Sleepless in Seattle , no Meadow Vista!

ImageArghhh, no sleep last night. It’s a dex night but this is ridiculous. I went to bed at 10 ,slept till the cat woke me up at 1:44, then never went back to sleep. Got up at4:55 , had coffee, then we did our walk. Now, I’m ready for a nap. But I have already done some stuff. Listed some vintage lunch pails. And I’m going to list a few other things today. I have a few Flylady things to do but that’s it. Tonight is egg salad sandwiches, so the eggs are hardboiled already. I need to get my LLS forms ready for my insurance co pay. It’s going to be less since we’ve had a reduction in how much we pay. I am very grateful to the LLS for their support. 

I might go out to the barn and declutter some more but will see if I’m still awake. Plus we are having very hot weather, 100 degrees so not to conducive to being out side.

Simple Sunday

Well, I took my 16mg of dex yesterday afternoon instead of at bed. I want to see how that works. 16mg is definitely way better. My face is not beet red and I feel ok, just a little unfocused. I try not to drive on dex days as my attention is less than usual. So, if my m protein musts keeps hovering @.3 or so, I’ll stay with 16mg.

im doing a little Flylady today. And going out to the barn to retrieve those Star Trek figures.  I also have some vintage lunch boxes I might sell. I gave a lot to the thrift store in the massive decluttering I did last summer. But, there are a few I can still get rid of. What good are they in a bin? I’m not into displaying like I was when I started collecting so it’s a matter of parting with more stuff. 

Just keep walking project update… We’re on day 397, so this week we cross the 400 day line. Cool! My husband got the fit bit,since he’s doing another walking challenge for work. So yesterday he did over 7 miles…. Most of this is zipping sound the yard, weed eating, mowing etc. The guys the energizer bunny. 

Menus are done for the week:

salmon with rice salad

 burgers on the grill

egg salad sammies

 grilled chicken and cucumber salad( cucs are from our garden)


Maybe a homemade pizza night


Friday financials

This was a pay week, and we did pretty well with the budget. Everything’s paid and I did do some extra, the REI stuff$200, and old navy at $35. It’ll be a little tight because of these but we should be ok. Also, I want my husband to go get a fitbit, so that’ll be an extra $100.

I’ve got plenty of groceries, and we will eat from the freezer and pantry too. I’ll need some fresh vegies next week but not much as our garden is giving us cucumbers, onions, some herbs and a few tomatoes. We need to run to the nursery and get some squah plants as my daughter seems to think she didn’t think she planted any. It’s too late to start from seed and I’m not paying ridiculous prices for zucchini and summer squash. Also, we have our beautiful eggs so that’ll be a frittata night. Plus we had a great crop of potatoes. We all love potatoes. 

All in all good and I put some money over in savings. Next check, I want to finish our Santa fund. I’d like to start paying extra on the new car but saving is higher on the list ,as insurance for the cars will be due in October. 

I actually sold something on eBay. I use to sell every week and at one point had a store for my life magazines. But, I got pretty turned off to eBay s fees etc. But I had some cowboy Tepco ( very popular) and sold them . I might see what else I can put on. I’m thinking those Star Trek 12″ figures . Maybe a lot of 6 and see if I get any interest. 

Off to the library. Bookclub was kinda boring but so were the books( ha, ha!) .

the myeloma beacon is starting an online book club, and I think our first book will be “the Emperor of all Maladies”.

if you’re interested, go the myeloma beacon and check it out. 

What a way to start the day…

Well, after I walked my 2 miles, I go to open the car and it’s locked with my keys inside. At the park ,I never take my keys and I don’t lock the car. Somehow, I must’ve pushed the lock button. So after searching the wheel wells twice , I found the spare key. I do live only a mile from the park, so I could’ve walked home, but still….geez, is that how my day is going to go?

yesterday was a busy day. My son came with me to whole foods. I’ve decided to get my meat there, especially after reading “Eating Animals”. No factory farmed meat! Which I did before, but whole foods has a great selection. So, I got some chicken , ground turkey, and some burger stuff. Also, a few misc like Baliene salt. Spent $62 ,not bad. I shopped only the perimeter. 

Then we went to REI, so he could get a few more back pack things. I told him we’d help with some and consider that extra birthday stuff. 

Then we went to old navy as I had a great coupon, bought 2 t shirts, a pair of shorts for my husband and my son got 2 t shirts. Saved over $50. I like old navy as I’m not a big clothes person. I have a pretty minimalist if waredrobe. I wear  black, white or navy tops, jeans, or black pants . I like it since I did this. Much easier. Sometimes I wear a royal blue top( I have 2), with a black shirt over. I wear a shirt over my t shirts to cover the bruises on my arms. Myeloma side effect. I bruise really easy. 

I also made a quinoa salad, and WW bread. 

Tonight were having pizza.

i also have bookclub, so I’ll go over to the library later. 

Apricot jam!

Yumm, made 6 pints of apricot jam this morning. ImageI’m off to the library shortly .its probably going to be slow but you never know. I didn’t sleep well at all last night. Usually I’d take Ativan , but I’m off that for now. 


It’ll be interesting what news we heat this week about the clerk position because this is the last week of the fiscal year. Yes? No????


Dex Monday!

Well, the 20 mg is noticeable . I’ll go back to 16 mg next week and compare. But my face is pretty red today, and on 16 mg not so noticeable. Plus, I’m zooming around doing things. So far, making potato salad eith potatoes from our garden, making the last of the tomatoes I froze last year into sauce, swish and swiped the bathroom, took sheets off the bed… And going to make some whole wheat bread. Umm, oh, walked my 2 miles. So this is definetley more than the 16 mg. I guess ,I’m curious , is it going to effect my m protein. Who knows. I’m still in a very good remission on rev/dex, and there’s been no increase other than minor. 

Later, I’m dropping off thrift store stuff. Not a lot but every little thing that goes feels good. 

Almost finished the one wall of the barn that’s the Legos, Star Wars, Star Trek , memento boxes and Christmas and camping. So it looks better and I got rid of 2 empty bins that were old. So all in all good!


JKWP update

We are on day 388. I haven’t been Miss Enthusiastic, but I’m still doing it……

ImageHere’s the park around 5:30.

so I worked yesterday, and left a note for UPS, I’d be home  around 2:15. He didn’t show up till @3:45. So , I started on time last night. Tonight is dex, I’m thinking of taking 20 this week and 16 next week? I don’t know I’ll probably just keep it at 16 and see what my m spike is next month. :

Made cole slaw for dinner and since I bought large tomatoes at Costco, I think I’ll make BLT’s for dinner with cole slaw.  Otherwise stuffed tomatoes ? I’ll see when I get home from the library. More library drama. My daughter did NOT get the clerk job. She’s worked there 5 years as a page and is in a MLS program. They hired outside  which completely sucks and does not show that they care at all about helping someone like my daughter who is so qualified. But the real clincher is now there is going to be a clerk 20 hours a week position open in the branch she works at. She is scheduled only for 12 hours at this branch next pay period…… So the question is , is this going to be a lateral for someone, or is she going to get this. If she doesn’t she is going to quit, and you know what, I agree. 

She is so talented, completely tech savy, the patrons love her, but if admin can’t see it then she’s better off going to school full time and finishing. So that she update on library dramas.

oh, I know , does anyone use fitbit.? I thought I’d get one for my husband as his company is doing a walking challenge..


Okay, after spending half the day calling optimum RX and being on hold ( 4 times) finally at 4:50 they said no we haven’t gotten the order. I called down to mercy , talked with the nurse and she called them. So I’m out floating in the pool and sure enough they call back 10 minutes later. So finally it will be delivered tomorrow . The problem is I won’t be home till 2:15 nor will anyone else. So I’m kinda taking a chance that ups will come later. I will leave him a note and put it on our gate but still………

my m protein is .30 . I like .25 better. So if the 16 mg of dex doesn’t keep the m protein down, I’ll go back to 20 , I guess. 

Really who knows if that’s it, but I’d still go back if that’s what it takes.

what a day!


Thursday , waiting……

Well, the doctor visit went well. My labs are all normal. But no m protein results yet. So, waiting.  Then called optimum RX about my revlimid. No it hasn’t been faxed in. Ok , waiting…. Called down to Mercy cancer center talked with the nurse. Yes, she’ll fax it this morning. Waiting…… Till @ 1 to call optimum back. 

Rearranged the Star Wars stuff and Star Trek ,but didn’t get rid of any. I told my son to go out there and pick 1/2 to sell. It’s too many. But I did find some misc to give to the thrift store and some western Tepco to sell on eBay. 

Otherwise, it’s a day just to wait till I can get something done. And get my rev delivered for tomorrow . I’ll be at work till 2, but ups doesn’t come till 4( watch, tomorrow he’ll decide to swing in early). Oh well, it should be fine.


Wednesday stuff

Well, I had my blood test on Monday, and today is the doctor appt. Since I reduced dex to 16 mg we’ll have to see how my m protein is. 

I’ve still had on going issues with diarrhea but I work on timing especially at work and when were out camping. I’m not sure really if there’s anything to do about it except the immodium . It’s part of this whole thing and I’m just happy my m protein went down last month. It’s kinda a wait and watch sorta thing. Then we’re stopping briefly at Costco to return something, and then home. I should get my revlimid delivered either tomorrow or Friday . 

Not too much new here,  same old same old. 

I have some touch up painting to do in the house, and about 6 bins of Star Trek figures to go thru. Ugh, why did I buy them so many….

this is such a good time of year to declutter as stuff can be brought out side and put on tables or a tarp. I still feel the need to minimalise more. Less stuff makes everything easier . Easier to keep the house clean. Less to have to deal with , and less to dust, put away etc. 

it might be time for me to really look around again at what stuff I’m not using and see what 

else can go.  I really like the idea of ‘ white space’. It’s space where there is nothing.  Since our house is small, I need the ‘white space’ .