Well, I called the nurse this morning, and she left me a message as I was on my way into the library. M -protein, back up a little to .43

really this is very low, but I’ve been on revlimid 7 months and not much has really changed.it is keeping me stable so I guess I can’t really complain, and overall again all my other blood test are normal. I’d just really like it to go down. imageThese are 2 of my vintage postcards!for st. Patricks dayimage

Rain and Friday budget updates for February

It’s raining a lot . Walked this morning but got my shoes wet. But still ok. Not too cold. Rain is expected all weekend. It’s okay we really do need it and it’s not a storm…

so I received my revlimid yesterday. Ups showed up at 6 pm. It’s suppose to be before noon. But since we live rurally they don’t guarantee it. So I missed book club . Then I still didn’t get a call from the nurse on my m protein ( SPEp ) test. So I will have to call. 

So February updates. We had 15 no spend days. Pretty good. Food and non food came @ $750. That’s good for us. The unexpected car repairs came out of EF , so I’m slowly adding that back in. I hope March can be another low/ no spend. Also, I will aim for 10 no spend days.


Back from my doctor visit

So, a rainy drive to Sacramento and lots of traffic. Dr l was nice, blood work good. Didn’t get my m protein test back but should be soon. Got revlimid ordered and I should get it tomorrow . So a good visit overall.next month I’ll get zometa .

we went then to trader joes and bought some groceries and then to lunch at a super Italian restaurant with the best fire cooked pizza. Yummmmm

oh so the PITA health coverage is requiring a blood test for tobacco use and a wellness dr checkup and fasting blood test for HDL etc.

As if I don’t get pocked enough , and checked once a month. Well not cholesteral but everything else. What a pain.

A big shout out thank you to the LLS for granting me another grant this year to help pay for insurance and co pays!

Overbearing? Me?

Well, another issue with my 19 year old. So, his Prius , that we have given him needs now an instrument panel. Well, thank whatever, that it’s covered by warranty. Because I’d be flipping if we had to pay out another $1000 on this car.

But the issue is he’s going to use my husbands car for the next 3 days for work. So, last night he’s here with his girlfriend . She is nice as I’ve said, but I think they are spending way too much time together and I’d like him to try and find some balance with work school, and GF. So they had been out all day together, and then home and we had dinner. And she immediately after dinner is throwing up. So, we figure she had gotten dehydrated and had a migraine. I was concerned it was stomach flu and I CANNOT risk being around sick people, if I can help it.

So, he says he’s going to drive her home, fine I say but be right back. Mostly I’m concerned about spreading germs. So, then he calls and says he’s going to stay a while. I say No, I want you home.

So, he comes in 45 minutes later, says I’m overbearing and other stuff. And I’m like ,look, I think seeing her before work, after work and all day is a bit much. Now,mind you, she is not living at home and we don’t really know why. She’s very emotional and needy. Now, he’s fallen right into being the one she needs.

Ive done pretty well dealing with the Mormon thing. But now I feel all he’s doing is sleeping here. So then I say you are using dad’s car for work ,period. And then he says I’m overbearing. But I feel strongly about him not taking advantage ,which he does do. It’s all about what he wants and I’m usually giving it too him. So when I say be home after work at 9pm and not go to GFs , he thinks I’m controlling him. Really it’s 9:30 at night and you just saw her this morning. What is up?

so, anyone with 19 year olds and who has been thru it what to do?

Let it go, say theses are the rules? HELP????

Starting the garden

So, this was suppose to be yesterday’s blog, but here it is. We are working to get some garden areas ready to plant. On the side , which is really where our front door is, it’s just the house faces this way and the driveway is  parallel to the kitchen window and my daughters room. Yes, confusing. Try feng shui ing that.

so it’s an herb garden mostly with some flowers so I want add to that and frame it with some boards. We have some things coming up and with the weather nice for a few days more should start coming up. We do expect rain on Wednesday.

This week is my monthly blood test and doctors appt. next month I’ll need my zometa infusion as it’s been  5 months.

Thursday miscellaneous.

I was out the door at 5:58 to walk. We’re trying to avoid the giant diesel truck guy who comes to walk @6:45. I cannot stand the smell of those fumes, so we are trying to get out earlier. It seems we’re out earlier and so is he. Hummm… Well, it was chilly this morning. 

Then get home and my son is up and looking for the jam in the fridge, so I look , can’t find it because it’s not where it’s suppose to be and then a jar of olives NOT closed spills all over. So after 2 hours I finally have the fridge cleaned and ,yes, I found the jam. What a mess. 

Then, I need to go get my prescriptions, and I thought I’d go to walmart, which is @ 20 minutes from us. But then I decide to go get my Keen sandals from a local shoe store. I used a gift card so pretty nice. Theyre a little tighter than my last pair but the same size. I figure ok, I can’t really return them anyway, I’ve worn them but without socks they are fine. 

Nice day home, ( after the refrigerator disaster). My daughter had to go empty like umpteen jars of stuff. 

Tonight is meatloaf from Costco , and my son is bringing his girlfriend. Hummmm. 

So that’s it, tomorrow , back to work at the best little job in the world.

Budget updates!

So, we’ve had 9 no spend days, so very good. 

Then payday ,today, got cash for gas, and Costco. Did pretty well only $100 for food, but non food we splurged and bought some potting soil, a pot for the sweet potatoes, new pillows ,we needed. I got a t shirt,$10 and B got a nice dress shirt $20. So I’ll have to figure non food out if my food money, but I think it was good. Also put $100 in Santa, and $100 in savings.

B has changed our w4 so it will be less deductions and therefore more federal,tax taken out. We cannot have a repeat of this next year. So that’s going to affect our take home too. Oh well, it’s always something.

Found out a old acquaintance died recently of brain cancer. I guess she went all over, including Mexico , looking for cures. I don’t know, as a cancer survivor and patient, I think there’s a time to let go. But, who am I to say.

Also, everyone, March is multiple myeloma awareness month, so support someone with Myeloma, say hi, or help out. You can even make donations to the leukemia and lymphoma society. (LLS )!

Monday morning!


Feeling pretty good today. Didn’t sleep well, but usual for dex night. I’ve just finished making granola. And I’m trying a new whole bread recipe from ” the Laurels Kitchen Bread Book” that prudenthomemaker.com suggested. I’ve put it in the bread machine and then will bake in the oven. Not sure how it will come out as it is not a bread machine recipe.

working on home blessing day from Flylady and I’ve done most of the bedroom zone. 

I’ve  been thinking a lot about 8 years ago when I was getting ready for my SCT . It was a difficult time to say the least. It was in February I went in for cytoxan, and my main line. That was an overnight in the hospital. Then I did the neupogin shots for 10 days. That required my husband to drive every morning 1/2 an hour to the clinic.  Then it was on to the stem cell retrieval , an all day process , but at least just one. Then it was 10 days later on February 29, yes a leap year, I was admitted and well the rest is history. 

It was such a hard year, but then I had 4 great years of no treatment except aredia. I have since relapsed 3x, but each time revlimid has worked and that is what I’m on now and doing great, so to speak. 

I think this is coming up because it’s soon my new birthday but also thinking about tom Brokaw . Who will he reach out to? there is the myeloma beacon support, the facebook myeloma group, and the myeloma list serve, and of course Pat Killingsworth blog. All of which I read daily and have learned so much. BUT, it wasn’t like that when I started out. There was no support that I reached out for and most of the above didn’t exist as far as I know. I had one myeloma buddy. Richard Pleau. He’s gone now but we did talk and share and I learned I needed that. So, my thoughts of Tom Brokaw being famous , will that isolate him, will he reach out to the myeloma community and hopefully won’t be bombarded with people trying to talk to him. Or will we just give him space and answer when we can . 

I don’t know the answer but I do hope he gets support from those of us who have walked this road for a while. There’s a lot still to learn and he’s only just beginning.

Sunday, dex!!

Well, as usual, dex is in the mix.

We got up and walked just a little earlier, and then it was go go for me.

First, made some quinoa for the week. Then cleaned some, flylady stuff. Then, laundry, then my daughter and I gardened an and planted lettuce, spinach, peas, chard, and onions. My husband moved fenced, and as usual, worked too hard for his 63 young years. 

Gee, it seemed there was a million more things. But then dex crashed at 1 pm. I rested, then got up and made curry wth chick peas, etc and it was yummy.

Then we just finished an episode of “house of cards”, how can they make this stuff up??? It’s too real.