I saw the Easter bunny!

For real!!!! We were walking early since there was going to a sunrise service in our park and I wanted to be done before all the Christians showed up. So we pull in and across the parking lot run 2 bunnies. It was really cute. The Easter bunny!

Breakfast is hash browns,eggs, bacon, veggie bacon, strawberries and coffee or tea.

We’ve made the deviled eggs, the ham is ready to slice ( I actually splurged on a honey baked ham) , and the southern fried tofu(breaded tofu) is ready to fry. There’s also some potato salad. So we’re set. We are eating early as my son needs to go to work.

Im going to read and and maybe garden some.

I’m  off dex and rev so it’s just great to feel good.

Raining non stop!


This is quite a rain storm. Fortunately no wind and relatively warm.

I meant to finish this yesterday but dex took over and I did other stuff and then crashed.

I almost finished the bathroom zone, very easy, but I want to clean the vent this morning.

plus I usually cook a lot, so I made pizza dough that proofs in the fridge, an artichoke ,garlic frittata ( new recipe), cut up salad vegies( my new thing now to get it done).

Did some home blessing stuff for today, my husband did laundry, then I rested for a few hours.

The rain kept up yesterday and on our walk we were warm under our new

“Frogg Toggs”, but our feet got soaked. Still we did our 2 miles. imageThese are a great product my husband bought us each a pair for Christmas, I would highly recommend.

Hot, very hot!

It is so hot herein Northern California . On my drive home from the library, my car registered 102. That’s hot. In our small house we have 2 window air conditioners. Yes, I use them when it’s this hot. We do turn them off at night though. This is suppose to continue till Friday. Ugh! I do not do well in hot weather.

On a happier note, yesterday was my day 30 of walking everyday. I’m starting today to do month two. My motto has been just walk. So if I did one round in the park(.5) or 3 I did it. So I’m very excited.

Haven’t worked out the budget yet, but B’s tires were a whopping $584. So $84 over budget.

I’ll work on posting goals and budget tomorrow.

On another note, one of the myeloma specialists on the myeloma beacon responded to my question of should I start back on drugs. Basically he said since it is a trend he would be leaning going back on. So, I’ve decided that if my numbers go up again, I will ask to go back on revlimid and dex in August. I just think waiting is not an option if it goes up again. It’s harder to get numbers to go down if they’re going up. 😦