We did it!!!

We made it to day 365 of walking. Every single day for a year. I’m pretty jazzed that we did this. I mean thru winter,spring, summer, fall, etc. every single day we walked.

The just keep walking project was really about just putting one foot in front of the other and just walk. Some days when I didn’t feel well, it may have been just a mile. But, it was every single day for a year. Pretty exciting.

So, JKWP ,year 2, starts tomorrow. I don’t know if it will be the same, or I’ll feel less motivated. I guess we will see. But for now congratulations to me and my amazing husband. 


I went and picked up my prescriptions at the local pharmacy. 

Then I headed to Costco. I got there and waited a few minutes till they opened. I spent @ $200 and that included champagne to celebrate  our JKWP 1 year….I got home had some lunch and then I had to work at the library for a few hours till closing. Tomorrow , I’m opening ,so I’ll get some extra hours. 

All in all a good week. 

Today is really nice ,the temperature is @75


Tuesdays stuff

I woke up early and had slept pretty well overall. I have constant interrupted sleep. And if it’s a dex night or night after forget it. So last night I slept ok. So, went for my walk. Everyone is getting there early now that it’s getting light so early. 

Tonight I’m going to grill pizza on our new gas BBQ. I wasn’t going to buy one as we’ve had extra bills, but with the Memorial Day sales ,it seemed better to get it on sale rather than wait. I saved $110 dollars on the one I got. 

Yesterday, I did two  20 minute clearing sessions in the barn and bagged up 7-8 bags of garbage/ junk. I wiped some surfaces. It’s much better but still needs some work by my son. He needs to put back his weight set and a few other things. 

Memorial Day !

A big thank you to who have served and died in service. My brother was killed in Vietnam . I always thought what a waste of a war and still do. But he is and all the other men and women still need to be thanked for their service.

We are really on count down to 1 year JKWP .  Three days left. Very excited. We’re still going to go into year two of the JKWP , and we’ve come up with maybe making it a thousand miles in a year. I’ll have calculate what that would be weekly, monthly and see how possible it is.

Today, I’m dropping stuff off at the thrift store and doing a 15 minute start in the barn. My son is finished with his semester so I expect him to help. He starts summer school in two weeks so it’s now or never. B got rid of all the cardboard yesterday , so will see how it goes.


A quiet morning!

Wow, I’m home alone at 8am. Very different. I still have to go to the library but not till 9:30.

So, my husband and son are going to a march against Monsanto . My husband has written a song about the big bad Monsanto. It’s a good song and people love it. You can hear it on utube under mrbarco ‘s song against Monsanto. 

So already, I fed the birds. Got the Waldorf doll house down to trying selling again. And I’m reorganizing the closet.

Oh, the great news, my m- protein went down again. It’s at .25 wow, I’m am very happy. 

Our new chickies are doing well. We have them in a cage outside for the day. I’ll have to cover them when I leave. 


Wednesday stuff

Well, it was my doctor appointment. It went well, nothing new. Didn’t get my SPEP test results back so maybe tomorrow. It’s the main reason to go. Blood work otherwise was good. I’ll get my revlimid delivered tomorrow . The only main problem, is my gastro intestinal issues. He said try some Metamucil . Anyone do that for diarrhea ? 

We stopped at our local feed store and bought 5 more chicks. Since I’ve been selling eggs, we need more chicks . Plus a few have been coyoted.;(  So, I love sharing our eggs. Our chickens have almost our whole fenced yard and are very happy. If you can don’t ever buy and eat commercial eggs. It’s pretty horrible what the industry does. Go to your local farmers market or find someone like me who sells. I sell a dozen for $3.00. The farmers market is @7.50. So , do your part and don’t support commercial egg farmers. 

We have 7 days till the big day.!! Wow. A year of walking every single day!

A simple life

Since we’ve gone to a more minimalist lifestyle, I’d say our lives are simpler. We have less stuff to clean, less stuff around to take care of.

We’ve always been influenced by simplicity even from the time we were first married and Quakers. I think it’s a progression in life with kids houses etc, to get more stuff and accumulate things. We still live in a very small house, but there’s less stuff. Okay, the barn still has stuff, but not too much. 

I live a simple life. I never am overly busy and never over commit. I’m always a little taken back when people say how busy they are. It’s like, wait, you have a choice. I chose to have lots of time just for me, reading, walking, cooking.  I’d like our finances to be even more simple so I’m trying to pay more on our mortgage but most of the time we have just what we need to pay the bills with a little left over. It’d be nice if we didn’t have a mortgage but that’s not what it is. So, we try and live simply with what we have. We don’t have cable or cc bills. If I use a cc it is paid right away( almost) so there’s no interest and we get points. 

I think that’s the key with living a simple life, do what you can with what you have. Don’t add more stuff, debt or time constraints.

Some things that have helped me are:

getting up early@ 5am is nice

a regular daily walk

decluttering constantly

organizing what we do have so we know where things are and they’re labeled.

a daily housekeeping ,for example, I wipe the bathroom daily, the kitchen counters are kept clean and empty, process one load of laundry daily, use fly lady’s zones on the house. There’s probably other stuff but that’s the basics. 

Life is a journey and it’s all about learning how to live with who you are. 

Sunday updates

So exciting, there are now only 10 days left in the JKWP (just keep walking project). Still haven’t decided how year 2 will be. I think i will keep it simple though, JKWP year two. We’ve walked through snow, rain, wind, sun, in the dark, and even while on vacation. Pretty cool.

So, I’m off dex this week and revlimid. Nice to have the week off. Tomorrow I have my blood test and then see the doctor Wednesday . Hopefully everything is the same.  It’s always stressful to wait for blood tests. But, even if I go up it’s still in the same range.

Our budget is still pretty thin. Not from camping as that money comes from our combined $5 savings. But extras, AAA due Costco due, fire tax due, so it’s a stretch.

I’m off to clean the refrigerator and do some fly lady stuff. I really wanted to go to ikea today but that would just mean spending money. I have a lot of groceries to get as I’ve cleaned out the pantry and fridge. So, it’s Costco, trader joes, and winco this week.