I have to wait for the nurse to come in at 9. So, home I go and she calls like 15 min later and puts the order in. So back to the lab at 9 and I’m back home by 9:17. Still a hassle.then I ask her to please be sure my revlimid order is in as this is my week off but I start Friday. Ok, she’ll call him at the other center. So, I’m the patient, should I be the one having to figure this all out?.


Costco, groceries, budget updates

Costco went well yesterday. Spent @ $200, but that included lots of non food items. Jeans for B, and snacks for the upcoming mini sales for the library. Plus using coupons for laundry detergent and oxo. So not bad, and we even bought a lemon Meyer tree that we’ve been waiting for Costco to get in. We may go back on Sunday to pick up another. 

This is my week off dex, and revlimid, so it’s nice when I can do something extra since I don’t feel so wiped out. 

We also went to Trader joes for wine and tea, and some other misc, and winco for just a few items that are cheaper there. 

I’m hoping to get more seeds planted either today after work or over the weekend. We’re suppose to get rain by next Friday, so it would be good to get them in. Next week is another blood test and my appt with Dr. l and my zometa. Last time I got a fever after zometa so I’ll be sure to extra hydrate, and take some Tylenol. I haven’t had zometa in 6 months and I do worry about bone involvement but since my numbers are low it should be ok. Next month I’m due for my yearly X-rays. So we shall see.

The budget numbers are ok, I put $100 over in Santa, and may do another because, everything else is going to taxes. If I put it in Santa we can’t touch it till November so…everythings paid till Aprils house payment, which is automatic. So that’s all good. Taxes will come out before April 15. I’ll transfer it from extra savings and EF somewhere in the first week of April. 

Rain and Friday budget updates for February

It’s raining a lot . Walked this morning but got my shoes wet. But still ok. Not too cold. Rain is expected all weekend. It’s okay we really do need it and it’s not a storm…

so I received my revlimid yesterday. Ups showed up at 6 pm. It’s suppose to be before noon. But since we live rurally they don’t guarantee it. So I missed book club . Then I still didn’t get a call from the nurse on my m protein ( SPEp ) test. So I will have to call. 

So February updates. We had 15 no spend days. Pretty good. Food and non food came @ $750. That’s good for us. The unexpected car repairs came out of EF , so I’m slowly adding that back in. I hope March can be another low/ no spend. Also, I will aim for 10 no spend days.


February , update on January no / low spend.


So, its February. It’s clear and cold out. That’s around 29 this am when went walking but should get into the 50’s.

We ended up with 15 no spend days ,so that was very good. It really helped us see our spending habits, of often running down to the market for a few things and ending up with a lot more.

My zero balance is kinda a disaster, with only $500 left. Not good , but we did have extra bills, car tags, $100, my son lost his cell phone, $200, property taxes almost $1000. So those came from the zero balance and sinking funds.

I am still savings the extra $200 in another savings, and Santa fund is $50 every two weeks. So good on that front. Plus I added to the $5 savings and 52 week challenge which I’m ahead on. So I think it’s kinda a draw. Save, spend !

February I’d like to have 15 no spend days, and nothing too extra. I need to get propane and that’s going to at least $300.

I had a good oncologist appointment, and the great news is my m protein went to .36   That is very good news for me. I’m on my 7 month of revlimid . I guess I’m not really going off anytime soon or ever really. Until I switch to something else. It’s okay, it’s life with myeloma. I’m so lucky I tolerate it well and it seems to be be helping. I did start back on curcumin and added those mushrooms( a dried combination called Matrix) I do think it’s doing something.

Walking is at day 247, so I’ve passed the 8 month mark of walking every day!

off to work and then tonight ,as a family were going to see the Irish rovers!  I hardly ever go out at night and never concerts as I don’t like crowds, but this is small and should be fun.

Window washing!

Walked yesterday, 3 miles . Yeah, so it was more than my usual.

today, I’m washing the outside windows. The Flylady zone is the outside entry so I had gone to Home Depot the other day and bought that windex spray that you put on a hose. I’ve used it before and with very good results. 

I’m waiting for my revlimid delivery today, so I have to be here as it is signature required. Then I checked my LLS Account and it looks like my fax for the co pay didn’t go thru or got lost. So, I’m going to just mail it along with the insurance reinbursement. Sometimes these things are such a pain In the you know what.

Still tweaking budget numbers. It’s kinda depressing to read other blogs and their retirement accounts are 1 million, half a million. We have not much. Well, I guess we will see how it goes.