All tidied…

I took down the Christmas tree and B took it back out to the barn. Then I put everything I used as decorations in one bin along with leftover bags to be reused. Just one bin and I labeled it Christmas 2019, what I used.

It has been quite freeing to have Christmas be so minimal. It used to take me 2 days( of course, just pacing myself) to get everything put away right. This has been an eyeopener. I’m planning to go thru the 2 bins out in the barn sometime this summer( when it’s warm out there) and check if there was something else I would have liked to use. The rest, including all the Hallmark ornaments, will just get labeled for my kids whenever they have a place of their own. cdafb2f3-5d12-47d5-a1b9-0eb08ae93aa7.jpeg

The lights will be put in the tree bag so everything is together.

I need to have cleared off surfaces and very little on the table as it just feels like a fresh start. I’m thinking of getting a fresh new orchid though as I like that they last a really long time.

Our weather is quite cold, 30 degrees this morning but sunny. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain.

Today I’m going to do a freezer inventory and see what needs to be used up and then plan some menus. I’m thinking of doing a No Spend January but I’ll think about some more. I have done these in the past and although I do get a lot out of it, I also seem to delay getting things that are needed and then it seems I spend money on them eventually. I think what I will do is do No Spend on anything extra like the other space heater we need. But things like household I will still buy( like dishwasher soap). Well, I’ll think about it till January 1st.

No Spend January

I’m going to do a no spend month. If you’d like to do it too, it’s pretty easy.

Basically, you don’t buy anything non-essential. Food, pet supplies, household stuff is allowed but no extra stuff.

HDT quote

I plan on not buying anything from Amazon.  If I need something such as Rid-X which I do get from Amazon, I’ll just either wait or go to Home Depot. So, no clothes, coffees out unless we use a gift card.  We do have a Panera one that maybe when B feels better we can go.

I’ve done this before and it really does make one aware of the things that money is spent on.  Generally, I don’t buy a lot of extra stuff but still, there is some.  I didn’t ever feel I saved money per se, but it did make me more aware of where I spent money.

On another note, I’m almost done with the SDI form so we will do that soon. There are a few things were not clear about but overall it is straightforward. I think this will take us thru the transplant and then after that, we will need to do something else.

On a fun note, if you have Netflix, there is the new MarieKondo series called Tidying up. I’ve watched 2 and it was fun. She is a really sincere person and I like her approach. It’s definitely worth watching.

Today is a gym day, but I’m not feeling great(probably stress) so I’ll just do some weights. There is the Koffee Klatch lunch but I’ll probably skip that too even though I’d like to go.

Dinner is unknown…


Monday morning

Well, I really did get sick and had to go to urgent care and get an antibiotic and cough medicine with codeine. I think the last time I had a Z-pack was probably 5 years ago.  So not fun. I’m doing much better but still coughing some. That’s been the worst. So not a lot has been done.

I did go down to our Holiday Market and manage to spend $71 on groceries. It’s always more expensive there but sometimes distance and energy must take precedent. I’m planning on Costco this week, just not sure when. We need TP, coffee, cheese and more so I’ll get there.

I was so thrilled at the Women’s marches and their incredible success. I mean 3 million people marched around the world.  And what is Trump concerned about but the size of the size of the inaugural crowds.  My daughter is making me a pussyhat and I can wait to wear it.

We’re almost at the end of the Uber Frugal month.  It’s been interesting to watch how we spend money. We didn’t go out to eat or do take out. So that saved some money. I had a $10 Panera card I used when we went and had a coffee. Going to Costco will up the grocery bill but in the end, it saves so much when I can buy a block of cheese for $8.00 as opposed to a tiny block for $4.00. I’ve also really gone thru the freezer and that’s been great. This week I’m going to use some grass fed hot dogs, grass fed sausages and some beef. Not sure what I’ll make but should be relatively simple.

B is away all week in Santa Monica doing a co-op reset.  They do reset at night so very hard on the body especially at his age. He’s probably going to get these co-ops taken away and given to someone down there( like it was), so I’m kinda bugged he has to go do this.



Since the week after Christmas ,I’ve gone thru all my old files and burned tons of outdated stuff. The new files are ready for the new year. Saving old water bills etc just isn’t necessary. Then I went through some  boxes of little stuff ( like old key rings, you know the stuff that just gets thrown in boxes) and got rid of a lot. I had moved my desk out of the bedroom , but ultimately put it back as it wasn’t very user friendly where it was. I’m trying to keep it minimal. My planner, bills go in a file( martha Stewart one from staples ,when they had her office stuff.)

I’ve got a small thrift store pile going. I’m still dropping off at Goodwill express even though I’ m not crazy about donating to them. They are for profit and their CEO makes a huge salary. Salvation Army is a good alternative , but their drop off is terrible. Right after Christmas I did a load in my van ,so that got rid of a lot too.

I’m trying to redo the room my daughter had her bed in. I have the two mission type chairs there. But it’s not quite what I want. I’d like a small sofa bed in there , simple and with no arms, just pillows. I also wanted to bring my treadmill in there but I still unsure if that’s what I want either. Right now it’s on the sun porch, and when it’s this cold just not usable ,well unless you want to freeze.  I might try the treadmill and one chair. ??? Obviously ,I don’t really know what I want there.

So far the no spend month hasn’t been too good. But I have had 2 including today, no spend days. The budget is looking pretty tight as my daughters auto insurance came in. She pays her own but the vw that I drive is on there ,so that’s $250 I wasn’t planning on this month. My son won’t be paying any rent as he’s trying to take 20 units at school and work. So we told him we’ll cut him some slack. But that has to come from somewhere in the budget.?

Today, was the flylady kitchen zone. Always the biggest work area for me. Not there’s a lot of stuff, just cleaning the front of the cabinets, oven etc, takes time. I’m still rethinking the damn pantry too. It’s organized on the wire shelves, it’s just open and I’d rather not see my pantry stuff. Since its a no spend month , I’ll keep thinking about it but will look for a cabinet with shelves that closes for February.

Simplify, simplify simplify !!!!!

when there’s less stuff it’s so much easier.

Also, keeping like things together has really helped. I’m still improving on that but it is better.


January low/no spend with Carla !


I’m joining Carla , over at halfdozendaily ,for a low spend January . So far my goals look like this:

  1. Get my 52 week saving sheet out and start that. Week one is $1, week 2, $2 and so forth.
  2. Turn in my $5 savings and put aside in savings. I should have $500 by December 31.
  3. start a new $5 savings envelope.
  4. Keep putting the small pay increase in B’s check over to savings. It’s about $80 a paycheck. I’ve done 2 months already.
  5. keep food budget under $500. This is always a challenge, but has gotten way better since I bought my freezer.
  6. we will need to buy propane and that’s $300. Minimum amount. This has to be done so the budget will take a bit of a hit.
  7. Aside from these savings that Ive already been doing, I’ll  just try and keep everything low spend. I’ve been keeping track of money spent in December ,so I’ll keep that up and try and have 10 no spend days.