Simple Sunday

I’m doing a lot of food prep work for the week.

In the oven, I have a chicken roasting which I will cool and then remove the meat for lunches and dinner tonight. Then I put on a large pot of organic Lundberg long grain rice and will use that again for the week plus tonight’s dinner. I also have the crock pot going with organic pinto beans. I will use this for burritos this week too or rice bowls.

So lots of cooking going on here. But it will make the whole week easier.  I plan to make up some bean chicken and rice bowls for my son to help him not spend money out on food.

Today is sheet day so they’re in the washer and I think I’ll line dry them.

I went to the gym and it was pretty empty so I had a nice work out without having to circle for machines. This morning we had a lovely walk in the park and that too was empty.

A FOAL friend gave me a knitting instruction of a mini pumpkin. So I went to Michaels and bought some orange yarn. Now to remember how to cast on and do it. Usually, it comes back to me but I knit only when the mood strikes.  I post a picture if it comes out.

Dinner will be the pinto beans and rice with cheese, salsa, sour cream and lettuce.



Five on Friday

Well, we were successful in our date to Antique Trove and found 2  boxes/crates.



The top one is cute as it is my daughters birthday( May 29) and B’s birth year 1950!! Plus on the other side, it says occupied Japan.


This was my plan for that one and the other is in the front room.


I haven’t finished putting some cookbooks in. I’ll probably put ones I don’t use a lot but still want to keep like a first edition ‘The Art of French Cooking’ my son found at Goodwill for me.

I am over the moon as I think crates/boxes are so versatile and can hold things if necessary.

Then we had a meh sorta lunch at the deli My sandwich was kinda tasteless. Not sure what it needed but I was glad I only had half.

Thirdly, I made double stuffed potatoes for the freezer. I bought the 15lb bag at Costco for $5.99 ( that is a great deal). So I baked ten but of course, you fill them higher than the plain potato, so I ended up with 10 halves to freeze. The rest of the empty halves went to the chickens.  I plan on doing the rest tomorrow as it is one freezer meal we all enjoy and so easy to reheat.

Fourth, I went to the gym for a quick workout.

Fifth,  nothing really, but it’s been a fun week with B off. Next week he’s in a meeting all week so it’ll just be me and my daughter who doesn’t work the first part of the week. My son is at school all day so I don’t usually see him except on the security camera.

It’s wasn’t a frugal week at all. Today was car registration for the Santa Fe and we had to buy tires as well. So pretty expensive. I’m not planning on any grocery stuff ’till May first except cat food when necessary. Ollie is not doing well but is still eating so we just give him food whenever he’s hungry.




Double stuffed potatoes….

If you shop at Costco, one of the best deals they have is their bag of russet potatoes. It’s a huge bag and the potatoes are always nice looking.  I have bought bags at Safeway only to throw 1/2 away because they have turned green or are sprouting. I’ve never had that problem with Costco’s potatoes.

This is a great freezer item and I keep them wrapped in foil and then in a gallon freezer bag. I also get the large sour cream at Costco and a block of Tillamook cheese. Plus I buy my butter there too, so overall these are great savings. I think the sour cream is like $ 4. something and it’s huge. At the store, the pint of sour cream can be 3.99.

img_0493 So first I bake as many potatoes as I think I need. In this case, I did the entire bag, so it was 15 very large russets. I put the oven on for at least 2 hours as with that number of potatoes it takes longer.

Then I let them cool img_0494some and then cut in half.

Then to the potato mixture, I add butter(lots) sour cream ( lots), and grated cheese. Then I mix together and start heaping back in the potato halves. img_0495

I heap it quite full and mound it over the top, so I get fewer halves than I baked. So from this batch, I ended up with 15 halves. The other halves go to the chickens.

Then I wrap in foil and bag in the freezer bag. img_0496

To use, I pull them out of the freezer a few hours before I bake but usually, I forget so I just pop them in the oven. I like to do a potato bar with green onions, bacon, more butter, and more sour cream. Sometimes that is the whole dinner with a green salad.

If you looking for some batch cooking ideas this one works great for us.