Blue Skies

It feels like a miracle that the sky is blue. We even ate dinner out on the patio. A miracle!!!

I do hope that’s the last of the smoky skies and that the tired overworked firefighters get a break.

We both got our flu shots and both had headaches for most of the day. But it only lasted 1 day so not too bad. B also had his IGIV on Tuesday and I dropped him off and my daughter went 4 hours later to pick him up. After I dropped him off I went to Winco and spent $130. Not really prepper stuff, just food to use and eat now. Bread, cheese, canned chilis, Amys enchiladas,spinach, tofu, tea, and 3 different kinds of trail mix to snack on. There was other stuff but I can’t remember.

This morning I’m making a zucchini bread from one of the last zucchini from the garden. Most things are done although I have maybe one more big batch of tomatoes to cook and then put thru the food mill. If you ever have an abundance of tomatoes and want to can or freeze a food mill is the way to go. I think I bought mine years ago at Crate and Barrel maybe for $50. But it removes the skins and most seeds.

Yesterday I made applesauce from apples from our one tree. They are a Golden delicious. Again I cut and quartered and cored, then just cooked down. Then I put thru the food mill. I ended up with 5 pints and tomorrow I will do the next box. The apples aren’t as big as we’ve had in the past and I think one trick is to remove some apples when they are small so that the tree can put more energy into the remaining. I don’t know if this is true but seems logical.

Tonight is pizza night but no one feels like a pizza so we are maybe going to do sandwiches. This week I did make a few newish recipes. One was from Tassajara cooking,it was mushroom stroganoff. I had a lot of mushrooms to use up. It’s a good recipe. Then I made a chili relleno casserole that used eggs. It too was quite good. Right now we are getting an abundance of eggs from the girls so that recipe used 8 eggs. They are on the small side. Also, I’m experimenting with freezing the beaten eggs. I guess this is a real thing so I’ve done a few baggies and will defrost one this weekend and see how it goes. You basically do a light whip of the eggs. You don’t want a lot of air. Then you do add a pinch of salt. I’m quite curious if this will work for scrambled eggs.

The pine floor has been a complete PITA. Honestly, I told Barclay, I don’t remember it being a problem last time at all. This time, he’s had to redo 4 boards, then plane them down and now sanding. If I knew it was going to do this I would have just done a laminate in a pine pattern. Oh well, he’s almost ready to do the Varathane on top so that’s that.

Well, that’s all the news.

Oh wait, I just got the Woodward book from Amazon, so excited to read that today.

Simple Sunday

I’m getting some bread dough ready to put in the Le Creuset and bake. I used mostly 00 flour so it is quite soft and I’m not sure how it will do its rise. I have some bread flour for the next loaf so if it doesn’t rise right in the oven I will start another loaf for tomorrow. Bread making is really an artform and when I have gaps of 3-4 months not making bread in the summer, it’s like starting over with getting the feel of it. It’s OK , I have nothing better to do.

This week is the bathroom zone for those following Flylady. If you haven’t streamlined your bathroom, now is a good time. Try not to have visual clutter and keep things off counters. I’d also suggest using white or neutral colors to keep the space fresh.( There’s a reason hotels always use fluffy white towels)!!

I’ve been playing around with making some macrame plant hangers. I have a lot of plants and I was looking at a few pinterest things and hanging the plants got my attention. It’s definitely a throw back to the 70’s. I actually use to do lots of macrame. But the few I just did and the couple I just bought make the hanging plants look nice and they are off the floor which actually was my primary goal.

Today I’m going to work on doing some knots and see how it goes. I tried to use some jute I had and it was too thin so I bought a roll at the hardware store but that was too thick and had a wire in it. So I ordered macrame cord from Amazon.

I’ve definitely been off with cooking. Maybe it’s just all the smoke but I haven’t felt like cooking all week. Last night we had Kodiak pancakes and that was good enough. Tonight I am going to do a pasta bake but even that’s not really inspired, it’s just something to put together to eat.

Here’s a shot of the pine floor. But some of it is still not quite staying down and 2 boards have bowed slightly. What a pain. So it looks like he will need to either try again with these 2 boards or get 2 new ones.

I do hope the firefighters can get a handle on these terrible fires. I think I read Oregon was expecting some rain so that would really help. California doesn’t really get rain( unless it’s a very unusual storm, till the end of October. If we don’t start taking global warming more seriously I afraid the future might be just as bleak.

Smoke, smoke and more smoke!!

Our temperatures have gone way down to the ’80’s but we are still being choked by smoke. No blue skies and just haze constantly.

The pictures of SF are so apocalyptic. That same day our skies turned a bizarre purplish orange and it was dark at 3pm. My daughter said,” Just wait till Yellowstone blows”. Very reassuring.

The week has been overall ok. I had my Flu shot, the over 65 dose, and had a bit of a headache from it. In the past I’ve actually spiked a fever for maybe an hour then it’s gone. The pharmacist said the one dose is good for the whole season. Now B and the kids need to go get theirs. We usually all do it at the end of September or into October but this year I wanted to get ahead of it.

Barclay’s liver numbers went down but still not in the normal range. Just above high normal. At least that’s something. Although it’s been going up and then coming down. I still think it’s the Jakafi but he’s only on a single dose so who knows. He also has an IGIV next week since his immunoglobulins are down. It’s too be expected with his drugs. I will drop him off and Sachi will go get him. It’s not in Sacramento but Roseville so I’m planning to either go to Winco or Trader Joes.

It is so depressing about the fires,politics, everything. I just hope we can see some relief soon with the fires and the politics. I have to say though I am thrilled that tRump’s world is unraveling. He deserves nothing but shame and holding the place of “the worst president in American history”.

I’m planning on buying Woodward’s book only to support the fact he wrote it.

This is the book I use the recipe from for my pizza dough. I’ve made a number of her recipes and they are all good. I did buy her second book ” Let’s Stay in ” as a Christmas present for myself, but didnt like it all and gave it away.

This is the best recipe I have found so far. Always comes out great.

Finally a change in the weather.

Today is supposed to be our last hot day coming in at 93. This morning it was nice and cool walking. The rest of the week forecasts for the 80’s. I cannot wait.

This summer we have not used the BBQ except one time and that was at midday because I knew it would be too hot later. We also have not eaten out on the patio at all. This house sits with the front door facing N but this whole side gets the sun from the West all afternoon. So the patio is in full sun during dinner time. We have 2 umbrellas and 2 of those triangle shades but it’s still too hot when it’s 100 degrees out there. So maybe this week we can at least eat out there.

Here’s a pizza I made for lunch the other day for Barclay as I had just a little pizza dough left. This is not cooked yet. The cast iron does take longer to cook pizza so I have to adjust the timing.


These are two spooky pumpkins my daughter found growing in the big compost pile. The grew from last years seeds. I wish there were more.


I added my little pine cone pitcher as cute decor.

On a completely different topic of other people’s blogs and Youtube channels. I’ve been following a conversation about a blogger, who actually lives near me, in this area. This gives me some advantage of knowing the area where some of her sharpest critics do not know this.

The biggest issue of controversy is her not really being honest about certain things. For instance, they bought this place in a town near me so I know it well. She continues to call it a village where in fact it is no village but a rather populous foothill community. Also, she continually says she walks in the ‘forest’ all around her house. Well, there are Ponderosas and some fir trees where she lives but it’s not a forest in any sense. I’ve been kinda fascinated by the whole thing almost from a psychological point of view. She also does not allow any criticism or feedback or even constructive feedback on her blog or Youtube channel, only praise for what she is doing which frankly isn’t a lot.

She also says she’s into Zen etc( eastern philosophies) but as one who actually was a practicing Buddhist for a number of years( 8), I’m not really sure she understands what she is saying or trying to say. Plus, it’s not my place to offer advice but she has painted her interior in bright oranges, pinks, turquoise, and greens. Anything Zen would be muted colors and no visual distractions. I’m not sure I have a point here but it is interesting and I guess maybe I’m putting this into words to help me understand my own feelings toward this person and how she blogs.  I wouldn’t want negativity on my blog either,, but I think most of the people who have a criticism, have a point.  Another, for instance, is they were fostering a child and on her YouTube channel actually showed the child( a real no, no). It was at that point she was called out and she shut down the whole channel. 

Anyway, any thoughts about it would be welcome, as I’m not sure why this is even something I’m writing about.

Anyway, that’s a wrap.


The week ahead

This week is fairly open but there are a few things that need doing.

* I need to go to UPS and drop off a damaged book I received from Amazon.

*Then I need to go to USPS and mail a gift off to my sister in Conn.

* I’m planning on getting my Flu shot also this week. Not sure what day but when the mood strikes.

  • Still not figuring out how to keep the font while another tool is being used.??? Well, my tech savvy daughter said there doesn’t appear to have functionality for that meaning using lists and enlarging fonts. I may just email them and ask about it.
  • B will go to Home Depot and get the wood and contractors glue stuff. I probably won’t go but he can do it after his labs or some.thing.
  • The heat is supposed to abate by Wednesday. Let’s hope so. I really miss seeing blue skies:(

So, I changed the font on this and is way too big. go figure.

Tonight I making another Cobb salad because it’s so hot outside. I already made the chicken and bacon in the oven this morning so I just need to make a dressing.

Simple Sunday

I’ve learned a few things about the new WordPress editor. So, first off the font size needs to be set each time I start a new paragraph or block as it’s called. OK, got that.

Figured out the aligning. I like to align in the center although it doesnt always happen.

Today is the kitchen zone and I just finished up. I still need to do floors probably tomorrow.

I have some no knead bread going but I didn’t wait yesterday to test the sourdough( dropping a spoonful in water and if it floats it’s ready). So it hasn’t really done a great rise but I’m this far into it so I’ll bake it up and see how it turns out.

The other night we watched The muppet Movie and it was really fun and such a great cast. Then last night we watched the newer one from ? the 90’s not sure when it was done but it also was really a fun movie.

We have decided to pull up ALL the pine boards in my room( office) converted porch???

B in his tie dye shirt vacuuming up the mess. he’s one of the few people with his skin tone that can wear tie dyes well.

In this one you can see the stairs and how the pine looks. The stairs are way more complicated as this was all concrete and he had to measure and cut and then put down the pieces. The tile is now up too.

Today is supposed to be the hottest day but I’m very concerned about fire danger. There are red flag warning in all of California and it’s a very scary situation. Hopefully by Wednesday were back done to normal 90’s.

I’m planning on scrambled tofu for dinner as I need to use it up. I’ll add some peppers and maybe garden tomatoes.

Here’s one of my new Bombas T shirts. I am very happy with them and they really wear nicely. I checked and they are 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton. I absolutely feel they are worth the $30? I think with the coupon it was less. But the coupon was only for a first time buyer.

Well, off to get that bread going!

WordPress changes

So, WordPress has changed the editor settings and it is a challenge. I like things to be constant and not change too much. I did email them and they kindly addressed the issue of going back to a different format but I think I will forge ahead and learn this one.

Doing new stuff is good for the brain cells!! Ok, tried underline and that seemed to work.

  • So I’m playing around with this.
    • I tried to do these bullet points and that seems easy enough. But when I tried to enlarge the type it would let me do both. I’ll have to check on that.

So here’s a picture of the hydrangeas, which by the way, are now going on 9 days old so the boiling water really did work.

So I can enlarge the print but not add the bullet points at the same time???

Everytime I go to a new line I need to reclick the font size?

So other wordpress users, how is it going? Are you confused as well?

I’ll probably have my son help me navigate this later today.

We did have have a lovely walk and only had the one other lady who has been more regular. Not sure why she’s there so early alone but heck, we’re there. Then the jerk, showed up zooming in at 6 am. I’m glad we were leaving.

Friday things

It’s been a busy morning already and it’s coming up close to 12noon.

  1. I made another batch of tomato sauce for the freezer so that just needs to cool.

2. I grilled some chicken to make a chicken salad either later or for tomorrow. I also have 2 containers of tofu that need to be used so I may make a tofu curry to have over rice.

3. We walked @ 5:30 and the moon way up and it was really nice. Although jerk, the dog walker, is getting there VERY early for some unknown reason and not using a flashlight so we can’t really see where he is…UGH.. I wish he would move away or something.

4. I made pizza dough for dinner, so that’s in the refrigerator doing a cold rise.

5. I did 13 minutes on the treadmill. I’m trying not to do too much at a time and will build up to 20 minutes and then 25, and eventually 30 minutes of walking.

6. B has pulled up some of the pine boards in my office space/ extra space and it looks like doing just a partial job is not going to cut it. It would look too patched so he’s going to pull them all up and we’ll put new 1×12 pine boards down and then varathane. This is Labor day weekend so no going to Home Depot till next week.

7. We are in for some brutal hot weather over the next 4 days. Temperatures are supposed to be in the 100’s. Not something anyone likes. But at least we have the coolers still in.


I think September is my favorite month. Fall is in the air, even though here in California it still gets quite hot. But the mornings are cooler and the evenings cool down quickly.  The light is changing and the angle of the sun is different.  Of course, it’s my birthday month too.

The garden is winding down and soon we will plant( oh, wait that’s my daughter who will) fall vegetables. I think I saw she had started broccoli and cabbage. We are definitely watering less so hopefully, the water bill goes down. It’s at its highest in August at $150.  Our water is from the Meadow Vista Water agency so our monthly bill never goes below $70 as there are tons of fees.


These are the hydrangeas I got from Costco. Such a great price for this bunch $9.99. So I read the trick to keeping them from wilting which hydrangeas are known for doing, you pour boiling water over the cut on the bottom. I was skeptical but it really did work!


These are 3 days old and still, look good.

Today we are driving the ‘old ‘van into town to drop the Goodwill stuff off. They are only taking donations from 10 am -3pm. Last time I was in line for about 30 minutes. We have a digital piano to drop off so B will come and help with that. The workers there won’t help unload due to COVID rules.

Last night we had homemade fettuccine alfredo with some shrimp on the side. It is a very easy dinner as the alfredo sauce is heavy cream and parmesan and freshly ground pepper. Quite fattening and yummy. ahem…


Here’s the cook!!BE76F584-9E09-48BE-9E6F-7DB9E609D15B

It looks like I put in the same picture twice, I can’t tell.???:)

Tonight I think we’re going to be adventuresome and get tacos out at Taco Tree. We’ll see if it happens. Often by 4 pm I just decide to make my own.

I ordered some new t-shirts from Bombas.  They are quite nice and a Pima cotton so quite soft. Usually, I’m an Old Navy T-shirt person but I wanted a better quality t-shirt this time.  It was a 3 pack for $97 and then I got 20% off so reasonable. I’ll just have to see if the way I wear t-shirts out whether the extra expense will be worth it. One very cool thing is Bombas is a socially conscious company and for every item bought one is donated to a shelter or other group that helps those in need. So, I really like that and wanted to support it.

Being off Facebook has been really easy for me. I’m not sure why but I’ve only gone a few times to check on what a neighbor had posted and then my sister’s daughter. Maybe I was just done with it.

Now I am still reading the Washington post which I have a subscription to. I’m okay with that although the Trump stuff ie: White supremacy, is sometimes more than I can handle.  It’s just shared to figure how or why they think that way. And seeing those tRump trucks with American flags and tRump flags really burns me up. What’s that about? Do they think we ( liberal Democrats) don’t respect the flag? Honestly, I just don’t get it. And with him heading to Wisconsin where he’s only going to create more problems is ridiculous.  He wants to incite the violence.

Well, on that cheery note, I’m off to get ready.


Simple Sunday

A nice morning even though there is a little smoke lingering. It is cooler than it’s been. The week ahead looks to be in the low ’90’s so warm but not unusual for this time of year.

This week I have no appts so I may plan on doing some painting. The kitchen cabinets need a touch-up and I have the paint for that. I may plan to go down to Roseville to the Benjamin Moore store to get the white.  I’d like to get the front room painted and maybe the kitchen. Having the same color makes it easy to do and repainting is mostly a breeze. ( well, sort of, as I can’t do the ceilings but I can paint the walls.

This week Flylady has 2 zones. The living room and then the entryway. Yesterday, I wrangled the couch covers off and washed them. My daughter put most of it back on as my hands have trouble stretching the main cover. ( I guess an arthritic thing going on). The entryways need sweeping and a general tidy up.  So I’ll plan on that later in the week.

B took a huge load to the local garbage transfer station and that was great to get rid of stuff that was just hanging around like old fencing. I asked him to load the old van with the thrift store stuff and I can do that this week too. We have a digital piano that needs to go and it is too big to fit in my VW.


Here are the two ‘old’ ones celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe it’s been 50 years. Lots of laughter, fun, some tears but not too many and lots of great adventures.  I guess getting married at 18 and 20 worked out for us but I’m guessing we are the exception.