Frugal Friday

Since we were gone last week till Saturday, we didn’t spend much. We had the one lunch out at Fishetarian and that was $50, I think.

So except for gas, we had a very low spending week.

I went to Trader Joe’s on Monday after the gym and spent $140 on groceries. I got quite a bit of groceries and snacks so I think we’re set. This morning we took the truck to AutoNation Honda( where we bought it) for them to fix the AC. After that, I went over to the gym and Barclay walked the trail behind the Rec center. Then we had a coffee date at Nugget and then it was off to Winco to get the stuff I need to pressure can Chicken Chili Verde. Mostly that was the green salsa verde. I picked up a bunch of jalapenos to make pickled jalapenos. I plan on doing the pressure canning either tomorrow or Sunday. Winco ended up $60 but that included $15 for birdseed and then $20 for wine. So groceries were about $35.

I don’t need anything next week so hopefully it’ll be a low spend week too.

After getting home, I shucked the corn we had gotten on sale 3 for $1. I ended up with 3 bags to freeze. I checked on pressure canning it but most canners said freezing was better for corn.

In unfortunate lab news, my Kappa went up 14 points to 56.4 mg/L… so not good. But since I’m asymptomatic, I’ll take it. I’m still hoping to get to September without treatment. Not much I can do but be ok with it. 😦 sigh….